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  1. Happy Independence Day my American friends!

    I plan to watch the movie Independence Day again, does anyone else do that?

    1. MariJ


      Thanks Marlene.   Actually I've never watched it, oops! :)

    2. cyndals


      Thanks, Marlene! :)

  2. Wow! Love those bright colours, the love birds and pencils!
  3. Love the big photo, and the blending! Great quote too.
  4. Love this layout! The photo is fantastic. Love the movement in the layout.
  5. You're welcome Gayle!
  6. Thanks Cheri! These were so fun to make!
  7. You're welcome Diane! We're off to a pool party/BBQ. Should be good fun!
  8. Congratulations! The letters I had in mind were based on "Canada, Eh?" So the winning letters are A,C,D,E,H, and N. The winners are: ScrapGran, Jane in N.Z. Florida Granny Lady Scrap a lot I will email you with the coupon code!
  9. I will announce the winners in about 15 minutes. Not all the letters have been used yet! You may still win.
  10. This one is great! I love the Word Art and all the fish.
  11. Congratulations Diane! You'll have to stop in to tell what you chose!
  12. I've been to Montreal, but a really long time ago! It was part of our grade 8 class trip to Ottawa! And my Dad had a working trip where we tagged along when I was in high school. Still long ago! I remember old world charm mixed with ultra modern, and fantastic food.
  13. Wow Diane, we could have had a meet up in London!! Let me know the next time you go, we'll have to get together again!
  14. London is a gorgeous city! My brother lives there, so we've been there quite often. There are trees and parks throughout the city and so many beautiful trails. A walkers paradise! As many do, he went to university there, and loved it so much, he stayed. I expect I'll be going soon, as I'm going to be an aunt again real soon. My niece will be younger than my grandkids!
  15. Back when my parents had a souvenir business, I did the artwork for this city. Another place I've never been to. Too far west!