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  1. I understand what you mean Anne-Marie - so maybe I should reconsider too Can I FIRSTLY ask how heavy is Huckleberry's Travel Bag please ?? I can then find out how much it will cost... but it should be alright within Australia - if there is someone else on the list from Australia, I can post him too ?? ?? Would this be a possibility then for you Anne-Marie ??
  2. I just missed J... Kelly
  3. hammer
  4. Quintin
  5. I'm able to get back on to Scrap Girls - logging in I still have difficulty with but I'm here now - SO, is Huckleberry safe and well and is he still TRAVELLING ?? I asked months ago if he could come to Australia and then I was to send him on to A-M - WHERE IS HE ??
  6. I'm able to get back to Scrap Girls - is Huckleberry safe and well and is he still TRAVELLING ??
  7. Trying to contact Angie about a computer crash last year - had NO replies :( Stil having difficulty with my account here too :(

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    2. SodScrap


      Angie to the rescue!!

    3. angleigh


      I did just try to email you at the only email address we have on file for you and it bounced back as undeliverable.

    4. LauraYB


      Yep! Angie to the rescue!!

  8. Hey, Jemima, Happy Birthday! Hope it was a great one.

  9. Thanks so much April _ I have already emailed Angie and awaiting her reply... Thanks Jody for those times - but if they start midnight Saturday - I'll be asleep after all my computer issues still - and the last chat being Noon my Sunday - I'll be at church and lunch all day...
  10. It looks as though I can't participate in these challenges as I've LOST ALL MY SG KITS when my EHD's CRASHED
  11. Thanks so much Jody but that's a too hard of a job to add 16 hrs. LOL... But with a rough calculation - I might be here MY Monday - early morning... as we go out on a Sunday to church and that's the time here I think ! Plus can I use NON SG KITS as I'VE LOST MINE ??!!?? (SEE MSG in the Newsletter Challenge (LOST DATA) with Carla!)
  12. Carla I've replied to your very scary layout - reminding me to Back Up which I did as soon as I got my new computer and photos etc. off the old laptop that they were able to save But since last year I have LOST 3 EHD's - I'm still trying to find them since we moved... I've got one that I Lost 2 weeks ago in a bad lightning storm which struck the house next door Plus in that strike I lost the computer and equipment!! **My question now is - can I use NON Scrap Girls Kits - as I LOST ALL MY SG KITS I only have this one - "Scrap Girls - Pocket Life - Jan Ransley - Scrap Simple Digital Layout Album Templates" - which I could use for the background etc. - please let me know ASAP - and if I can I will be able to Scrap It tomorrow before the DUE date on Saturday 1st. **Plus I used to have PSE7 on my old computer and LOST all my programs I will be using Photoshop CC that I have on trial. *SAD HUGS* Jemima
  13. Oh Dear! That looks so scary - I know the feeling though after loosing 3 EHD and my computer 2 wks ago
  14. A-M - can you tell me time conversion please as you are in Australia too ??
  15. Since I my email crashed I just found out about the 10th Anniversary at SG - is it all finished now ? Am I too late ??

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    2. Debbie Cleek

      Debbie Cleek

      Not even close to missing it! We still have a week and a half of fun planned!

    3. alsoarty

      alsoarty's still going on :)


    4. jode2771


      Lots still happening Jemima, check out the post AM suggested, sign up for SG10 and complete 10 layouts before the deadline to be in the running for great prizes! Lots going on the next 2 Saturdays (EST)... as for CC is it Photoshop not Elements if that helps - Adobe are doing a lease type arrangement now with their software, you no longer buy it, you just pay for the right to use it, it is still installed on your computer and works offline but you must pay the instalments... Post this is...