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  1. I have to "catch up"....just got back in town & wasn't on the computer except for work!!! YUCK! Time to have some fun & get things posted!!! MISSED YOU ALL!
  2. It's hard to make a Diamond Ring look good in a box!!! If it's not in person. I think this LO is the paper strip behind the ring shots & love the front & side angles! Very soft & beautiful!
  3. Nice tribute to your flower beautiful!!!
  4. Very clever, Marilyn. I've had to use this trick to- - it's amazing!! Thanks PSE!!!! This layout is a great tribute to their wedding. Nice job!
  5. This is a really cute LO with a really cute little 4 year old....there is something about trains & boys that is irrestible!!!
  6. I love FALL colors & your LO is the perfect example of the colors! LOVE LOVE LOVE the reflection in the water! Great job!
  7. A lot of work went into those colorful fun strips! Nice touch! Beautiful baby face!!! Nice Memory!
  8. Taking diamonds to the next level!!! Great job & she is a beautiful little 4-year old!!!
  9. Love how you framed the diamond! Sweet story too! Great LO
  10. I love the background on this to go with photo! I totally agree with the journaling on this!!! Great Job!
  11. The Grandgirls attended their first Halloween Dress Up Review & we got to see them before they left. Notice the "2" funny to see how my two girls settle arguments with their girls. So many happy memories! Love our little LION, MUNCHKIN & WICKED WITCH, too!!! BMU - REMEMBRANCE COLLECTION COL - INSPIRING MEGA COLLECTION
  12. I'm going to try to be here at 11 CST. Depends on workload this am, but I'll get one posted today by 11 PM. Hope I get to attend the crop & scrap! Posting my layout in case I don't make it back home before the High Noon Crop.
  13. Love the photo & also how you used the colors from the photo to accent it with the layout! Very well-balanced!
  14. Love how you tied all the pieces together & made a really nice LO! Love the photo!!!
  15. Nice page! Love the hair on these two boys! Great colors & background word art!