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  1. Redid a layout I had previously done in PSPX2. Determined to finish one layout today! I don't love this one but I like it better (need to build up my stash a bit!)

    © &copy dianne polome 2011

  2. aw, that is great. and how cool for them to be that close!
  3. fun chat today. determined to get ONE LO done today - LOL!

  4. just browsing the tutorial gallery. this is awesome. just awesome. thanks for sharing your process and the tutorials used here. i've been wanting to do text on a path for a while; now i see there's a template for that? i love it all!
  5. diannecp

    June 2010

    this is adorable. gotta love a kid with a dandelion! i love what you did with the Buttercup collection - I'm enjoying that one very much! I
  6. diannecp

    May 2011

    Supplies in EXIF.but I used KME_Buttercup_Collection and CED_Bamboozled_Emb_ribbon-brown

    © &copy dianne polome 2011

  7. diannecp


    this is lovely. i too like the texture on the photo. what a sweet layout.
  8. diannecp

    Happy Mother's Day

    Front: Mom, you color my world Inside: In beautiful and unexpected ways! Didn't get this done in time to print and mail for Mother's Day (my mom just left for FL for a month) so this will be via e-delivery for Sunday and a belated hard copy! Typically I am a do-it-yourselfer (and much never gets done because of that fact). I had fun using elements from the Bamboozled Collection (supplies in EXIF); the colors are right up my mom's alley. This was quick and easy and I finished something!

    © &copy dianne polome 2011

  9. downloading. unzipping. ideating. ;)

  10. diannecp


    This is just stunning and I love the journaling too!
  11. diannecp

    Every New Day

    this is a great idea, to redo some early layouts. thanks for the inspiration. i think we're always needing to push the reset button on our goals but what a good way to keep them before us, embraced in beauty as you have done! thanks for sharing . . . and good luck with your goals. (there is just something about sharing goals with others too!)
  12. tomorrow will be day 3 rising before 5am to drive my husband downtown, since he hurt his knee (too long of a walk from the trolley station). running on empty here. would rather be "scapping" but turning in early instead. :(

    1. Paula Wright

      Paula Wright

      What a good wife you are! Hope you can all get some rest soon.

    2. AggieB


      That is so nice of you! I hope his knee heals quickly.

  13. Very sweet! Your friends will be happy to receive something like this. Love the colors you used - bright indeed!
  14. diannecp


    Very cool. I agree, the B&W is an eye-catcher! Great job.
  15. very lovely! i love butterlies. I like the lace embellishment you have behind this as well. great job!
  16. great use of color and awesome photo - her little hands seem to be reaching out of the picture!
  17. this is so pretty & bright & clean!! great job!
  18. would someone pls. explain why the best ideas show up at 10pm when i have to get up at 5am? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    1. tiza126


      that's when mine appear too!!

    2. Cabalistic


      me too i need to keep a notebook by my bed if i had room!


    3. lorac


      I've tried that and tried to read what I wrote the next morning. Didn't have my glasses on when I wrote the idea down.

  19. diannecp

    Scout's Honor

    supplies used in EXIF (can anyone tell that KME_Buttercup is my current favorite ---- I mean my only ---- collection!!) Journaling: Corey, you made our Cook’s Forest trip especially memorable! You were always off by yourself on the trails, exploring ahead of us. Remember the night you wouldn’t let anyone else sleep, so Aunt Di had to take matters in her own hands and I made you stand by me for about 20 minutes. Funny, not a peep out of you after that! Thankfully you forgot all about it in the am! You were so hard to photograph but every so often I cought one of your beautiful smiles! Lo

    © &copy dianne polome 2011

  20. diannecp

    Erin Go Bragh

    i really like this. simple and clean! love the photo format. this makes me want to visit ireland again.
  21. diannecp

    Sketch Chat

    I love this page and what a fun family idea! Looks to me like you all won!
  22. ooh i love this. thought it was lavender at first but whatever it is, is lovely. and i love the stained glass effect of the frame. great quote too! it's all so peaceful.
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