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  1. I don't need a base either, Carla. Hopefully mine will be there today or tomorrow.
  2. Very nice, Mikelle!
  3. She is just adorable!! And so is this layout
  4. I've vented here plenty about technology and printing woes in the past. It's totally ruined my enjoyment of digital stuff. I am trying a range extender and maybe a USB printer connection if necessary. Crossing my fingers!

    1. CRS


      Good Luck!

    2. MariJ


      Fingers crossed for you, good luck!

    3. jenrou


      Let us know if the range extender really works. I'm thinking about getting one.

  5. Ok, I'm taking my to the PO this morning (well oops, it's closed today? Veterans' Day I guess). Sheesh, what a battle with this printer thing but I WON!! I apologize for the delay. Hopefully you should see these in a day or two, Carla. I have taken extra care packing them up but my glue runner seems to not be the best. You may have to reaffix a calendar or two.
  6. i have a pseudo-interview tomorrow (with an agency that i've worked for in the past but need to update info). i've about torn my place apart looking for that 2nd form of ID. :wacko: please pray i come up with something! 

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    2. MariJ


      How did you make out, Dianne?  

    3. diannecp


      they accepted an expired passport. now just waiting to hear on some positions (i will call Monday). 

    4. MariJ


      Oh whew...  :whew:I'm sorry you didn't find what you were looking for, but glad it worked out.   Good luck on the position.  

  7. Oh duh, i could do that!! Thanks.
  8. Thanks Carla. Adding a bit more bling, getting the calendars printed and adding them and whew! Should get them to the PO tomorrow. This will be a record for me for sure. Dang! Question though: what can I do to the calendar file to make it not that blah beige color? Having a brain freeze here.
  9. Ugh. Well, this is what I get for waiting until now on these. My internet & printer have been down all day so mine won't have many digital elements. I'll have to run to FedEx tomorrow to get the little calendars printed. I am so sick and tired of technology not cooperating. I expect to have these in the mail by Thursday; PriorityMail if I have to. I'm sorry for being the holdup (I guess someone has to bring up the rear, right?!) (I don't need holes in mine; I'll just display them on a little easel thing).
  10. i don't get trick or treaters but my Nepali neighbor kids wanted to come by and show off their costumes. all i had to offer them was apples LOL! guess i am "that" lady!

    1. MariJ


      Funny!  We never get a lot, but last night it was only 2 sets of kids totally about 8. :(

  11. What a great tradition! And I really love your title lettering. Great job, Marilyn!
  12. Ah this is lovely! So peaceful and inviting
  13. We were on vacation in Virginia in the spring of 2011 and he was sick (in bed) the entire time so I was forced to amuse myself! I had purchased a Stampington Digital Studio magazine and came across a SG advertisement there. I was really excited to learn more about digital art. Looked it up (thankfully I had my computer with me and downloaded the freebie starter kit and did some tutorials, then later I joined the forum.
  14. Awesome job, Carla and I totally agree about the Club colors! Delicious layout here.
  15. Andrea, this is wonderful! Love how you did the quote on strips of paper.