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  1. Figment

    Sneak Peek 01/25

    Here's mine:
  2. Figment

    Project Life October 2018 right

    The bags were made out of duct tape. I’m sad I didn’t get a photo. Though I still have them, I could take a picture. Basically we covered a clear plastic bag with strips of duct tape, then cut along the traced shape. After that, you tape the sides and tops and add handles. Very fun. Like sewing with tape.
  3. Figment

    Nov 2018 Recipe Swap - Holiday: Green Bean Bake JP

    Oh this sounds so good! This is when it's tough to be dairy free! Jane, if you look up "crispy fried onions", you'll get lots of recipes to choose from. It's basically like onion rings, but slices instead of rings.
  4. Figment

    Project Life October 2018 right

    Thanks Andrea! It's one of my very favourite places to "take my camera for a walk"!
  5. Figment

    Project Life October 2018 right

    Journalling: Darlene and I went to Orillia on Tuesday the 16th for a fundraising lunch that the Royal legion was putting on. For $6 you get a bowl of soup, a sandwich and dessert. After discovering that we had to be on Mississaga Rd E not west, we found it. Located right on the water; such a gorgeous location. We also went to Michael’s while in Orillia. But Darlene was shopped out and didn’t want to go to any other stores. Just as well, we barely made it back in time for “duct tape bags” at the resort. It turned out to be quite fun. I made a red white and black bag. The next week I made one for my water bottle. The rest of the 2 weeks I spent cross stitching, going for walks, watching movies and puzzling. Ken and I went to see Candy and Ray on our last weekend. ScrapSimple Digital Layout Album Templates: 8.5x22 Scrap It Monthly 4 Series 3 ScrapSimple Calendar Templates: Scrap It Monthly 3 - Perpetual Value Pack: Finally Fall
  6. Figment

    Project Life October 2018 Left

    Ken wasn’t able to get the week off, just the Saturdays and Sundays. We asked Darlene if she’d like some time away and she agreed. After Apple fest we met at her place and loaded up her car. We joked on the way we’d likely get the top floor and have to drag all this stuff up those stairs. The colours on the drive up were gorgeous! And of course we got the top floor. Not that funny. Since we were in a studio, I precooked most of our meals and froze them. Our first meal I had planned to go out. We ended up at Crazy Horse. Best burger I’ve had in a long time. ScrapSimple Digital Layout Album Templates: 8.5x22 Scrap It Monthly 4 Series 3 ScrapSimple Calendar Templates: Scrap It Monthly 3 - Perpetual Value Pack: Finally Fall
  7. Figment


    Beautiful photos. I love the flowers and the deer photo. Thanks for showing of the Scrap It Monthly brush set!
  8. Figment

    November 2018 Desktop

    Diane, thanks, I do try to get those photos! As for ambitious, it seems that's all the scrapbooking I'm getting done, lol. Jane, it was very sad! We knew we couldn't keep her when my hubby took a job in a retirement home that required us to live on the premises. Both our kids said they would take her, but she's not a good breed to have with little kids, and she's getting too old to have patience with them. She's gone to a place with 3 adult women who are spoiling her, so she's happy. Probably confused, but happy.
  9. Figment


    Great fall photos. I love the sun shining through the trees, and the fall colours. Thanks for showing off the Scrap It Monthly Brushes.
  10. Figment


    This layout really stands out. I love the "letters" you've used; they are very graphically inspiring. It's fun to see how you interpret the prompts each week.
  11. Figment

    Project Life, Week 45, 2018

    Lots of scary stuff! I enjoy reading about your weeks.
  12. Figment

    November 2018 Desktop

    I spent some quality alone time up north for almost 2 weeks in October. I didn't get as many grandkid photos as usual. We had to re-home our little dog Pepper. She went to a friend's, so I will be able to see her occasionally. Our granddaughter is finally getting some hair. (bottom left) ScrapSimple Digital Layout Album Templates: Scrap It Monthly 4 Series 3 Value Pack: Finally Fall ScrapSimple Calendar Templates: Scrap It Monthly 3 - Perpetual

    © Marlene Peacock

  13. Figment


    Eventful week indeed! I love the consistency in your weekly layouts.
  14. Figment

    Nov Proj Life 2

    I would love to cook in a kitchen like that, but sure wouldn't want to clean it! I'm very messy when I cook, ha ha. I was just going to ask what font you used, but see you added that to your list. It's a nice handwriting font. I like the dotted circle behind the cup. Looks like a saucer. :)
  15. Figment

    Sneak Peek 11/16

    I've got 3 things coming out this week, the final sets of Scrap It Monthly 4.