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  1. Did your leg get better, did you tear something? I was thinking about you and just wanted you to feel stronger again! Sometimes injuries take so long to heal.

    1. KnotDreams


      Thank you so much for asking. The MRI showed a torn meniscus and a partial tear to the MCL, which is the ligament along the inside of the knee. Doctor says the MCL will heal on its own since it has a pretty good blood supply. The meniscus, however is a different story. I've scheduled arthroscopic surgery for November 6th. Had to wait that long because of some October travel.

      It's really frustrating to me because I felt like I had finally gotten into a pretty good exercise rou...

  2. just read your overview and realized you are the same age as me, 61 and going strong with a trainer, good for you! i thought about using a trainer to help me start on weights, but not yet--I just work out on machines. Anyway, just wanted to say HI!

    1. KnotDreams


      I think the weight lifting is good as we age. I've tried doing it on my own like you do, but she makes me work harder than I do by myself. And having a weekly appointment keeps me accountable.

      Unfortunately, she was also pushing me to do a lot of cardio on the off days and now I've run into knee issues, which sidelined me from all of it. Seeing the orthopedic doc on Thursday. I suspect I'll be doing physical therapy before I do personal training again.

  3. Very pretty, and the pages work so well together. Congratulations on the new grandson.
  4. Happy Birthday. Hope you have a wonderful day.

  5. Happy Birthday Karen!

  6. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your special day today!

  7. Just browsing through the gallery this evening, and your layout stood out from the thumbnails at the top of the page. Beautifully blended background, and the photo is gorgeous. Thanks for posting your layout.
  8. Just brought in my hybrid ACT's from the mailbox. Everyone did such a wonderful job! Carls, thanks for taking care of this swap.

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    2. CRS


      So glad you got them safe and sound!

    3. alsoarty


      Mine never arrived yet - maybe tomorrow :D


    4. alsoarty


      Is it on youtube yet?


  9. Such a cheerful mix of colors, papers and patterns. Great choices for a layout of boys at play.
  10. KnotDreams


    Can't read the journaling, but the page looks beautiful! Congratulations on your first upload. Very nice how you replaced the "O" with the rose.
  11. KnotDreams

    Heritage Layouts

    This is an album in progress as I scan old photos and do layouts.
  12. I do love it! Everything about it is just wonderful, and very different from how I might have scrapped it. And it will be so easy to make a facing page because I also have that collection. This one goes in the heritage album for sure. Thank you very much.
  13. KnotDreams


    Love the primary colors and simple embellishments, and the one-word title. It all comes together to make a fun, active layout.
  14. KnotDreams


    Love the blended background. Very nice layout.
  15. KnotDreams


    Agreeing with all the comments above, this is a great two-page layout. Wonderful photos of old doors.
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