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  1. anyone else having a Groundhog Day party tomorrow? GHD is one of my favorite days, among other reasons, because my dad worked outside on the phone lines when I was a kid. he got so excited about GHD and the possibility of a sooner spring. that sticks w/me today. Having friends over tomorrow night just for fun. 

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    2. MariJ


      That’s something I never thought of but it’s a great idea - especially since I so hate Winter and long for Spring!  

    3. BetC


      I love celebrating Groundhog Day by watching the classic "Groundhog Day" movie. I never get tired of it - my DH, not so much.

    4. diannecp


      yeah it was definitely like "in your face, Phil (Pennsylvania's groundhog is known as - well, ya know, Punxsutawney Phil). I found a BINGO generator so made bingo cards using quotes from the movie. We had a blast. 

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