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  1. This is really pretty! Love the photos, in a repeating circle square layout. Your cluster is lovely too! Thanks for using a paper from the Picnic collection!
  2. What a great page! Love how all the ATC's fit together. I'm sure this makes for a more interesting collection. Thanks for using the "Slightly Shabby" Word Art!
  3. This is just an awesome layout! It certainly evokes a sense of joy. Thanks for using a paper from the Picnic Collection Mini. (I know you love those blue papers!) Whatever challenge this was, you ended up with a great layout.
  4. Love that photo of the 4 of you, too. I'm so happy to see how you are using the Scrap It Monthly Templates!
  5. Great photos! Thanks for showing off the Scrap It Monthly Templates!
  6. I like the way you scrapped this recipe! Thanks for using the Gourmet Kitchen Collection!
  7. What a sweety! I love the papers you've chosen, they go so well with the photos. Great cake! Did he get to smash it?
  8. Why thank you, lol!
  9. Love the cluster, and the netting makes the paper look completely different!
  10. Love this! I like the framing on the photos, and the masking and blending. Well done.
  11. What a crazy pumpkin! Thanks for showing off the "Happily" papers!
  12. I just love this layout! It makes me want to go for a walk in the woods. I love the double mask, and the simpleness of the layout. (by no means less complicated, just really focusing on that great photo)
  13. This sounds good, nice and easy too. I make something similar, but with mushroom soup and egg noodles. We call it 'glop', lol. Thanks for using the Picnic Collection Mini! That background paper is really pretty.
  14. I like the outlines on your photos. Nuage looks very curious! Thanks for showing off the Scrap It Monthly templates!
  15. This is so cute. Love the OOB on the fish! It looks so big, lol! It's almost as big as the man in background, haha. Love your choice of paper, and the sun is eye catching.