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  1. Eden

    World Tour LO 9 Christmas Island

    Great use of traditional Christmas colours in your mats, frames and cluster. The stitched angel is lovely.
  2. Eden


    Sweet photo and fun title. Love the extension of the flooring reaching beyond the frame.
  3. Eden

    World-Tour-bright colors and birds

    My favourite combination of colours! Very feminist! Such a pretty, gentle layout. I can imagine your birds singing happily away there.
  4. Eden


    I'd heard of Montebello but never seen it before. Nice stitching framing this interesting set of photos.
  5. Eden


    Absolutely beautiful Andrea. I can see that your creativity extends to decoration as well.
  6. Eden


    Wow! So very interesting! Love the frame and shadowing placed over the background photo.
  7. Eden

    WT Wood-web.jpg

    Well done on that amazing blending. I really love that peeling paint look.
  8. Eden

    WT 2018 LO #5 - Belarus

    Love those oranges and rusted metal touches. the concentration and wonder on Karlie's face is priceless.
  9. Eden

    World Tour 2018 Belarus Columbus IN

    How cute! The title is perfect for this well blended layout.
  10. Eden

    World Tour_Belarus

    Lovely photo and fantastic blending.
  11. Eden


    Wonderful action photos. Everything about this page is great, especially the titling and clusters.
  12. Eden

    Scrap Girls World Tour 2018

    Hi Ladies, I'm back on board. My head was turned by the beauty of Iceland (Ahem!) and I was absent much longer I expected. I'm off to the gallery to see what you've all been up to!
  13. Eden

    Nothing ATC2

    Absolutely Fabulous! Would live you know How you did made this so unique and interesting.
  14. Eden

    World Tour 2018 Light - Alisons Sunset

    There's something really wonderful about sunsets, isn't there? This is a really wonderful photo and how very clever of your young cousin to capture it. She has a really good eye.
  15. Eden


    Well, that's some effort. His Mum has her work cut out for her, hasn't she! An awesome photo.