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  1. Love these layouts you're doing! The prompts are adding such a unique view of the little things.
  2. I love looking at these cuties all month long. Having a calendar on the desktop is handy too. This month we celebrated my Dad's 90th birthday and my parents 60th anniversary! What a milestone and blessing. We had an open house for them on Saturday the 5th and coffee fellowship after church on the 6th. Mom wanted to have a family praise team singing in church, and that did occur: Mom, her brother and my brother singing and my daughter on guitar and singing, my Sister in Law on piano, and my Son in law on base guitar. ScrapSimple Digital Layout Templates: 8.5x22 Scrap It Monthly 4 Series 1 ScrapSimple Calendar Templates: Scrap It Monthly 3 - Perpetual Scrap It Monthly Collection Biggie
  3. Such sweet photos! I love the journalling too. Great background for your story.
  4. I love your photos. Our tulips are still barely poking through! Thanks for showing off my products!
  5. I love the way the paper and embellishment cluster frames your photo, with another cluster to provide balance to the page! Thanks so much!!
  6. I love this page! All the embellishments around that one cute photo, is a great way to put the focus on those little cuties! Thanks so much for showing of the Scrap It Monthly Collection Biggie!
  7. We went to "the Pier" in St. Petersburg on one of our trips to Florida, and I was fascinated with that really interesting building. I think someone told us what it was, and I really wanted to see it. However, we had trouble just getting our friends to sight see the Pier, let alone a museum, ha ha. This is a lovely page focusing on that really interesting staircase. The simplicity of your page and all the white space focuses on the beautiful lines in the photos.
  8. These prompts are sure inspiring some great pages!
  9. Thanks Diane! They are cute! The tall handsome young man on the right is our "grandfriend". He adopted us as extra grandparents when I baby sat him from 18 months old. Up til a couple of years ago, he would still come over for visits. He's much too busy being a teenager and young adult now! We're so proud of him! He's taking police foundations, with the intent to become a cop eventually. The lenses are fun to play with, the only thing is they don't focus automatically, (at least I haven't figured that out if they do), so you have move the camera in and out til you get your subject in focus. It also comes with a remote shutter release, which I sometimes put in my hubby's hand and say "now!" Ha ha!
  10. April's Desktop. I typically don't have any journalling on these. We babysat again, this time we also had our little "grandfriend" over. Her Mom and Dad were a week or two away from having her little sister, and they wanted an evening out. This includes a photo from our February visit to my brother's'; our little niece, eating rice for the first time. How cute! ScrapSimple Digital Layout Templates: 8.5x22 Scrap It Monthly 4 Series 1 Cottage Reflections Solid Paper ScrapSimple Calendar Templates: Scrap It Monthly 3 - Perpetual
  11. I did do a March desktop earlier, for a product, which was much less personal. I decided I needed to add my own photos. Journalling: I got some lenses for my new iPhone for my birthday We babysat one night: “more read!” Yo was playing with the telephoto and fish eye lenses Brad did his Profession of Faith on Palm Sunday ScrapSimple Digital Layout Templates: 8.5x22 Scrap It Monthly 4 Series 1 ScrapSimple Calendar Templates: Scrap It Monthly 3 - Perpetual ScrapSimple Styles: Scrap It Monthly Two Super Biggie Take a Hike Paper Mini
  12. Cool! I find it interesting to track my steps too, but I seldom get over 5000. My hubby on the other hand consistently gets over 20,000 steps. He's the evening and weekend maintenance guy at the retirement community where we now live (because of his job). I love that your captured those moments in time and your journalling is fun to read!
  13. I love reading your journalling about the prompts. Very interesting how a simple word can inspire great layouts. I love it; and I really admire your consistency in your layouts for this project!
  14. I took that bubble photo at the indoor playground. It does make for an interesting look, eh?
  15. Here's the February Desktop. I make them for my computer, iPhone and iPad. (and Facebook, if I remember to upload a new image, lol) I also add our family's birthdays to the calendar. It's a fun way to keep track of important events. ScrapSimple Calendar Templates: Scrap It Monthly 3 - Perpetual Happily Paper ScrapSimple Digital Layout Album Templates 8.5x22 Scrap It Monthly 3 Series 1