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  1. It's now Sunday night. I've missed a lot of the Anniversary fun challenges, but had a lot of fun with my grandkids all weekend, so I guess that's OK, too. Anyway, congratulations, Aggie!! And I'm also stopping by to say, Carla, that Speed Scrap story is a hoot! You are so clever. Great fun!
  2. Terrific page. I love the photos and the great background, especially the blended edges.
  3. I love the composition of your layout. Super photos and lovely background.
  4. What a great page for "fire!" The peppers look yummy and I love the smoke.
  5. This is so cool! I love how the boats look. The whole page is wonderful.
  6. I love your page, especially your photos and the pretty title.
  7. How exciting to see those birds so close. You got some great photos. Lovely scrap page, too.
  8. Your photos are so lovely! And I love that bright splashy background.
  9. Here's my finished layout: Fire
  10. These are photos from our recent trip to Coca Cola World in Atlanta, Georgia. It was especially interesting to me to see the Olympic buttons, etc that are swapped at various Olympic games. LLA Happy Days; MRE SS DLOT Celebrate;
  11. I love SS paper templates as you probably know. 😊 Thanks!!!
  12. I've been using LLA Happy Days and the collection includes word art so here goes:
  13. I just got home, too but think I have word art that will work. I'll post soon.
  14. I'll try 11, please.
  15. Here's my extra: 66