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  1. sanot

    Remembering Everything You Have

    I'm new to the Mac world and am trying to relearn scrapbooking and photo organization on a Mac.
  2. sanot

    Remembering Everything You Have

    is there a Picasa option for Mac in 2017?
  3. sanot

    Reformat EHD for Mac

    If this belongs in a more appropriate thread please send me that way, thanks! Years ago I had been scrapbooking with PSE on a PC, with my supplies and photos organized on an EHD. A few years have lapsed and during this time I got my first smartphone (iPhone) and my digital SLR camera died. My phone became my exclusive photo taking device, and I struggled to get my smartphone pics into my (very organized) photo organization on my EHD. When my laptop started giving out they convinced me to move to a Mac laptop. I bought a new Mac version of PSE which was quite an upgrade from what I used to use. I had my EHD reformatted so I can access and use my supplies, but I no longer have Picasa now on the Mac and I haven't figured out a good system for my photos yet. So I might be asking lots of questions in this one post, but I'm hoping someone else had made this move and I can learn from them. Guess my biggest questions are 1) how to organize photos on a Mac with an EHD and 2) what is comparable to Picasa for Mac or something to easily view and search for my supplies? Thanks in advance, I so appreciate your help! Amy