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  1. Figment

    Project Life 2020 Week 1

    Lovely page, I love reading your journalling. I really like that you added numbers to correspond with your journalling. Thanks so much for showing off the Scrap It Monthly templates!
  2. Figment

    Sneak Peek 1/3

    here are mine:
  3. Figment

    Sneak Peek 12/27

    Here's mine, ready for project life!
  4. Figment

    Project Life, Week 43, 2019

    I love the photo of you mom holding her book. It is such a comfort to have those memories, I'm sure. Thanks for using the Scrap It Monthly calendars!
  5. Figment

    PL 2019 Week 15

    Wow, that must have been scary. I agree that you did a great job documenting week 15. Thanks for showing off the Scrap It Monthly Two Templates!
  6. Figment

    December 2019 Desktop

    The desktop image I did for December. I did a photo walk just after an ice storm and snowfall. I did a watercolour effect on one of the images, which is the background. Our 2 youngest grandsons love to be together. It's so cute! (bottom photo) Our annual Christmas get together was quite difficult without my Dad. It's been a tough year. I used: SSDLAT: Scrap It Monthly 5 Series 3 ScrapSimple Calendar Templates: Scrap It Monthly 3 - Perpetual Pear Tree Collection

    © Marlene Peacock

  7. Figment


    This is so sweet! I love the photo, and you did a great job showing off the Pear Tree Collection!
  8. Figment

    Dec 14 WW Challenge Christmas Colors

    Fabulous! I love the title. Thanks for showing off “Country Christmas”!
  9. Figment

    Stamp ATC-5-Andrea

    This is so pretty! Thanks for showing off “Pear Tree”
  10. Figment


    You did a great job with this layout! Your photo is fantastic! Thanks so much for showing off the Pear Tree Collection!
  11. Figment

    2019 Cookie Swap Mom’s Pecan Pie Bars

    What a lovely tribute! Such a sweet card. These sound really yummy. Thanks for sharing this recipe.
  12. This is definitely "tried and true". I've made these as long as I can remember. They've always been a family favourite. Thin, crispy, buttery and yummy. I used: Value Pack: Country Christmas

    © Marlene Peacock

  13. Figment

    Sneak Peek 12/20

    That's a great concept! love it Angie. Here's mine:
  14. Figment


    Such cute photos! I love the blended photo!
  15. Figment

    NF NY 2013

    I usually see the falls from the Canadian side. Either way, it sure is beautiful with the lights. I have yet to see the lights this year. I love the paper stack!