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  1. Wow. Completely gorgeous scenery and wonderful photos. I like how you've kept the page simple -- The photos say it all.
  2. Beautiful scene! I love all the tropical blues on your page and the pretty nautical embellishments. I wonder what that part of St. Croix looks like after the hurricane.
  3. You got some fabulous photos, Carol. I like seeing all of them together -- bits of non-flower nature seen at the Botanical Garden. Great page!
  4. Wonderful photos, Joyce! I've often seen photos of Santorini from the city outward toward the sea but don't remember ever seeing the opposite view -- from the sea upward toward the city. I like your pretty blue background and the tropical looking flowers.
  5. I hope you still have power, Ngaire! If not, you'll get to read this at some date... What a gorgeous view! I love seeing the storm clouds (from this safe distance). Beautiful photo and wonderful journaling. I like your heart, too.
  6. Lovely page! I like the sentiment, too.
  7. This is so beautiful. I love the delicate lace and brush work and colors. You do such lovely work!
  8. Oh this is just too funny! I love the photo and especially the lighthearted way you've displayed it with the scalloped frame and paw prints. Cute title, too!
  9. Here's my Weekend Wildcard challenge for Sept 23-24.
  10. This challenge gave me an excuse to use some of what I bought at Syndee's anniversary sale. Here are a couple of more photos from our trip on the Rhine. MRE Lifted Photos Doubles; BMU Background Blenders (retired); EBA Live in Harmony; SNU Brush Set: Lace Fragments; SNU SS Paper: On Edge: Damask; Fonts: Arial Rounded MT Bold and Aristelle Script.
  11. Wonderful photo! I love your blending and the cool neutrals on your page.
  12. Beautiful! I have that collection in my wish list so it's nice to see it here. You did a lovely job with the page.
  13. You've traveled to some interesting places! I love all the Asian details on your page, especially that beautiful frame cluster.
  14. What gorgeous photos! I love the tropical embellishments you used and the beautiful colors on your page.
  15. This is so very cool! I love your photos and your paper/embellie choices and especially those sunglasses.