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  1. diannecp


    This is lovely. I haven't been around in a while but I love the new comments on the side of the post.
  2. i have my idea; will probably start this Friday. looking forward to this theme!
  3. Thanks Carla. That's great to hear and makes a difference for me too.
  4. I bought the big Fiskars rotary bypass self-sharpening cutter with fold-up cutting table. Happy so far. I'm cutting other things besides just paper so I didn't want to run into issues with not being able to cut thicker stuff. Nothing like Fiskars for cutting!
  5. Does anyone have a paper trimmer they're happy with and can recommend? Looking to upgrade from my cheap Darice (which has stood me in good stead but I need something a little more durable, bigger (if possible), with a few more bells and whistles! Cutting more than card stock and paper these days. Also looking for something to square up large uneven sheets of paper prior to cutting - would be ideal if i could use the same trimmer to aid in that.
  6. anyone else having a Groundhog Day party tomorrow? GHD is one of my favorite days, among other reasons, because my dad worked outside on the phone lines when I was a kid. he got so excited about GHD and the possibility of a sooner spring. that sticks w/me today. Having friends over tomorrow night just for fun. 

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    2. MariJ


      Oh that is SO cool and must have been a lot of fun!  It’s so cold and yucky here it’s nice to have a fun activity!

    3. lorac


      22 hours ago, BetC said:

      I love celebrating Groundhog Day by watching the classic "Groundhog Day" movie. I never get tired of it - my DH, not so much.

      I love that movie.

    4. CRS


      Sounds like a fun time! Such a cool idea, too.

  7. I did this years ago but thanks for the reminder. I need to make some as a gift for a friend.
  8. I agree, good job and very cool to watch your page evolve before our eyes.
  9. wow, a wealth of interesting information here, ladies! A-M, you are the bees knees when it comes to researching answers for folks.
  10. I'm in, for what it's worth, and hopefully I don't have the printing issues I've had in the past so mine will actually be hybrid. When's the "mail-by" date?
  11. Your girls are growing up! Lovely pages and photos, Carla. Well done!
  12. I have not baked 70 gingerbread houses - or one, for that matter, but I have made 16 nut rolls in one day!
  13. I would enjoy learning more about selection tools and masks as well. Also I've never figured out a reason to use the blur, dodge, burn, etc. tools (and how they differ from layer styles of the same name). Also actions. Actions scare me!
  14. my car wouldn't start today so i decided to just have a quiet NYE at home. ordered Chinese delivery and oops - ate the fortune cookie - fortune and all! :o

    1. alsoarty


      My car wont start either. Evelyn, bless her 3 year old heart, played with the inside light, i did not realize it was left on. 2 days. Dead battery.

    2. Marie-Christine


      Hope you got your car sorted.
      Happy New Year to you!

    3. MariJ


      So sorry, Dianne - hope it gets working soon.  Happy New Year to you!

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