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  1. So beautiful, Amy!!! These pics are beyond adorable.
  2. Such a sweet page, April! Addy is cute as can be. I love the pop of glitter and the grunge border. Thank you! xx
  3. Such a lovely page! I love how you blended the photo into the paper. Perfection. Thanks, Dady
  4. Such a fabulous page! I love the photo, such a great shot. I really like the scene you created with your lovely clusters.
  5. I just adore this page. The photos are perfect and love the blended paper. Thank you so much, Dady!
  6. I'm crazy about this page. I adore this photo...and loving your cluster. Just perfection.
  7. I love this photo so much! You and your sisters are too adorable. Your cluster is so beautiful and the blending looks awesome.
  8. I am loving Ginny's ScrapSimple Club! There are so many wonderful goodies in it.

    1. GinnyW


      Thanks Cindy!

  9. Hooray Anne-Marie!!! What did you end up picking?
  10. Oh wow, so many pretties! And yeah, loving those papers.
  11. Such a gorgeous page. Cecilia was a beauty then and now...Happy early birthday to her.
  12. I adore this page and this kit! So beautiful and vibrant! Love it!
  13. This is so lovely and what beautiful yard you have.
  14. Such a cutie! I love the wood and the colors are beautiful.
  15. I'm at a loss on what to do for my next summer collection...any ideas?

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    2. cyndals


      On July 11, 2017 at 3:56 AM, MariJ said:

      Ok!  Now I really need a modern pool collection! ;)


      Oh sorry, had the request for the vintage pool. And she was very detailed. I did do another beach kit as well :) 

    3. cyndals


      On July 12, 2017 at 0:10 AM, cyndals said:

      Working on this now, Westina :)

      I made one just for you, Westina. It's in the boutique called Lazy Hazy Dayz :)

    4. MariJ


      Can't wait to see another pool kid and I love the Lazy Hazy one (& it's name!)