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    I'm not suffering from insanity - I'm enjoying every moment of it!
  1. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!! May you all be blessed with good health and happiness

    1. ladyscrapalot


      Merry Christmas, Jan!

    2. lorac


      Merry Christmas to you and yours this Christmas Season.

    3. AggieB


      To you and yours, too, Jan!


  2. scrappyjan

    Do You Think Mom Will Find Us Here?

    How cute, and what a clever layout
  3. scrappyjan

    Great Grandfather P.

    Wow, this is lovely
  4. scrappyjan


    Haha, loving this!
  5. scrappyjan

    Hello Y'all Vivarant Has Arrived!

    Great to meet you Veronica. Loving your designs
  6. scrappyjan

    A Long, Long Time Ago...

    Welcome back, good to meet you. Sounds like a great idea for a mini album
  7. Feeling a bit sorry for myself today. Had surgery on both eyes yesterday and look as if I'm made up for Halloween! Got two absolute shiners developing

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    2. ladyscrapalot


      praying for a speedy recovery! Hugs!!

    3. lorac


      Hope you feel better real soon. I agree with Jane, a great scrapping page in the making. Take care.

    4. CRS


      It may not look pretty right now, but just think how well you'll see once the bruising fades!

  8. scrappyjan

    London Town Page 2

    Great page Carol!
  9. scrappyjan

    I think I can Fly

    Love this page!
  10. scrappyjan

    Weekend challenge_leaving La Ciotat

    Beautiful page, fantastic photo!
  11. scrappyjan

    Yippee, I'm Back!

    I've been missing in action for some time now so I thought I'd better pop my head in here to say hello and introduce myself to those of you who have joined ScrapGirls while I've been AWOL. What started out as a simple repair to our house ended up with us virtually rebuilding the whole thing, yikes! But I finally have a workroom and PC again, and am back into designing. My first kit will be in the store this week. I've really missed you guys and am looking forward to catching up on what's going on with you all