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  1. SeeWhatSueSaw


    What a cool effect you achieved with your photo by leaving only the bubbles in color! The sequins floating off the photo is a nice touch. I really like your title, too.
  2. SeeWhatSueSaw


    Deb, this was easier than it looks. Usually I just extract the bits of the picture that I want to come "out-of-bounds", add a shadow to the extraction, then flatten/simplify the extraction layer. There will usually be strange lines caused by the shadow on the extraction, so I add a layer mask and gently remove those funny lines by painting black on the layer mask with a soft brush at low opacity. For this page, I actually extracted the whole frame plus his hands to get a more dramatic effect. Here is a link to an article I wrote on the OOB or out-of-bounds technique. https://scrapgirls.com/archives/out-of-bounds-technique-in-photoshop-elements
  3. SeeWhatSueSaw


    Carol W Designs: ScrapSimple Digital Layout Templates: See Autumn Florju Designs: Spring Collection Biggie Photo by Lake 11 Photography of MN Journaling: What 2-year-old is going to sit still for photos? I think giving A.J. a big white frame to hold worked great for these professional shots. These photos are worthy to be framed.

    © Sue Maravelas

  4. SeeWhatSueSaw

    Sailors' Safeguard

    Jennifer Ziegler: ScrapSimple Brush Set: Seaside Sonnets Jennifer Ziegler: ScrapSimple Digital Layout Templates: Summer Skies Jennifer Ziegler: ScrapSimple Embellishment Templates: Summer Seas Jennifer Ziegler: ScrapSimple Paper Templates: Summer Shores Jennifer Ziegler: ScrapSimple Paper Templates: Summer Skies Florju Designs: Summer Time Collection Biggie Brandy Murry: Coastal Collection Biggie (sand)

    © Sue Maravelas

  5. SeeWhatSueSaw

    Tuesday Newsletter Challenge, August 14th

    Here is my page, Just Hatched.
  6. SeeWhatSueSaw

    Just Hatched

    I blended lots of papers to make the background as well as the mat for the bird and photo on the right. Florju Designs: Amazing Collection

    © Sue Maravelas

  7. SeeWhatSueSaw

    The Light Shines in the Darkness

    Wonderful art journal page! I especially like the way you wrote the Bible verse with different fonts, orientations and colors.
  8. SeeWhatSueSaw

    Pierce the Darkness

    Amanda’s Digital Studio: Pierce the Darkness Faith-spiration© Collection stock photo of lightning

    © Sue Maravelas

  9. SeeWhatSueSaw

    Happy 2nd Birthday, A.J.

    DRB Designs: Birthday Party Collection Mini

    © Sue Maravelas

  10. SeeWhatSueSaw

    Cozy Cottage

    Carol W Designs: ScrapSimple Digital Layout Templates: Unique Scenery Florju Designs: Amazing Collection Journaling: This cozy little cottage was near David and Rheanne’s wedding reception hall. It wasn’t big enough for them to stand in, but it worked great as a photo background.

    © Sue Maravelas

  11. SeeWhatSueSaw

    Let Your Light Shine

    Amanda’s Digital Studio: Pierce the Darkness Faith-spiration© Collection

    © Sue Maravelas

  12. SeeWhatSueSaw

    Lovebirds in a Tree

    Graphia Bella: A Real Friendship Collection David and Rheanne love climbing trees. On one of their first dates, they climbed a tree and ate lunch. They posed in a tree for some of their engagement photos. Here they are on their honeymoon in Lima, Peru, up another tree. (May 2016)

    © Sue Maravelas

  13. SeeWhatSueSaw

    July Challenge Chase

    Here is my Week 4 submission to the 7/28 Weekend Wildcard Challenge, Sleep Like a Baby.
  14. SeeWhatSueSaw

    7/28/18 Weekend Wildcard Challenge

    Here is my page, Sleep Like a Baby.
  15. Ginny Whitcomb: All About Baby Boy Collection Biggie Brandy Murry: ScrapSimple Paper Templates: Lighting Effects 2 Biggie

    © Sue Maravelas