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  1. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day today!

  2. Oh, I see the battle of the left vs the right. I like how you put the little head inside the birdcage - so much symbolism there. And on the right, the bird is free and flowers are blooming and your beautiful painting of Bermuda is completed and on display. Yay! I really like how you illustrated the battle and that you and your Artistic Freedom won out in the end!
  3. Very punk layout, Jody! Love the colors and the jacket pins. It reminds me of high school (in a good way!) I like how you put the journaling this way and that on bits of torn paper. Really cool art journal page!
  4. Smoky

    Aug 29 Sat Color Chall

    I love freebie plants, and I love your page! Wonderful sunflower extraction, and that Bowling Shoes font is too cute. Such a cheerful layout!
  5. Smoky

    RIP Pirate

    What a sweet photo of little Pirate. I hope you are coping okay. It is such a hard thing to go through! We lost our 16 and 17 year old dogs 3 months apart in 2012. So hard. Time will help heal the pain. I can look at photos of mine now without crying, but I still miss them terribly. Wishing you well. Hugs!
  6. Scrapperbess! Good to see you back! Hope you've been doing well.

    1. scrapperbess


      I am doing well! Thanks for thinking of me. It has been a while since I felt like scrapping. But, I had got the bug again!

  7. Oh, cool! I want to be a Junior Ranger, too! What great patterns and embellishments you've used here. Love the wood background and the alpha. The stamp frames work really well in this themed page. What I really like is the window over the birch tree paper from Naturalist's Journal! Neat idea!
  8. Smoky

    One Fine Da 600

    What an adorable photo! Love the purple background and how it matches Ava's sweater. Also love the colorful paper mats and strips. The banner is a great accent. Really cute layout!
  9. Gorgeous colors in this page! I really like your embellishment cluster of greenery and jewels. Great title and alpha. Wonderfully exotic layout!
  10. Love seeing all your purple friends, including Huck! Beautiful lavender background and flower. Wonderful arrangement of everything and great title fonts. Really lovely page!
  11. Yep, looks like early spring to me! I love all the purple in this page accenting her colorful outfit. The heart frame and spring title are very sweet and whimsical. Like the color swatch tucked in on the lower right. Super cute page!
  12. What an incredible photo! How lucky that there was a camera on hand to catch that amazing moment! That certainly does look like "blazing joy" in her face. You really don't need much to embellish a layout like this - the photo and journaling are the stars here. The frame is gorgeous though, and I love the composition of this page. Wonderful!
  13. Smoky

    05apr14 Sat Colour chlg

    Such a great boy's page! Very rugged, masculine. The danger and caution signs are so appropriate, LOL. I really like how "Life is an Adventure" increases in size down the page. The striped washi tape is perfect for this theme. Very cool LO!
  14. Smoky

    Orchid Show

    Love those beautiful orchid photos! I envy you getting to attend the orchid show. A family friend of ours has a greenhouse full of them. He takes them to shows all the time. I love how you made the layout using styles - turned out beautifully! Also love those butterflies and the way you turned the title sideways. Really lovely page!
  15. Smoky


    That really is a spectacular sunset! The curled photo looks so realistic. The colors you used for the matting look wonderful. Love the simple greenery embellishment. Such a striking page!
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