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  1. Happy Birthday To You!

    Happy Birthday Dear msscrappyr...............

    Happy Birthday To You!

  2. So cute. Thanks for sharing. Love it.
  3. Hi there! Welcome to ScrapGirls. I saw your post in the Monday Challenge gallery. Of course you can join in. Our challenges here at ScrapGirls are open to everyone regardless of how long you've been here or been scrapping. Jump in and have fun!

  4. Is this a challenge for beginners? I would love to try and see what I can do. LOL. I may get 7 items just because I clicked too many times. But at least I have a place to start. If I am in the wrong place, can someone please direct me to the newbie corner. thanks.
  5. Hi - I tried digi scrapping years ago and just had too much trouble but now there are so many tutorials available that I decided to try again. I remembered SG from before and felt I needed to come back and try it again since my goof the first time. Hope I can meet some new friends too.

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