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  1. Does anyone have a paper trimmer they're happy with and can recommend? Looking to upgrade from my cheap Darice (which has stood me in good stead but I need something a little more durable, bigger (if possible), with a few more bells and whistles! Cutting more than card stock and paper these days. Also looking for something to square up large uneven sheets of paper prior to cutting - would be ideal if i could  use the same trimmer to aid in that.

  2. I'm trying to figure out some gradient stuff. Found a tutorial on the blog here but  Any suggestions? I included a clip of what I'm trying to do below; I know I need the gradient effect to be more pronounced before I do the wave distortion (which was fun btw). I want it to be more pronounced in the middle and fade towards the edges. Would a gradient map over a fill layer be easier? (Sorry to always come crying here with non-scrap related crap!)





  3. Waah, after 4 days, a good deal of the ink is still rubbing off. I don't want to ruin the gifts so I'm tossing these and bought some paper instead. Apparently all white ink is pigment ink - oops. Next year we may try again with a dye-based ink. Can't complain, the little fiasco only cost me about $10 and now I have all the white ink pads I could ever want! 

  4. 5 minutes ago, AmandaFace said:

    Pigment ink makes cleaner images but takes longer to dry. Do you have any embossing powder? You could use clear (or white) and heat. 

    thought about that but that'd be a huge mess - 15 paper bags (cut and opened to full length), about 50 flakes stamped on each one! i might use the same stamp though and emboss it to make matching tags, that wouldn't be too bag. good practice project. 

    i ended up taking the sheets to the basement and spraying them with fixative. so far no neighbors have complained (basement is huge, i did a few in each area to spread the fumes around). 

    thanks for the ideas and tips LOL! live and learn right (my projects are usually centered around being "frugal" - oops!) 

  5. So my mom and i came up with this brilliant idea to cut up Trader Joe bags, stamp with white snowflakes, and use that to wrap in lieu of boxes this year (think "brown paper packages tied up with string"). Add a cute little SG tag and voila! Only thing is, we now have 10-15 bags stamped and ugh. The ink is smudging. Apparently I should've sprung for the Staz-on ink  pad instead of the Craft Smart that was on sale. What we used is for embossing? So short of spraying them all with a fixative, (already tried a heat tool which didn't seem to help much), how do we keep everyone from getting white chalky paint all over them on Christmas day? Drat. First little bit of creativity I've had in a while and apparently it was a fluke. Ideas welcome. Gratefully, it was only about a $10 investment so far (bags were free, ink was $1 each and the stamps were about $5 each).

    Maybe they'll dry in a couple days? Reading that pigment inks take longer to dry but do they actually dry? 

  6. I have an iPad mini. It was invaluable when I was hospitalized twice in a six-week period a couple years ago. Wonderful for reading (Kindle app), emailing, movies (Amazon Prime app), music (Amazon music), not to mention Pinterest and photo editing app. It's also a great way to share photos with my aunt as they're easier to view on that than my phone. I haven't used it as much lately but I don't travel without it. 

  7. Ok, I'm taking my to the PO this morning (well oops, it's closed today? Veterans' Day I guess). Sheesh, what a battle with this printer thing but I WON!! I apologize for the delay. Hopefully you should see these in a day or two, Carla. I have taken extra care packing them up but my glue runner seems to not be the best. You may have to reaffix a calendar or two. 

  8. 7 hours ago, CRS said:

    No worries, Dianne! And Marilyn I'll let you know when they arrive.

    Thanks Carla. Adding a bit more bling, getting the calendars printed and adding them and whew! Should get them to the PO tomorrow. This will be a record for me for sure. Dang!

    Question though: what can I do to the calendar file to make it not that blah beige color? Having a brain freeze here. 

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