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  1. Eagle River Varsity football opened their football season against North Pole, giving our family an opportunity to visit the holiday haven in the off season. We got a kick out of the sign outside of the local welding shop--I guess we didn't expect Santa's workshop to be quite so industrial looking. I had fun with this layout, but sticking with just one collection was a real challenge for me. I will admit I was struggling with it a bit--getting the photos and the collection to work well together. Fortunately I found my answers in a blog article posted yesterday: Layout Design Process: Brandy Murry. The process she described really resonated with my process for this layout, and her tip about recoloring the photos was the final "ah-ha!" for me. While we had enjoyed a beautiful bluebird day for our visit to North Pole, the cerulean sky wasn't playing well with the rest of the layout. I picked out the brilliant red that I wanted to keep from the photos, copied that to new layers, and photo tinted the rest with a pleasing green. By adjusting the lighting and opacity of the tinted layer, I was able to achieve a result that I liked. Now my Santa photo is back on the nice list! NORTH POLE FRIENDS collection by Ginny Whitcomb: GWH_NorthPoleFriends_Paper_Gold-Snow.jpg GWH_NorthPoleFriends_Paper_Stripe.jpg GWH_NorthPoleFriends_EMB_Ribbon-White.png GWH_NorthPoleFriends_EMB_Ribbon-Red.png GWH_NorthPoleFriends_EMB_Border-Ornament.png GWH_NorthPoleFriends_EMB_Holly.png GWH_NorthPoleFriends_EMB_Brad-Snowflake GWH_NorthPoleFriends_EMB_Postcard-Blank.png GWH_NorthPoleFriends_Alpha.png STYLES, TOOLS, & FONTS BMU_SSActions_Megalift BMU_SSActions_StampMaker_postmark CTH_Sketch_122711_600.jpg DEB_SSTools_Styles_Gold SNU_SSTools_Styles_ButterflyShadows Galeforce BTN font
  2. This layout features 2 circles, 1 box, 4 photos, and a zero as an "o" in "BoX" Our three kitty girls were more than happy to help us unwrap our Christmas gifts--thoroughly enjoying the trimmings and trappings of the occasion. ACA_SSEmb_StackItUp_5 ACA_SSAlpha_FiligreeFun.png BMU_OneYellowPaper_Special-2013.png BMU_ShabbyBlanc_PaperTangle.png copy CTH_AltXmas_Paper_Neutral.jpg LLO_FestEleg_Paper_CherryFlakes.jpg PWR_KeysToHappiness_Papers_Cream.jpg copy SNU_SSEmb_HandMadeBoxes-Nestled_a_BaseBox.png SNU_AlteredLife_Emb-Bow-YllwShad.png SNU_AYO-Cards_AMothersTouch_Ribbon2-Yellow.png Name tags: BMU_HolidayLights_Alpha.png KME_ButterflyFX_Emb_Bow-Yellow.PNG LCO_SSEmb_EmbroiderMe_Swirls JZI_Tannenbaum_Num_Red_tag.png VRA_NutcrackerSuite_Emb_Brad-Gold.png STYLES, TOOLS, & FONTS SNU_SSTools_Styles_ButterflyShadow SNU_SSTools_Styles_GlitterEdge Caflisch Script Pro
  3. The Thursday Recipe for Success series inspired me to use multiple patterned background papers to make the boys' names for our Christmas pages--fun! Thursday recipe 1.jpg PAPERS: EHI_AJoyfulSeason_12x12_Leaves-Green.jpg LLO_FestElegSolid_Paper_Cream.jpg LLO_FestElegSolid_Paper_BlackCherry.jpg LLO_FestElegSolid_Paper_Holly.jpg LLO_FestEleg_Paper_DiagonalRed.jpg JDE_WChristmas_Paper_Holly.jpg SNU_MerryMint_Alpha_Y.png SNU_LilRedBird_Ppr-Berry.jpg TYO_MosaicHoliday_Paper_Red.jpg EMBELLISHMENTS: AFT_AYO-ZmPg_Jubilant_ScallopMini.png BMU_AngelDust_EMB_HangingOrn-3.png BMU_OneYellowPaper_Special-2013.png BMU_WintersKiss_Brad.png DCA_HollyFrames_Green _2 KSC_AutumnAppeal_EmbMini_Button-Red.png LLO_FestEleg_Emb_Bow.png LLO_FestEleg_Emb_Ribbon_Flat.png LLO_FestEleg_Emb_String_Looped.png LLO_FestEleg_Emb_Leaf_Greenery2.png LLO_FestEleg_Emb_Flower_RedPoinsettia.png
  4. What a lovely idea to preserve treasured memories while they are still fresh in the mind! I was inspired to scrap my son's 13th birthday, an occasion truly worthy of remembrance. I used AMC_DynamicBrush_Sprinkles as my brush for this layout. Supplies: JRE_12thOfNever_BONUS_JIFFY_LO4 ACA_OppAttract_PaperSM_Spots.jpg ACA_OppAttract_Paper_Red WORD ART & EMBELLISHMENTS: AR_Christy font AMC_Thoughtful font ABR_ANewMe_WArt-Lb ACA_OppAttract_Emb_Brad-Red.png AMC_Dynbrush_Sprinkles AMC_SSTools_Styles_Sprinkles ASO_SSTools_Styles_LabelMaker BMU_Countryside_Bottlecap-4 BMU_SSActions_Megalift BMU_AYO-Zoom_TicketToRide_Banner-WithShadow.png GWH_StrawberryDelight2_WashiTape-YellowDot.png SNU_AlteredLife_Emb-WashiTealChev.png TCS_RedVelvet_WordArt_Blk-Birthday.png