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  1. Thanks for the reply. I discovered that the text start point was off to the left side of the bracket, rather than at the top. A little confusing, but finally got it to work.
  2. I am having a problem editing the text. If I highlight all and delete, I am not able to type text. If I just start typing, the instructional text just moves forward - my typed text does not replace. Very frustrating. I know there must be a way to delete the instructional text, but I can't figure it out.
  3. I started using my desktop as a calendar. It's the one place I'm sure look first thing in the morning!
  4. I have done this simple technique a million, well okay, hundreds of times. Now it just isn't working. Making gradient on new layer, clipping photo, but photo doesn't change. What am I missing here?
  5. Thanks for your reply. I fully understand things going wonky for no apparent reason, which seems to be what I'm dealing with. These actions have worked since I first loaded them into PSE 13 years ago. This is what I have done: Closed and reopened photoshop. Nothing. Restarted computer. Nothing. Uninstalled actions. Reinstalled from file on computer. Nothing. Uninstalled actions. Reinstalled from file on external drive. Nothing. In desperation, even uninstalled trial version of PSE 15. Don't know what else to do. Really frustrated because these are literally my most used, go to, actions.
  6. I am using BMU_SSActions_MegaLift Square and Rectangle in PSE13 on Windows 10. When I run the action I get message that the command Fill is not available. I click okay, action finishes, and shadow has been made, but photo has been skewed completely off of shadow. This is one of my go to actions and this problem is new and VERY frustrating.
  7. i discovered, via a font search site, that the swirly "h" is a glyph of Bickham Script Pro regular. This (Glyphs) is something I have never heard of, but evidently most fonts have them. Anybody familiar with this? Available in PSE13? Guess I'll do an internet search for more info. Verrrry interesting.
  8. I am using a word art from KSC_Charm of Christmas. Pretty sure it came from here. Very old. Wondering if anyone knows what font was used. I know the "appy" is Bickham Script Pro Regular but the flourished "h" is not.
  9. Joey


    Charming! Love it. What collection did the table come from? Have often wondered if there wasn't one somewhere.
  10. I have opened a paper. Clicked and dragged onto new document 11x8.5. Instead of bounding box being outside of new document, the paper does not even fill page. This is first time I have seen this happen. What happened?
  11. Thank you for the replies. I had a house full this holiday weekend so I'm just now getting back to my computer. I open File>New and get the Preset flyout. I never use Clipboard, but that is the most freguent default that shows up. I choose Custom and enter specs, but I see no way to save this info in the preset flyout. The 11 x 8.5 size might show up if I make more pages at the same time. If I close the program and come back later, it is going to open in a different preset (mostly clipboard) and I have to start all over. Not a real problem, but certainly a nuisance.
  12. I always scrap in 11 x 8.5. Is there a way to preset this size in the new document window so that I will see it when I open flyout?
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    Just some layouts to share
  14. Joey

    She's a star

    Such sweetness.
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    What an absolute cutie! Beautiful page.
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