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  1. Kwak. Hmmm.... OK... you have made me officially thirsty. I love your photos of such a fascinating place. The whole page turned out great, including the way you carried the orange into your title.
  2. I love the design of your page with room for both a large photo and lots of journaling. The chalk-look is fabulous! In fact I love the whole page. Wonderful work.
  3. Gorgeous page! I love how the photos blend into each other with the others close-up. Your title work is beautiful too.
  4. Beautiful photo and I love the icy looking swirls. Very wintery.
  5. He is adorable! And I love the photo. Great page altogether.
  6. Great page! I love the light in your photo.
  7. Adorable! I love the grungy background and the way you carried the heart motif from her outfit to the page.
  8. What a gorgeous photo! It's so sad about your father selling the property outside the family. However, I'm glad you at least have this and possibly more photos. I love the technique you used here. The whole page looks wonderful!
  9. That looks like a fascinating place. Terrific page. I love how you used the street grunge mask.
  10. Here's mine: Flowers I kinda got into this challenge so picked a topic (flowers) that starts with FL (for Florida) and made my background green, which of course starts with GR (for Granny). Obviously I'm getting fanciful and probably need to get more sleep. Thanks for a fun challenge!
  11. I used F for my screen name. Thanks for a fun challenge! SRO My Grandma's Garden; SRO SS Paper: Textured Grunge; BMU SS Emb: Dramatically Lifted Photos; AFT Brush Set: Fanciful Bits; ASO Brush Set: Grungy Glitter; alpha from BMU Botanical. Font is Vladimir Script.
  12. Yes, she certainly IS lovely. And you've made a lovely page for her. I especially like all the swirls and hearts.
  13. You've put together perfect papers and embellishments for this wonderful photo of the girls. I love your page. Great job!
  14. You got a great photo of that little fellow and I love how you've framed it. Great title, too, and perfect embellishments.
  15. Wonderful photos and a fabulous layout. Isn't it amazing that people actually sailed those ships... and survived? They probably didn't even have a place to plug in their cell phone chargers!