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  1. This looks yummy! It makes me hungry, lol! Thanks so much for showing off the Mexican Collection.
  2. Figment


    This was a great photo for this collection! Thanks so much for showing it off!
  3. Love it! Great photo to use with this collection. Thanks so much for showing off the Mexican Collection!
  4. great list! # 9 Star Wars?! I guess you won't be buying my newest kit I'm working on then, lol! I was thrilled to watch the very first one in the theatre on a date with my hubby, then boyfriend. So exciting! I also like mixing my food together, but not all the time. We called them Prakkies, when we mixed up our food. My favourite was Dutch meatballs in gravy, potatoes and boiled cabbage. I love your cluster. So pretty.
  5. Great photo to use in your stunning layout!
  6. Oh, that's pretty! Almost like seed packages. Gorgeous photos!
  7. I love Animal Crossing! I play almost every day, if I get up early enough! I love the simplicity of this layout.
  8. What a great idea! I usually make my iced tea a jug at a time, but with much less sugar, lol. I'd have to figure out my own ratio I guess, and hope for the best. Your card is so pretty, especially since you used your Gran's handwriting.
  9. I love that you used the actual recipe card for this. I love the background too.
  10. Great layout with great blending! I especially love how you framed the group of birds. And a great cluster too. Thanks for showing off the templates!
  11. What a fun store! I love the papers you used, and the "shop" sign. Thanks for showing off the templates!
  12. Love your arrows and different papers you used. I still like the older templates, it's perfect with your photos!
  13. I love what you did with the title, and the string weaving through. You've created such a peaceful scene. Thanks for showing off the template!
  14. We camped often with our kids when they were young, but I can't imagine hiking in! We did camp on crown (public) land once, but we were still able to drive up to the site. Thanks so much for showing off the templates! I love your layout!
  15. Figment


    Your journaling really explains your layout and sentiments so well. I can feel the excitement you have to go "home". Thanks so much for showing off the templates!
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