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  1. SeeWhatSueSaw

    Erinn and Paul

    I love this page! The dangling photos and tag with the blended photos, journaling tags and background journaling make this a treasured memory page!
  2. SeeWhatSueSaw


    A lovely page with a very creative design. I really like the slanted paper. I may have to scraplift this!
  3. SeeWhatSueSaw


    This is a stunning page with a striking photo and creative design!
  4. SeeWhatSueSaw

    Love this

    Lovely! I like all the small embellishments. They add so much! Your blending is gorgeous, too.
  5. SeeWhatSueSaw

    Much More Me With You

    DRB Designs: Much More Me Collection Mini

    © Sue Maravelas

  6. SeeWhatSueSaw


    Seeing Grandma’s peonies blooming in my sister’s garden brought back fond memories. Photos: peonies - July 2015; Alma Link - 1969 CarolW Designs: Peony Collection CarolW Designs: ScrapSimple Digital Layout Templates: Eternal Memory (modified)

    © Sue Maravelas

  7. SeeWhatSueSaw

    Little Sunflower

    CarolW Designs: Sunflower Collection CarolW Designs: Sunflower Stamps Eden (1) loved being tossed into the air by her mom, Sara.

    © Sue Maravelas

  8. SeeWhatSueSaw

    My Happy Place

    DRB Designs: My Happy Place Collection Mini

    © Sue Maravelas

  9. SeeWhatSueSaw

    June ATC 2 - J

    Lovely layout for this fabulous photo! I really like the motion of the photo with the large brightly-colored stamped title. Lovely blending, too!
  10. SeeWhatSueSaw


    Wonderful memory page! I really like the blending of your photo and background, the large title and all the tools.
  11. SeeWhatSueSaw

    Super Dad

    Sekada Designs: Value Pack: Dad’s Fish Angie Briggs: ScrapSimple Embellishment Templates: Freestyle 3 Dad loved fishing, and he taught his three girls how to fish, too. When fishing with us, he patiently baited our hooks, untangled lines, helped land fish and took fish off hooks all while running the trolling motor and trying to fish himself. He was really doing more than just showing us how to fish. He was demonstrating the humble service of a fantastic father. Photo: son-in-law Bill, grandson Billy (1), and Dad (1986)

    © Sue Maravelas

  12. SeeWhatSueSaw

    The New Mr. and Mrs.

    DRB Designs: Happy Memories Collection

    © Sue Maravelas

  13. SeeWhatSueSaw


    CarolW Designs: Profundity Collection CarolW Designs: Profundity Stamps

    © Sue Maravelas

  14. SeeWhatSueSaw

    Tea for Two

    Eden loved going to the bakery to pick out special treats. Designs by Helly: Tea Party Collection

    © Sue Maravelas

  15. SeeWhatSueSaw

    World Tour LO 8 - Love-Leaves

    Lovely photo beautifully scrapped!