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  1. Wow, Jane, this is so interesting . . . and so many cool little details in your layout. Well done!
  2. Oh what a cutie pie! Sweet boy, sweet page.
  3. This challenge immediately put me in mind of the words to an old song I used to listen to: Back Home.
  4. Hate to admit it but I just discovered these background blenders today (thanks Marilyn!); glad I picked them up before they're retired. A couple years ago, I took my dad for a ride in the country where they lived for over 30 years. I guess this is on my mind as my mom is now prepping to move again. There's an old song by Christine Wyrtzen that goes "back home, where the grass is greener" . . . that's how I feel about our life in the "country." (supplies in EXIF).
  5. diannecp

    Express Yourself

    I really like this, Andrea! So clever - everything works together so well.
  6. Wait, there was a meet-up in PA? How'd I miss that one? I did go to the Youngstown one several years back. That was a blast. Hope to repeat someday! I can't remember everyone's name but here's a shot from that weekend.
  7. So I have 3 hours to shop right? Ok here we go. Thanks for the suggestion on the background blenders, those are in my cart. Going to skim through quickly and make my purchases. As if I need more scrapping supplies. But having helped my mom w/a 2nd move in 9 years in which (IMO) she still has way too much stuff, I take pleasure in the fact that most of my "stuff" is limited to books, art supplies and digital supplies (which really don't count until you look at my checking account!!)
  8. Early sale start works for me - I was worried I wouldn't have time to shop this weekend. UPDATED: I came. I saw. I shopped. I downloaded all my loot. Going to bed early now because I'm watching my 10 & 13 yo niece & nephew all weekend while their parents tote the two older ones off to college tomorrow (conveniently, my oldest nephew elected to go to the same school as his sister!)
  9. It's frustrating when these photo companies make it difficult to print your stuff. The Easy, ZOOM, or JIF kit pages in the SG store would probably be a good starting point for you to try sometime in Photoshop Elements. All you really have to do is add photos - probably as easy as Shutterfly!
  10. Oh wow, Carla - that is one neat image there! Years ago my gram painted a mural of a sailboat in harbor on her dining room wall. depending on where you stood, the boat seemed to shift direction - it was the weirdest thing, and totally unintentional on her part.
  11. if i had a nickel for every time i have a printing issue, i'd be a rich woman. reinstalling it here again today. (printer does not play nicely w/Mac). 

    1. MariJ


      Oh, dear I remember when you had trouble before, sorry Dianne, that's so frustrating...  :banghead:

    2. diannecp


      1 hour ago, MariJ said:

      Oh, dear I remember when you had trouble before, sorry Dianne, that's so frustrating...  :banghead:

      You wouldn't believe how long it took me to do that hybrid collage thingy! Who makes you change paper size in 2 different locations? And "filter failed" and "communications error" messages. But I keep coming back for more LOL! :disappearing-smilie:

    3. CRS


      Sounds like a hassle but I'm glad you stick with it. I love to see your creations!

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  12. I'm plodding through Olive Kitteridge for book club. My pick and I hate it! It got such good reviews I bought a hard copy - which I never do! Such a disappointment. Oh well, like I always say (about food), if I'm lucky it won't be the last book! On the flip side - also reading Rising Strong by Brene Brown - highly recommend.
  13. School means nothing to me except all my friends who've been AWOL all summer come rushing back for girl time LOL. A sale sounds super. I have some layouts in mind so perfect timing!
  14. Ugh. Can't sleep. Possibly dreading tomorrow. Regretting the Diet Coke this evening. I'm tagging people in my photos till the Sandman stops by. 

    1. Mikelle


      I hate sleepless nights, especially when I have a busy or important day after.

    2. MariJ


      Hope you finally got to sleep, Dianne!   ZZZZZzzzzzzzzz

  15. I pretty much like my Epson WF 7510, although it does not play nicely with my Mac and requires a lot of coaxing on my part. But it was great w/Windows, and really good on ink, I think.
  16. What a fun page, Shannon! I too like to just use one collection sometimes. Well done.
  17. This is so interesting. What beautiful memories! I've never heard of such a thing as paper flower shops on the beach. You captured the magical essence here so well. Thanks for sharing with us!
  18. This caught my eye right away this morning. I especially love how the colors of the embellishments compliment the carousel horse. Well done.
  19. A 12x12 canvas which I painted a brownish shade then dabbed bits of gold onto it. I inked all cut edges a bit (some more than others). Then used ModPodge to attach the layers one by one (added a few things like the doily, burlap, and twine). One thing I learned doing this: 12x12 digital is a little bit big for a 12x12 canvas. Next time I think I'll resize the file to 11x11 and save as a new file before I print the layers. It was a lot of work but all the cutting was actually relaxing. I really loved doing this digitally first, and very little waste as I was able to print everything onto
  20. oooh this is adorable (and your dog looks a lot like mine - especially when he's waiting for dinner!) lovely layout here.
  21. I had fun putting this together. I think the hands look gawd-awful large but oh well, too late. The glue hadn't quite dried on one part when I took this picture.
  22. I really love paper textures - folds, tears, etc. Also I would love some punched edge papers that would look cool overlaid with another paper. I do tend to buy complete sets with embellishments, etc. but then I rarely use the embellishments. I use a lot of brushes and enjoy making my own papers with brushes as well as ScrapSimple templates.
  23. That's frustrating. I googled the error; it is a known issue (seems to be with both PS and PSE). https://forums.adobe.com/thread/2359766
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