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  1. Happy Birthday, Jaymee!!!

  2. Happy, Happy, Birthday Jaymee! Hope your special day is an awesome one!

  3. BACKGROUND PAPERS: DCA_JIFAlbum_LoveSoSweet_4_Finished DEB_VintGr_Paper6.jpg These photos came from spring break, 2010, when Zack hosted a slumber party for Cody and Calliope in his room. Cody was almost 13 and Zachary was 9. They look so young--growing up so fast!! EMBELLISHMENTS: BMU_VintageEaster_EMB_Matt.png BMU_Grandparents_EMB_Tag-1-Composite.png copy SNU_AlteredLife_Emb-HoneycombBrdr2.png copy SNU_AlteredLife_Emb-GemFlwr-Red and Orange.png SNU_AlteredLife-Emb_RibbnRed.png SNU_AlteredLife_Emb-PaintWhite.png SNU_AlteredLife_Alpha1_LC-a.png STYLES, TOOLS, & FONTS JWH_SSTools_Styles_Camouflage SNU_SSTools_Styles_ChocCandy SNU_SSTools_Styles_ButterflyShadows AMC_Thoughtful font LDJ Mothers Typewriter font
  4. Eagle River Varsity football opened their football season against North Pole, giving our family an opportunity to visit the holiday haven in the off season. We got a kick out of the sign outside of the local welding shop--I guess we didn't expect Santa's workshop to be quite so industrial looking. I had fun with this layout, but sticking with just one collection was a real challenge for me. I will admit I was struggling with it a bit--getting the photos and the collection to work well together. Fortunately I found my answers in a blog article posted yesterday: Layout Design Process: Brandy Murry. The process she described really resonated with my process for this layout, and her tip about recoloring the photos was the final "ah-ha!" for me. While we had enjoyed a beautiful bluebird day for our visit to North Pole, the cerulean sky wasn't playing well with the rest of the layout. I picked out the brilliant red that I wanted to keep from the photos, copied that to new layers, and photo tinted the rest with a pleasing green. By adjusting the lighting and opacity of the tinted layer, I was able to achieve a result that I liked. Now my Santa photo is back on the nice list! NORTH POLE FRIENDS collection by Ginny Whitcomb: GWH_NorthPoleFriends_Paper_Gold-Snow.jpg GWH_NorthPoleFriends_Paper_Stripe.jpg GWH_NorthPoleFriends_EMB_Ribbon-White.png GWH_NorthPoleFriends_EMB_Ribbon-Red.png GWH_NorthPoleFriends_EMB_Border-Ornament.png GWH_NorthPoleFriends_EMB_Holly.png GWH_NorthPoleFriends_EMB_Brad-Snowflake GWH_NorthPoleFriends_EMB_Postcard-Blank.png GWH_NorthPoleFriends_Alpha.png STYLES, TOOLS, & FONTS BMU_SSActions_Megalift BMU_SSActions_StampMaker_postmark CTH_Sketch_122711_600.jpg DEB_SSTools_Styles_Gold SNU_SSTools_Styles_ButterflyShadows Galeforce BTN font
  5. This layout features 2 circles, 1 box, 4 photos, and a zero as an "o" in "BoX" Our three kitty girls were more than happy to help us unwrap our Christmas gifts--thoroughly enjoying the trimmings and trappings of the occasion. ACA_SSEmb_StackItUp_5 ACA_SSAlpha_FiligreeFun.png BMU_OneYellowPaper_Special-2013.png BMU_ShabbyBlanc_PaperTangle.png copy CTH_AltXmas_Paper_Neutral.jpg LLO_FestEleg_Paper_CherryFlakes.jpg PWR_KeysToHappiness_Papers_Cream.jpg copy SNU_SSEmb_HandMadeBoxes-Nestled_a_BaseBox.png SNU_AlteredLife_Emb-Bow-YllwShad.png SNU_AYO-Cards_AMothersTouch_Ribbon2-Yellow.png Name tags: BMU_HolidayLights_Alpha.png KME_ButterflyFX_Emb_Bow-Yellow.PNG LCO_SSEmb_EmbroiderMe_Swirls JZI_Tannenbaum_Num_Red_tag.png VRA_NutcrackerSuite_Emb_Brad-Gold.png STYLES, TOOLS, & FONTS SNU_SSTools_Styles_ButterflyShadow SNU_SSTools_Styles_GlitterEdge Caflisch Script Pro
  6. The Thursday Recipe for Success series inspired me to use multiple patterned background papers to make the boys' names for our Christmas pages--fun! Thursday recipe 1.jpg PAPERS: EHI_AJoyfulSeason_12x12_Leaves-Green.jpg LLO_FestElegSolid_Paper_Cream.jpg LLO_FestElegSolid_Paper_BlackCherry.jpg LLO_FestElegSolid_Paper_Holly.jpg LLO_FestEleg_Paper_DiagonalRed.jpg JDE_WChristmas_Paper_Holly.jpg SNU_MerryMint_Alpha_Y.png SNU_LilRedBird_Ppr-Berry.jpg TYO_MosaicHoliday_Paper_Red.jpg EMBELLISHMENTS: AFT_AYO-ZmPg_Jubilant_ScallopMini.png BMU_AngelDust_EMB_HangingOrn-3.png BMU_OneYellowPaper_Special-2013.png BMU_WintersKiss_Brad.png DCA_HollyFrames_Green _2 KSC_AutumnAppeal_EmbMini_Button-Red.png LLO_FestEleg_Emb_Bow.png LLO_FestEleg_Emb_Ribbon_Flat.png LLO_FestEleg_Emb_String_Looped.png LLO_FestEleg_Emb_Leaf_Greenery2.png LLO_FestEleg_Emb_Flower_RedPoinsettia.png
  7. What a lovely idea to preserve treasured memories while they are still fresh in the mind! I was inspired to scrap my son's 13th birthday, an occasion truly worthy of remembrance. I used AMC_DynamicBrush_Sprinkles as my brush for this layout. Supplies: JRE_12thOfNever_BONUS_JIFFY_LO4 ACA_OppAttract_PaperSM_Spots.jpg ACA_OppAttract_Paper_Red WORD ART & EMBELLISHMENTS: AR_Christy font AMC_Thoughtful font ABR_ANewMe_WArt-Lb ACA_OppAttract_Emb_Brad-Red.png AMC_Dynbrush_Sprinkles AMC_SSTools_Styles_Sprinkles ASO_SSTools_Styles_LabelMaker BMU_Countryside_Bottlecap-4 BMU_SSActions_Megalift BMU_AYO-Zoom_TicketToRide_Banner-WithShadow.png GWH_StrawberryDelight2_WashiTape-YellowDot.png SNU_AlteredLife_Emb-WashiTealChev.png TCS_RedVelvet_WordArt_Blk-Birthday.png