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    Dragging files from photo bin

    It used to do that Teresa before this version, but it doesn't do that anymore. You have to highlight the layer you want it to land on top of in the layers palette, but there is also something else you have to do (I am sure I read that somewhere!). I just don't remember what it is. I am pretty sure you have to hold a key down or something. Thanks!
  2. I am using PSE 14 but haven't been scrapping much lately. I know I read somewhere that there is something you can do when dragging something from the photo bin onto your layout to get the object you are dragging to land on top of the layer that you want it to land on. I have tried holding down both the shift key and the ctrl key, and even both of them together while dragging, but nothing works. I always have to go to the layers palette to get the dragged object on top of where I want it to be. Can someone refresh my memory! Thanks