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  1. "January" comes from BMU SS Calendar Templates 2018. The font I used for journaling is Bradley Hand. I identified it in my first Project Life page but forgot to list it here. Thanks for asking!
  2. Toy

    Great photos! I love how you used the gold/yellow of Nuage's eyes in the layout.
  3. I have too many favorites!! Narrowing it down, I seem to use Brandy Murry's Grunge Block the most, but for individual pages, not books. And I love the versatility of the Daily Life templates by Susie Roberts. But these are just two among many!
  4. This is a great way to show/tell the story of your boot and the other shoes you've had to put up with lately. I chuckled that, despite it all, you managed to get purple toe nail polish onto your feet. Good for you! Meanwhile, you can dream of someday wearing REAL shoes again! (Hopefully, soon!!) Pretty background to your page and I love the little bird perched on your boot.
  5. I love that you grab your camera (or phone) to snap photos of interesting things as they happen, e.g. the marching band! You've arranged your photos so beautifully, too. Each page you make is wonderful!
  6. This will make a great cover! I love your photos and the circular arrangement suits them. Lovely page.
  7. I love your photo arrangement and the pretty background you used. Isn't St. Augustine fun?
  8. I love your mix of photos and journaling. You sure lead a busy life!
  9. Wow. Your layout is fabulous! I love your lush cluster and the masking makes a great photo even better.
  10. Oh dear. What a frightening event! I hope he is recovering well and isn't in too much pain. Meanwhile, you made a great page. I especially like the medical cluster and the whole way you've illustrated the fall using a tumbling photo arrangement and that scary arrow.
  11. This is a lovely photo! You also made a beautiful page for it. I like the color combo and the pretty cluster you made.
  12. Pretty page! I see you were successful replacing the color on the doily. Good for you! That's hard to do, (in my opinion.)
  13. I like how you've added the dates to your pages. Adorable mermaid!
  14. How nice to have a pressure canner! I love the colors and energy on your page. The diagonal papers look great.
  15. Here's my layout #3. Thanks for another fun week! I especially enjoyed looking through the tutorials.