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  1. Here is a screenshot of my current grief. The layers are not editable in photoshop elements 9
  2. Is it too late to ask for those screenshots? I just got home from helping out with a new grandbaby, but I can get you some screenshots tomorrow. Fantastic! Take your time and enjoy that new grandbaby! Congratulations
  3. Is it too late to ask for those screenshots?
  4. I'm still learning. Now I know I need to pay attention to the type of files I get.
  5. Well, I was able to get it to work by using a combination of the techniques you gals gave Leave it to me to find a more difficult way to do things. I've been so frustrated with this, I'm pretty sure I can now curse in 8 languages.
  6. Thank you for the replies and help. I still haven't figured it out yet, but I'm sure I'm the problem here. I do better watching someone explain things than I am comprehending it in print. I'll keep you posted.
  7. Hi All, I'm using PSE 10 and was able to use the clipping mask earlier with no problem. Now when I use a template, such as a Christmas photo frame, when I hit CTL + G to clip the photo to the file, the photo becomes the frame. I've added a screenshot showing what is going on. Any ideas what I've inadvertently done to my program to mess up my settings? Any help would be greatly appreciated.