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  1. Thanks for the warm welcome!!
  2. This is just beautiful and very artsy ~ the background looks like a watercolor painting.
  3. Thank you ALL for the warm welcome back!! I'm really happy to be back and can't wait to get re-acquainted with all of you!! Thanks for all the suggestions, too.
  4. I hung around for awhile when I was first trying to learn how to scrapbook digitally. You were all so helpful and encouraging. I kind of flip/flopped between digi and paper, but now I'm pretty much only doing digital layouts. I did a paper layout the other day just to see if I still could. LOL I got involved in Project 12 last year but we used sketches (not the traditional pocket pages). I liked the Project 12 sketches so well, that I've been delving into the Project Life/Project 12 pocket pages this year. I LOVE using the templates with the stitching, because they look real. I'm having some issues (of my own making) and I know this isn't the place to bring these up, but I thought it was time for me to come back to Scrap Girls and learn how to do the "good stuff". There are some techniques that I really want to learn how to use. I think I've got the basics down fairly well but I went to get beyond the basics. I've remained a member here, so that I get all of the newsletters, tutorials, etc. and I still purchase a lot of digi supplies here. I'm looking forward to moving up and onward and honing my digital skills to the level I'm shooting for. Is there a specific area where I could ask some questions about using the digital sketches with the stitching on them. I'm having trouble "fitting" some of my pictures in some of those pockets. I KNOW there's probably a really easy was to make the picture fit the pocket, but sometimes it just doesn't look like. Nice to be here again and I'll think I stay awhile and see if I can learn some of these more advanced techniques that I've been wanting to learn.