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  1. Florida granny

    Weekend Wildcard_Best Friends

    Great photos! That looks like a pretty yummy dinner, too. I love the color combo on your page and the candles tucked in behind the flowers.
  2. Florida granny


    What a great photo! And I love your sense of humor. Fabulous page!
  3. Florida granny


    This is such a great Art Journal style page! I especially like how you managed to have the title stand out amidst all the other writing. The whole page is uplifting. Great job!
  4. Florida granny

    Weekend Challenge 8/17/19 Friends: Ngaire

    Fabulous photos of this wonderful time. I love the way the large background photo draws us into the page and the way it is blended. I agree with A-M, too; the light green frames are so pretty. A truly delightful and special page.
  5. Florida granny

    Homemade Jam

    Yum! I used to make strawberry jam and plum jam with one of my neighbors each summer. There's nothing like home-made! I like the bright colors and happy look to your page.
  6. Florida granny


    Beautiful! I love all the soft blending.
  7. Florida granny

    Weekly Layout Winners - August 12th

    Beautiful layouts, ladies. Congratulations!
  8. Florida granny

    August Challenge#2_Our Room

    I really like the design of your page and your journaling on the old notebook. It looks like an interesting place to stay.
  9. Florida granny

    Newsletter 13Aug - Sunset

    Great photo! I do like the bird silhouetted on the branch. Nice choice of background papers, too.
  10. Florida granny

    WWAug10 - Drought

    You've made a heart-rendering page here. The muted colors of your paper and embellishments underscore the dry landscape. I hope the rains come soon!
  11. Florida granny


    Fabulous page! Being a baseball Mom, I feel your pain. I love the clouds and the ball-stitching in your background.,
  12. Florida granny

    Fire Weather

    Amazing photo! I like the creative way you've put this together.
  13. Florida granny

    Edith Love

    Super sweet.
  14. Florida granny

    ATC 2 - Hot

    I took this photo at a local beach on a very hot day. TFL! SDE Popsicle Swimsuits; EBA SS Paper ATC Edges; Fonts are Sun Kissed and Never Let Go.
  15. Florida granny

    8/11/19 Weekend Wildcard Challenge

    You got a great photo of the fog! I love your layout, too, especially that misty background.
  16. Florida granny


    Gorgeous photo! I always enjoy seeing your blending, and I love the title work here.
  17. Florida granny


    Love this! Plus that is a genius quote for the "hot" theme.
  18. Florida granny


    I love the art-journal style you've accomplished here. Fabulous ATC!
  19. Florida granny


    Lovely! I especially like the jewels and string. ❤️
  20. Florida granny


    Ah yes, I remember snow. Pretty photo and nice to look at from a distance. I love the icy overlays and especially the birch trees. Now THOSE I do miss!
  21. Florida granny

    Stormy Night.jpg

    That's some photo! I like the wrinkled background paper you chose especially since I imagine that weather can tear things up pretty well. Cute title.
  22. Florida granny

    Aug 10-11 WW Challenge - Weather

    CWX Rainy Day; BMU Grande Dame - ribbon; BMU SS Emb: Ribbons to Go III; Fonts: Great Vibes and Century Gothic.
  23. Florida granny

    Summer 1959

    Your lovely page is putting me in the mood to drag out some of those vintage family photos and get scrappin'. Beautiful page! And a loving mood.
  24. Florida granny

    My Happy Spot

    This is so cool and so creative. I love it!
  25. Florida granny

    Weather Weekend Challenge

    Sorry about your delay! That's so frustrating. But I love the layout you made about it. Great photos and a cool idea to include the flight info.