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  1. is it my imagination or is the font on the forum bigger? :) thanks!

    1. MariJ


      You know something, I think you're right or is it my imagination also?  I thought it was my font when I left a thread post, but it does appear to be larger.

  2. I started with PSP as well. And I loved that Vista Linda collection. And thank goodness for newsletter tutorials, right?!
  3. Gayle, if you go to your profile, on the far right there will be an orange button that says "See My Activity" > click that and down on the left side, you will see Gallery > Images. You could post that link in your signature for future reference, or from there, scroll to see your older images! (You can follow these same steps to see others' galleries!)
  4. Congrats to both of you!
  5. Wow, this is so cool. I've never seen that kind of bird either but then I've never been to S. Africa either. Love the blending and texture here.
  6. Oh wow, so cool to look back on everyone's early layouts and also the kits from years ago. It put me in mind of how I came to ScrapGirls. We were on vacation and he (husband) was sick the entire time. I had brought one of those Stampington magazines with me (Digital Studio) and had pretty much devoured it on the way down. Had nothing else to do but look at the ads LOL and ScrapGirls really intrigued me. I signed up right then and there. Anyways - my first posted layout was this one of my niece (she's 9 now!) I clearly had no idea about using SG elements or masking (it took me hours to extract her from the photo). One of the first kits I bought was KME_Buttercup_Collection. (dang it, could someone tell me how to make the inserted image smaller - i really don't mean to shout!)
  7. This is beautiful, Judy. The green, the great photo, the bokeh texture, the interesting journaling. Well done!
  8. Do you all have that one thing you can never find when you need it? For me it's my bone folder. Never fails. Driving me nuts here today! 

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    2. diannecp


      1 hour ago, MariJ said:

      Oh I hate when that happens.   Believe-it-or-not, I rarely use mine (and probably only once) but I actually know where it is!  Not so with other items I'm searching for.   I'll send mine right over for you to share. :)

      ha, thanks! 

    3. lorac


      I don't know what a 'bone folder' is. Am I missing something?

    4. jhbren


      Oh - I have a bone folder, and know where it is.  Haven't used it in years!

      What I'm always losing is my iPhone.

  9. Ha, this is great! What a fun ATC! I'm not a fan of the real underwater world but i love everything about this!
  10. Ah, this is so lovely! The blending, the masking, the collection you chose . . . perfect! Well done.
  11. i'm having a blast with Syndee's chalkboard styles (working on nephew grad party stuff). so easy and fun to use!

    1. MariJ


      Oh, I can't wait to see what you did!   Great idea with chalkboard for a graduation!

  12. This is really special, Jane. The monochromatic tones, the masking, the leafs around the edges . . . so perfect! Also there's no question you two are related!
  13. note to self: perhaps a layout or something this weekend?

    self to me: um, sure, okay! 

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    2. alsoarty


      I think I got that note to self too. I'll join you.

    3. lorac


      Sounds like me. :clapping_kitty:

    4. MariJ


      Me too, thanks for the giggle!  

  14. Very nice, Mikelle! I do love that color isolation as well - that pop of pink on the B&W is fabulous. Great photos too.
  15. This is so sweet. Love how you grouped them, along with the extracted image, over the subtle background papers. Great job.