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  1. Hey Ladies, I'm heading to the beach for a couple of days and will be offline. Enjoy this week's challenge!
  2. A really beautiful layout Hilary. The papers are perfect and I love the way you arranged them for this. How clever are you to use the propellor as an embeliishment, it does everything a flower would and more. Leaving my favourite part of the layout until last: your title. Perfect.
  3. Kids are so into Harry Potter aren't they? They will even find a reference in the grogery store! Lovely papers and blending.
  4. Your Christmas Elf is so cute. How funny to list the attributes of a Christmas Elf!
  5. A great decision to celebrate flowers in this challenge! Love these cool blues and green in your papers with deep blues of the tree trunks.
  6. Watching the thumbnails, I've been very interested to see this close up and in full size. I love the simple palette you've used and the sketch effect is an imaginative way to show off the straight lines of the buildings in your photo. Great job.
  7. Okay, no flowers! But wow, what a fabulous way to solve that problem. The papers are so bright and cheery and go so well with the happy smiles! I can't imagine how you got everyone to be looking at the cmaera and smiling all at once. Good job!
  8. A really interesting combination of papers and blending draws the eye into your photo and it is such a nice photo. You look like you are sharing a moment of great humour and love. A treasured moment.
  9. I really like that this photo is not in the traditional "facing the camera" pose. Although you have chosen to work with such a sweet photo, which is absolutely begging for a floral tribute, you have managed to convey the delicateness of this little girl and her dress beautifully. Great problem solving for this challenge.
  10. Wonderful photo, so typical of this age group. I'm a big fan of brown and blue together and love this tobacco colour background against the blue of her jeans and phone. Nicely lifted with the cream newspaper and list. Restrained and beautiful layout.
  11. Wonderful title, Jane! The flowerless cluster is crazy great; I wish I could pull that off! Lovely photo too. Amazing work.
  12. Amazing and original compromise Lei on not being able to use flowers! The blending is terrific and I love the paw dot points. Your dog is just gorgeous, you can almost see a cheeky look in her eyes saying, "When you're done with that photo, I'm off to roll in something".
  13. Love the photo nicely blended into its background and what an interesting choice of alphas and titling to display your work! Well done.
  14. A really beautiful photo; love the detail of the leaves and the range of colours from bright green to red. Your list of words are perfect for this scene, I truly believe that nature has a deeply calming effect and can give perspective on what's happening to us in our lives. I'm going to pop off and have a look at that collection, it's lovely.
  15. I enjoyed this challenge a lot. No pushing daisies around the layout hoping for a better outcome! Through Indeterminate Space.