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  1. I just got 4 more! total = 10. Things are lookin' up.
  2. I have 6, total, so I doubt I'm in the running for this last game. Good luck, everyone!
  3. Great layouts! Congratulations, ladies.
  4. Great photos and page. That's an amazing cake!
  5. Cathrine is so lovely, and it looks like her shower turned out beautifully! I love the page you made for it -- super feminine and so sweet. The flower embellishments look like they came right out of the party arrangement. Wow to the food!
  6. Great happy and colorful photo! I love the page you made for it, especially your fabulous clusters. Oooh... I need to put this into favorites.
  7. Nuage is a beautiful cat! I love your page, especially the way you make the butterflies (papillons) and the leaf (feuilles) look like they can fly off the page. I wish I could write this in French but I have forgotten most of the language I learned in school.
  8. The years fly by too quickly, don't they? I love your photos! They are adorable. Sweet page, too. Great spring colors and happy looking patterns and embellishments. Great job with the ScrapSimple!
  9. that looks like great fun! Love the photos and love the page, and especially the appropriate pirate embellies.
  10. What a great photo! I love how it looks with the Jif Page you chose. Lovely page -- lovely work!
  11. Yes, I wondered about Joyce, too. And also Shari!
  12. Congratulations, Betty! Way to go!
  13. Great photos and page! I like your technique of putting little bits (extra photos, buttons, etc.) on top of the "regular" photos for a 3D effect.
  14. I just noticed your PL pages. Wow! You did a great job with these. I love how you've put so many photos onto the page and still had room for all the journaling. Beautiful background color, too. And you sure got a lot of birthday cards!
  15. Fabulous! I love your blending and the OOB effect. Great quote, too.