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  1. @angleigh Thanks so much!! I've been trying to LSL each day, but I'll post links to a couple of the ones I did today since it's almost past my bedtime now, LOL. 1. Mimes Photoless 2. Mimes Slow Scrap 3. Grace J Bingo 14 4. wvuFan 04 photoless
  2. Oh... sweet quote! I love your title work and the array of stars on the page.
  3. This is so pretty. That's a gorgeous rose and looks so good with the green and yellow page.
  4. That's a great idea to list where to find the coffee shops! I'd love to travel along with you. I love your photos and the digital coffee pot and cup.
  5. Oh.... cool idea! I love the mix of sketch and digital flowers and definitely need to give that a try.
  6. I love how feminine and lovely this turned out. The photo effects were inspired and I love that big "94"! (Wow; 94!) I also especially like your mix of patterns; they all look great together.
  7. What a sweetie rescuing that damselfly! I love the photos, including that amazing close-up. I also love how you brought the colors from the photo into your background and other elements.
  8. Oh, I love how this turned out, Kelly. The rustic frame and gorgeous blending work beautifully with that special photo.
  9. BMU BSweet; SNU Retro Chalk; Font is Myriad Pro.
  10. I went with a title, tweaked a couple of things and here is the finished page: Happy Birthday! Thanks for a fun slow scrap!
  11. BMU SSDLOT Saffron; BMU Happy Birthday; SRO SS Emb: Journal Strips; AFT Everyday Glitter - Neutral; Font is Betty Noir.
  12. @Mikelle This has been really fun... with the grumbling (which we pretty much always do, LOL) and despite the grumbling we manage to put together some beautiful layouts, right? Like you, I'm loving what I see so far.
  13. He looks quite relaxed here. I like the bright summery colors you used and the digital hammock that looks so perfect with your photo.
  14. Your journaling made me laugh out loud. It's so true! However, they must have thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and that's the important thing. The plaid background gives a nice casual look to the layout... perfect for a picnic page I also like how you used the triangles. I never think to use shapes like this.
  15. I love this photo! The two of you look so happy to be together. I also like the colors on your page and the pretty clusters.
  16. This is a wonderful photo! I love how you designed your page so that the photo is the first thing we see. I love your background, too. (I say that for all your layouts, it seems LOL).
  17. I'm lovin' your page, so far. It looks like a real slice of summer.
  18. Thanks, Amy! I struggled a bit with it, so I'm glad you think it's OK. ❤️
  19. Florida granny


    Is Kevin the cutest pup ever??? No wonder he captured your hearts. I love the blended paw prints, the beautiful framing, and, mostly, the sentiment.
  20. That's a great and fun photo of Steve! I love how you've shown it in the tent. Your background blending is lovely as always.
  21. What a great photo! I love the page you made for it, too and especially how you blended one of the tiny birds into the background.
  22. This whole page says "summer"! Lovely!
  23. Lovely! I love the photos you captured of that perfect day and the sunny background you made for them.
  24. What a cute photo! I enjoyed your journaling and am glad you have some peaceful times in between all the usual activity. I love the way your embellishment clusters lead our eye from the photo to the journaling.
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