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  1. I'm sorry I forgot some important details. I'm using Elements 14. I have already tried your suggestion, but the check mark is there. Normally, all of the tools are shown in two columns side by side, but now, they are listed in one column such that you can't see the ones at the bottom. My tool bar has View tools, Select tools, Enhance tools, Draw tools, but the Modify tools are missing. If I could get the tool bar into two columns, like it should be, I would probably have all of my tools.
  2. When I tried to use the crop tool, I noticed that my tool bar was no longer showing in two columns like it normally does. It was only one long column, and I couldn't see the tools I needed. This happened to me a few months ago, and I somehow fixed it. But I don't remember what the fix was, and I've been all over the internet searching in vain for help. I already tried resetting the tool bar, but that didn't do it. Also, I was able to get the crop tool but using the "c" key, but then I didn't have the four crop options that I used to have. Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks for any help you can provide. jmadden