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  1. Thanks Carla. Adding a bit more bling, getting the calendars printed and adding them and whew! Should get them to the PO tomorrow. This will be a record for me for sure. Dang! Question though: what can I do to the calendar file to make it not that blah beige color? Having a brain freeze here.
  2. Ugh. Well, this is what I get for waiting until now on these. My internet & printer have been down all day so mine won't have many digital elements. I'll have to run to FedEx tomorrow to get the little calendars printed. I am so sick and tired of technology not cooperating. I expect to have these in the mail by Thursday; PriorityMail if I have to. I'm sorry for being the holdup (I guess someone has to bring up the rear, right?!) (I don't need holes in mine; I'll just display them on a little easel thing).
  3. i don't get trick or treaters but my Nepali neighbor kids wanted to come by and show off their costumes. all i had to offer them was apples LOL! guess i am "that" lady!

    1. MariJ


      Funny!  We never get a lot, but last night it was only 2 sets of kids totally about 8. :(

  4. What a great tradition! And I really love your title lettering. Great job, Marilyn!
  5. Ah this is lovely! So peaceful and inviting
  6. We were on vacation in Virginia in the spring of 2011 and he was sick (in bed) the entire time so I was forced to amuse myself! I had purchased a Stampington Digital Studio magazine and came across a SG advertisement there. I was really excited to learn more about digital art. Looked it up (thankfully I had my computer with me and downloaded the freebie starter kit and did some tutorials, then later I joined the forum.
  7. Awesome job, Carla and I totally agree about the Club colors! Delicious layout here.
  8. Andrea, this is wonderful! Love how you did the quote on strips of paper.
  9. oooh this is just lovely, Jane! the soft background blending looks so good with the bird.
  10. Very cool and clever layout. It has a bit of surreal appeal Well done!
  11. This is really great . . . especially love how you did the title. Everything works together well.
  12. Wow, great job, Kelly. These personal projects for others are the hardest sometimes, but I think you nailed it here.
  13. I have been awake since, oh 3am, and going since about 4:30am so I missed all the DSD fun. Going to peruse the gallery before I hit a wall. 

    1. MariJ


      Time for Carla's blending chat if you're still awake Dianne! :)

    2. CRS


      I would have hit a wall long before now!

    3. MariJ


      Hope you got a good night's sleep, Dianne! :)

  14. Great way to remember and honor your dad, Valerie!
  15. diannecp

    Pumpkin Tears

    Oh dear, this is just adorable. What a moment to treasure!
  16. This caught my attention right away. Love the messy splash of color beneath the photo as well as the way you masked the lettering! Excellent job here!
  17. diannecp

    Birthday Girl

    Aw, this is really adorable. Love that you captured a bit of her personality in the journaling.
  18. This is stunning! Love the way you laid this out - design on one side and photo on the other.
  19. 8:17 and i've already had a bath (super sore from kettle bell workout the other day when the barre instructor didn't show up :rofl:) and am seriously considering an early bedtime tonight. i'll take a do-over tomorrow please! 

    1. MariJ


      Heehee..  Night night!  :going-to-sleep:

    2. Florida granny

      Florida granny

      Good night. Have sweet dreams!

  20. Yep, I buy things because I love them. Hence the gazillion hoodies in my closet (although they all go w/jeans, so that's easy-peasy!) I keep making rules for myself like, no more purchases until you make a layout from your last purchase. But then b/c I'm the boss, I break that rule without 2nd thought. Like I really want Syndee's new club LOL!
  21. I'll take April if it's still available!
  22. Love the mix of texture and the little embossed frame here. Well done!
  23. Awesome photo, wonderfully scrapped and I just love that quotation.
  24. Jane this is just lovely. I really love the cityscape and all the textured background. Well done.
  25. This is lovely. I love pictures of doors! The texture here is amazing.
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