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  1. Here is my page, The Two Shall Become One, showing my son and daughter-in-law when they were each about one and on their wedding day. My, how time flies!
  2. Butterfly Dsigns: Value Pack: Song from a Secret Garden Butterfly Dsigns: Open Doors Photomasks Scraplifted from Carol W Designs: ScrapSimple Digital Layout Templates: Enjoy Spring Wedding photo by Zahler Photography

    © Sue Maravelas

  3. Amada Fraijo-Tobin: Value Pack: School Basics I really like the color palette of Value Pack: School Basics. The teal pops against the black, white and beige, working beautifully for all sorts of layouts, not just school photos. Would you have guessed I used a school-themed kit for this layout?

    © Sue Maravelas

  4. Tami Miller Designs: September 2021 Scrap Girls Club Individual Materials Used: A Mess of Happiness Collection Biggie; A Mess of Happiness Collection Mini; A Mess of Happiness Paper Mini; A Mess of Happiness Neutral Papers; A Mess of Happiness Masks; A Mess of Happiness Stitches

    © Sue Maravelas

  5. SeeWhatSueSaw

    Birthday Bash

    Chere Kay Designs: Portions of Sept 2021 ScrapSimple Club - Fabulous Finishers used: ScrapSimple Fabulous Finishers: Banner Templates; ScrapSimple Fabulous Finishers: Brush Strokes; ScrapSimple Fabulous Finishers: Paper Patterns; ScrapSimple Fabulous Finishers: Paper Textures; ScrapSimple Fabulous Finishers: Ribbons; ScrapSimple Fabulous Finishers: Tape; Fabulous Finishers Collection Mini Journaling: A.J. had a tyrannosaurus rex piñata and two race-themed cakes for his 5th birthday party. 6/20/21

    © Sue Maravelas

  6. Designs by Helly: Far Away from Here Collection Photo from Pixabay This kit plums the depth of grief. When I was grieving for my parents, I understood a portion of this type of pain. To me, the flower garden with the sparkly tree in the bottom left depicts that in the midst of deep pain, there is a light of hope that joy will follow. One may need to search for it, but in Christ that hope is always there.

    © Sue Maravelas

  7. Here is my layout, Sparkle Day at Glen Avon Falls.
  8. CarolW Designs: Value Pack: Romantic

    © Sue Maravelas

  9. SeeWhatSueSaw

    Autumn day

    Delightful photo and lovely page! I like the combination of colors and patterns.
  10. SeeWhatSueSaw

    Golden Days

    Carol W Designs: Value Pack: Dancing with Leaves

    © Sue Maravelas

  11. Ginny Whitcomb: Value Pack: Positive Thoughts Ginny Whitcomb: This is Love Embellishment Mini: Stacked Photos These lovely materials will be retired after 8/31/21 as Ginny Whitcomb is closing her store. I will really miss her gorgeous designs.

    © Sue Maravelas

  12. Fun page! Especially like your journaling. I felt like I was peering over your shoulder as you took the Mars Factory tour. You found some fabulous photos to go with your page, too!
  13. Here is my page, Emma - 6 hours old.
  14. Ginny Whitcomb: Moment in Time Collection Scrap Girls August 2021 Sketch Challenge Image Photo by Stephi Jean Photography; used by permission

    © Sue Maravelas

  15. Ginny Whitcomb: Fairy Garden Collection Ginny Whitcomb: Moment in Time Collection (clock) One of my favorite things to do when hiking up on the north shore of Lake Superior is to take photos of all the gorgeous wildflowers. Here are a few photos from one special trip.

    © Sue Maravelas

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