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  1. Well this is cool on so many levels. What a clever way to showcase your photos from that day. Also, I didn't really experience the eclipse much at all so it was neat to read your firsthand experience. Well done!
  2. Maybe this is backwards but it was such a gorgeous day here, and my friend and I took a hike, and I was determined all day to do something with the pictures (which admittedly aren't very good but they serve to capture the memories). I really had fun discovering some of Susie's beautiful edgers in her last club (Botanicals). McConnell's Mill
  3. Took a drive with a friend today about an hour north of Pittsburgh and hiked at this park which features an old mill.
  4. Supplies in EXIF; somehow my description ended up in a comment below.
  5. Well, thanks to that fickle gal Irma, we're not attempting the beach this week. :o Taking my mom to Bedford Springs Resort instead.

    1. MariJ


      Oh, sorry about that Dianne but hopr the resort is nice and peaceful!

    2. ladyscrapalot


      Have a fun and safe trip!!

  6. Thanks. They were a lot of fun. Didn't make them with anyone in mind but I ended up giving them to a dear friend who just received a difficult diagnosis.
  7. Carla, this grabbed my attention right away. I love the arrangement of photos here - casual and fun. Happy birthday to your baby girl!
  8. This sounds like fun (everything sounds like fun to me - that's part of my problem LOL!) If I understand correctly, for the #Hashtag challenge, just use #scrapgirls in your post on any social media, right? So if I were to post something on Instagram, I might add a comment "This was a fun layout to create. #scrapgirls" I do like hashtags, esp on Instagram, as it's very visual. I'll have to remember to checkout more #scrapgirl posts there!
  9. Sorta hybrid, in that I used a digital brush as a guide for the leaf pattern. This is before I finished touching up the lettering.
  10. i hope you'll post a pic of the finished ones for us all to see, Carla! this has me intrigued; never a fan of the skulls either until i read about them.
  11. This is lovely - love the color combination, the cluster laid over the watercolor splatter, the cup itself. Delightful (and inspirational as I have that collection as well).
  12. :rofl:The fun continues. Moved my aunt two weeks ago (what a blessing, albeit a draining process getting it all together). My mom closes on the sale of her house tomorrow but her new place won't be ready for 3 weeks. She was going to stay with friends but after one night called and asked if she could come here after all (no surprise, my little apt w/40 steps was last on her list!) Talk about being motivated to clean LOL. Hotel P is now open on short notice! 

    1. Jane in N.Z

      Jane in N.Z

      Enjoy your time with your Mum.......those steps sound like serious exercise though

    2. DixieLee


      Hope the time with your mom is a great comfort to both of you. And sounds like your aunt really needed to be moved to a far better place.

    3. CRS


      Good Luck! I've been in a cleaning frenzy, too, but my visitors are only coming for a few days!

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  13. Ah I love this. One of my favorite sayings . . . I have a Life is Good t-shirt with that saying. Love the sentiment blended into the photo as you've done.
  14. Wow, that's a neat looking cat and sweet story! Glad he has settled in with you. Love the way you laid out the pics here.
  15. diannecp

    Hauling Hay

    This is gorgeous, Andrea! Love everything about this one. Brings back memories of the farmer down the road coming up to cut our fields in the summertime.
  16. Well besides my internet being down all evening, I'm on my phone hotspot looking thru the last chance sale stuff and so many items are marked "You already purchased this item." Things I would never buy LOL! Not sure what's up with that but I'm taking it as a sign: I'm done shopping . As my dear dad and I used to say, if there's a good deal today, there's a good deal tomorrow. Time to let it go and use my stash!
  17. Had to ship my work laptop back to CO for some work so I'm out of work M-T. Taking Monday off (yippee) to catch up on some things; helping clean my mom's house Tuesday b4 the walk-through on Weds. 

    1. MariJ


      Good luck with all that Dianne...  Whew...   :)

    2. CRS


      Darn, I bet you are sad you can't work this week! Good luck with the house.

  18. diannecp

    My sunshines

    I always love seeing designers' layouts, Jennifer. This is lovely - so cheery and happy. I'll be picking up this collection for sure.
  19. any Pinterest fans here? what's up with their new home page showing just random pins? i miss seeing friends' pins. {grrr}

    1. SodScrap


      I wondered the same thing.  

    2. ladyscrapalot


      I think it still does it just doesn't show who pinned it. Try checking your notifications and it should show it there. I just checked mine and some of the "random" pins on my home page were one Scrap Girls had recently pinned. 😊

    3. lorac


      I haven't been on Pinterest in a long time. Just went on it and it looked okay to me and I found this great pin:


      Put On Your Hat.jpg

  20. diannecp

    Houston 2013.jpg

    This caught my eye right away. Great artistic effect here - love the balance of your design and the pop of color here and there. Excellent job!
  21. Very cool, Joyce! Love the grouping of photos and the flower embellishments.
  22. Neat take on "back" Dot, and what a nice layout this is. Love the warm colors with her sun-kissed face!
  23. What a fun layout to capture a fun Disney trip! Love the shot of your guy from the back - so clever.
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