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  1. SeeWhatSueSaw

    Visiting Santa

    Susie Roberts: December 2018 ScrapSimple Club - Letters to Santa This club is available as a set of 5 kits from 12/15/18 to 1/14/19. Kits Included: ScrapSimple Brush Set: Letters to Santa Postmarks Super Biggie; Letters to Santa Nano Collection; ScrapSimple Embellishments Templates: Stamp Photo Masks; ScrapSimple Paper Templates: Letters to Santa Overlays; ScrapSimple Paper Templates: Snowflake Overlays

    © Sue Maravelas

  2. SeeWhatSueSaw

    Today Is Beautiful

    Gorgeous! I love the quilted paper and the overall design.
  3. SeeWhatSueSaw


    CarolW Designs: ScrapSimple Digital Layout Templates: Surprise Day Butterfly Design: Value Pack: Tender Summer

    © Sue Maravelas

  4. SeeWhatSueSaw

    Santa - Who is He?

    CarolW Designs: ScrapSimple Digital Layout Templates: Surprise Day Brandy Murry: Value Pack: Cottage Christmas

    © Sue Maravelas

  5. SeeWhatSueSaw

    Weekend Wildcard Challenge Dec 8th

    On the same day of this challenge, 12/8/18, frost turned the trees and foliage in our area into an icy fairyland, so “Walking in a Winter Wonderland” seemed to fit perfectly.
  6. SeeWhatSueSaw

    12/8/18 Weekend Wildcard Challenge

    I chose the title of the song "Walking in a Winter Wonderland" for this page because the frost coating the trees and vegetation on this morning created that feeling. Journaling: Once every year or two there is a special winter morning when a coating of frost covers the trees and vegetation for a few hours, creating an icy fairyland. When we saw this phenomenon in December, 2018, Harry quickly grabbed these photos before the frost disappeared. 12/8/18 CarolW Designs: ScrapSimple Digital Layout Templates: Happy Day Florju Designs: Winter Wish Collection Florju Designs: ScrapSimple Embellishment Templates: Joy of Winter Clippings Masks

    © Sue Maravelas

  7. SeeWhatSueSaw

    Walking With Daddy

    CarolW Designs: ScrapSimple Digital Layout Templates: Gray Space Aimee Harrison: Morning Java Collection

    © Sue Maravelas

  8. SeeWhatSueSaw

    Memory of a Moment

    DRB Designs: Memory of a Moment Collection Mini Photo by Rebekah Dugan Photography Quote: Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. August 2011 - newly engaged John and Kristine

    © Sue Maravelas

  9. SeeWhatSueSaw

    Meeting Santa

    Cheré Kaye: Cranberry Christmas Collection Mini Five-month-old Elliott seemed a little worried when he met Santa for the first time. 11/24/18

    © Sue Maravelas

  10. SeeWhatSueSaw

    Big Eyes for a Christmas Surprise

    Ginny Whitcomb: Yuletide Collection Biggie The present was almost bigger than one-year-old Eden!

    © Sue Maravelas

  11. SeeWhatSueSaw


    This is gorgeous! Your textures and colors have enhanced this lovely photo.
  12. SeeWhatSueSaw

    Tuesday Challenge - December 4, 2018

    Here is my page, Two Christmas Celebrations.
  13. SeeWhatSueSaw

    Weekend Challenge 1st December

    Here is my page, Winter Storm. By the way, it was very overcast, too. I think I win in the "worst weather on 12/1" sweepstakes.
  14. SeeWhatSueSaw

    12/1/18 Weekend Wildcard - Weather

    Snow, blowing snow, and freezing temperatures made driving difficult. Only two inches of snow fell that day in our area, but it was enough to make roads very slippery. Some places received eight or more inches, and statewide there were hundreds of accidents. After my hubby confirmed that driving was bad, I decided to stay inside. Amanda Fraijo-Tobin: Glitzy Blue Collection Mini Amanda Fraijo-Tobin: Everyday Glitters Neutrals 6401 Biggie PU Stock clipart of blowing cloud and house

    © Sue Maravelas

  15. SeeWhatSueSaw

    Two Christmas Celebrations

    Thanks for your kind comments! I am the one on the right in the smaller photo, and the one on the left in the larger photo.I added the names in the layout after your question.