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  1. Ha, this is great! What a fun ATC! I'm not a fan of the real underwater world but i love everything about this!
  2. Ah, this is so lovely! The blending, the masking, the collection you chose . . . perfect! Well done.
  3. i'm having a blast with Syndee's chalkboard styles (working on nephew grad party stuff). so easy and fun to use!

    1. MariJ


      Oh, I can't wait to see what you did!   Great idea with chalkboard for a graduation!

  4. This is really special, Jane. The monochromatic tones, the masking, the leafs around the edges . . . so perfect! Also there's no question you two are related!
  5. note to self: perhaps a layout or something this weekend?

    self to me: um, sure, okay! 

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    2. alsoarty


      I think I got that note to self too. I'll join you.

    3. lorac


      Sounds like me. :clapping_kitty:

    4. MariJ


      Me too, thanks for the giggle!  

  6. Very nice, Mikelle! I do love that color isolation as well - that pop of pink on the B&W is fabulous. Great photos too.
  7. This is so sweet. Love how you grouped them, along with the extracted image, over the subtle background papers. Great job.
  8. This is adorable, Andrea! I really love photos in shapes or frames as you've done here. And the cloud above "helping" is the perfect touch!
  9. This is such a fun way to picture all that must be done before boat season gets underway. Well done!
  10. you did a great job with this layout. looks like a fun weekend. i love how you arranged the photos around the wreath. Really nice - all of it!
  11. Trying out some meal prepping here. It's so easy in the winter - roasting veggies, making big pots of soup and chili -- summer comes and I just don't wanna cook. So I'm trying the idea of chopping & cooking everything at once.

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    2. jenrou


      I do that sometimes, but I'm not organized enough to do it all the time. I also like winter soups, etc.:)

    3. AggieB


      Worth a try. I am usually lacking in the follow-up; will I actually eat all of that?

    4. SodScrap


      I have always wanted to do this!!

  12. Did you say "watercolor"?! I thought so. I'm in. Last one was fun, loved receiving an envelope full of beautiful creations. I will be busy mid-June helping with my nephew's grad party but I should be able to get something together for this.
  13. What a great page, Anne-Marie! Everything is laid out so well and draws you in. Lovely photos and I love the poppies!
  14. This is great, Brenda - quote, layout, pics, etc.,. Well done.
  15. Congrats!