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  1. Thanks,Anne-Marie!
  2. Thank you so much! I looked briefly and haven't had time to try it.
  3. What a beautiful and unique page! I know what you mean about thinking you needed to add something more. I face that dilemma constantly. But your page is perfect!
  4. Fabulous page!! The photographs are amazing and I love your background!
  5. What a great photograph!
  6. SO cute! He's really intently looking at something.
  7. LOVE this! Great photo and I love the background.
  8. I haven't figured out to embed a link yet, but my layout is in the gallery.
  9. I took this picture of my grandson on this ride in November, 2016. We were afraid he'd be scared, but he loved it! I was looking for a picture for this challenge and found this one. I thought it would be perfect for "Up".

    © CherylNDesigns

  10. This is adorable! Dogs sure can get cozy. Perfect for this challenge.
  11. I really love how you've combined PL with a journal.
  12. Awwwwwww, this is so sweet of your dog. Great layout.
  13. This is just wonderful!! LOVE these sweet pictures.
  14. That's the same feeling whenever I go NY or any big city. Wonderful photograph and layout!
  15. One more picture of Downtown Ft. Myers.

    © CherylNDesigns