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  1. Figment


    I love the photos! Even the dog is happy to be at the beach. Thanks for showing off the Scrap It Monthly 8 templates and the Warm Christmas Collection!
  2. Great layout Laura! Love your photos.
  3. I love the texture on the photo, quite stunning! Nicely done.
  4. Oh, that looks so good! Love your title and the brush work you did. Thanks for showing off the ScrapSimple Club Cookery!
  5. Yum! Sounds delicious. I love getting dairy free recipes. Not sure what paleo mayo is, but I'm sure I can use my own. Hubby might even like the cauliflower done this way!
  6. Here's one I make often. Ken likes it so much I have to remind him it's meant to serve 6, not 2! Leftovers keep well, if you have any left. Mexi Ground Beef and Rice.
  7. We have this often, at least once a month. I've changed the original to suit our tastes a little. Ken doesn't like olives, so I traded them for corn which he does like, and red instead of green peppers. We like it so much, we eat far too much of it, lol. I used: Global Gourmet Mexican Collection Biggie Recipe Card: August 2022 ScrapSimple Club bonus
  8. Sounds delicious! I love that I don't have to make a substitution for any dairy.
  9. Thanks for Cookery - love the kitchen theme & it'll get me in gear to make recipe cards of my kids favorite recipes!

    1. Boatlady


      Agree, it is a great collection.

    2. GraceJ


      Beautiful collection

    3. Figment


      Thanks! It was fun to design.

  10. I love the title you did. And now I'm hungry, lol, that looks so good. Thanks for showing off the ScrapSimple club Cookery!
  11. Figment

    Recipe Cards-001

    Sounds really yummy! Thanks for showing off the Cookery ScrapSimple Club.
  12. Figment

    Hash Brown Quiche

    Great job on this layout Celestine. The recipe sounds delicious!
  13. That face! What a cutie. She sure looks like she's enjoying that. Thanks for showing off the Cookery ScrapSimple Club!
  14. I hope you all enjoy the new ScrapSimple Club "Cookery"

    It brings two of my favourite things together, cooking and scrapbooking!

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    2. Mikelle


      I love the coffee and tea cups!  This is a perfect collection for this time of year, with all of the holiday cooking and baking coming up.  Awesome recipe card templates, too, thank you!

    3. Figment



    4. Boatlady


      Great collection Marlene. I am sure it will come in handy when making food pages in the future. Thank you.

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