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  1. I'm using a template so this came together pretty easily. I used an ornament, a flower, a bow and a leaf from Wesley's Christmas plus a doily from SNU Kitschy Christmas;
  2. So pretty! I love your page, especially the lace.
  3. It must have been interesting to hear the old phonograph. You got some great photos and I like the page you made with them, too, especially the blended musical background.
  4. Wonderful happy photo. I love the lighting in it. Great page, too, especially the lush cluster and the OOB.
  5. Too bad you can't pick out your Mom, but what a great photo! Can't you just imagine what they must have sounded like? I love your cluster, especially that old lace.
  6. I love all the papers and shapes on the page. Great photos, too. Now I'm hungry.
  7. I love those photos. She's a cutie. You did fabulous work for being out of practice. Great page.
  8. More beautiful photos! Look at that surf!! There was a tropical cyclone storm in our northeast about the same time as yours -- a very rare occurrence for winter here.
  9. Gorgeous photos and I enjoyed your journaling as well. Beautiful page!
  10. Wow! Great page and I absolutely love your title work.
  11. I love your color choices for this page; everything works so beautifully together. "Where the Wild Things Are" was a favorite in our house, too. We still have a copy for our grandkids.
  12. Agreed! And lovin' yours as well.
  13. I used the prompt "food" for this one. January Layout 2. So far the clean and simple format is working for me, but the year is young.
  14. ... a day worth remembering (and scrapping). SRO Cardstock: Blank Canvas; BMU SS Cal 2018; EBA Coffee House; DS Senior Yearbook Template - from Gift Books class; nbk Quotations Loopilaloozas;
  15. I love the energy on your page. Perfect title, too.