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  1. Good luck! I hope you can get it going.
  2. Gorgeous colours and textures. I like the way you've stamped the image on using the postage stamp frames as background. So effective!
  3. I enjoyed this series very much as well as the movies. Very nice use of the old fashioned library paraphernalia to highlight your reading material.
  4. Well there's one happy boy! And that is quite a haul! How lovely that you have this memento of him.
  5. Eden

    Feeling Girly

    So much to see: the gorgeous rich pinks against the softer pastels, the depth of shadow under your top paper, the paper texture with its stamped edges and the beautiful cluster. A great backdrop to a lovely photo.
  6. Eden


    Another adorable photo. The string frame above the more conventional one is a cute way of highlighting the important part of the photo.
  7. Such a hopeful layout: The view through the window is gives us a peek at the little birds planning a family as the first sign of the warmer weather. Very cute.
  8. Ah! I saw this on the board in a fleeting visit and hoped I would get a chance to have a good look. That's such a lovely photo, Emma's eyes are so expressive. The blending into the weathered boards works well and you've hit on one of my favourite colour combos, blue and brown.
  9. Your layout makes me think of the way women operate in real time. Even when settling down to relax with a cuppa, there's a list of things to be done, the reading, planning meals and craft. The stacked photos and embellishments are great.
  10. I'm surprised that you have had time to read anything as you have been so committed to your face mask project. I hope you do find the time to finish "The Help", it is a great story.
  11. The book cover, slightly scuffed from use, the yellowing around the open pages and the library card in it's pocket are treasures from a time gone by. A lovely momento!
  12. "This isn’t coming out as I expected and I thought it would be quick to scrap, but that hasn’t happened so I’m ending it! You made me laugh Marilyn! The frustrated artist "writ large". Oh boy, I know that feeling! I like your concept of the ruled notebook lines and you bold heading. The quote is perfect.
  13. So many of us are moving to digital for our reading material! Love the quote!
  14. There's nothing like a good whodunnit to keep you enthralled for hours and these two authors are masters of the genre. Lovely selection of bookish paper and embellishments to make you book covers pop.
  15. Another person who reads more than one book at a time! I'm in awe! It's always been one at a time for me. The collection you've chosen, with its stitches, cross hatching and warm, homey honey and maroon colours is perfect for this memento of our #stayathome days.
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