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  1. I think I'm about to be adopted.  A strange cat just wandered into my house and thoroughly cased the joint.

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    2. GinnyW


      Awww I hope so :)  Our family cat chose us and we had him for 18 years!

    3. MariJ


      Hi Eden! :) 

    4. Florida granny

      Florida granny

      Smart cat, choosing you. :) Hi there, Eden!

  2. Eden


    Amazing. The photo is wonderful. The blended papers with their torn edges are perfect. A really beautiful layout.
  3. Eden

    Scrap Girls World Tour - June 2017

    All look fabulous. Woud love to join in but I know my limits, 3 layouts a week is of of the question!
  4. Eden


    Very pretty framing and simple cluster for your lovely memory.
  5. Eden

    Lazy Dimanche

    I just love those bright red poppies against the blues, greys and greens of your Welsh hills. The long narrow shape of your photo and the perpendicular placing in your layout drags the eye from the road to the sky.
  6. Eden


    Interesting use of the geometric template, so very remininscent of beehives. So clever!
  7. Eden


    The sea glass is beautiful. I've seen some really spectacular jewellery made out of pieces like these. Lovely beachy layout.
  8. Eden

    Life is Sweet

    Pretty candy cane stripes and lovely blending. I like your floating frame and the flowers growing out of it.
  9. Eden

    Weekend Challenge - Focus_600.jpg

    Fabulous double framing and as usual your clusters are amazing as it your masterful use of white space.
  10. Eden

    Weekend Challenge - 10th June

    Hi Ladies It's raining here, I'm tired of doing photobooks, so here's my Norreport, Kobenhavn layout from my Europe holiday in January.
  11. Eden


    I took this photo in January 2017, so it's not so recent but it's still one I've been meaning to scrap. Font: Times New Roman BMU_BrushSet_TimeTraveller Clouds SNU_SSPaper_Blendability-1.png CR_CityScapez 4 .png CR_CityScapez 7 [a].png tangie_CharlestonAve_Solid_6.jpg SG_Dec2011_Paper_SNU_EvergreenDream.jpg PWR_ButtermilkRoad_Papers_Blue-Solid.jpg

    © @ Eden Wells

  12. Eden

    March Layout Madness 2017

    Hey Ladies, I'm heading to the beach for a couple of days and will be offline. Enjoy this week's challenge!
  13. Eden

    March Madness LO #2

    A really beautiful layout Hilary. The papers are perfect and I love the way you arranged them for this. How clever are you to use the propellor as an embeliishment, it does everything a flower would and more. Leaving my favourite part of the layout until last: your title. Perfect.
  14. Eden

    March17 LO2

    Kids are so into Harry Potter aren't they? They will even find a reference in the grogery store! Lovely papers and blending.
  15. Eden

    Amber Dec 2016Web

    Your Christmas Elf is so cute. How funny to list the attributes of a Christmas Elf!