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  1. Love the chickens Adrienne!
  2. Figment


    What a fun project! I like your cluster.
  3. Congratulations on your 63rd anniversary! I love how you modified the template, well done! Your dinner looks so yummy! Nice to see so many veggies.
  4. I love the blending. What a neat place to visit.
  5. Such a cool effect! I love the title.
  6. Lovely photo and quote! I like the blending too.
  7. I would love this, hubby, not so much. It looks yummy! Thanks for showing off the recipe cards!
  8. Oh, this sounds so yummy! Too bad I'm dairy free. Maybe I could sub with nut milk. Your photo makes it look delicious! Thanks for showing off the recipe cards.
  9. I love pasta! Here's my recipe for One Pot Pasta
  10. Figment

    One Pot Pasta

    The original recipe from Knorr uses fresh cherry tomatoes, onion and garlic. I revised it to be a pantry meal. I must say I was pleasantly surprised at how good it turned out! Especially with a little Parmesan on top.
  11. Figment

    One Pot Pasta

    I've been helping my daughter and her sister in law with a fun and inspiring project. They call it the Picket Fence Pantry. Over the summer they put together a bunch of pantry meals; everything you need to make a meal from pantry stable ingredients, minus some things most people have on hand, salt and pepper, cooking oil... They were hung on the picket fence, so people could take what they need at a Covid safe distance. It was very well received in the neighbourhood where my daughter's SIL lives. They also provided hygiene products. The philosophy is "take what you need, donate what you

    © Marlene Peacock

  12. Figment

    Sept 1st

    I like how you framed your photo. All those swirls are eye-catching!
  13. So sweet! You did a great job with this precious photo.
  14. Figment


    Oh my, this sounds so yummy! I've never seen cream of shrimp soup. I love the colours you've used. Flipping the background paper is very effective.
  15. Figment

    August Recipe Swap

    Sounds so delicious! I might have to figure out a way to make it dairy free, lol. I love the colours you've used. Thanks for showing off the Recipe cards!
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