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  1. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day today!

  2. Catching up! Layout #1, Task #4 - title added with one font and one alpha Layout #1, Task #5 - 5 sentences of journaling added
  3. It was a fun chat! Thanks for remembering me!
  4. Oh, I see the battle of the left vs the right. I like how you put the little head inside the birdcage - so much symbolism there. And on the right, the bird is free and flowers are blooming and your beautiful painting of Bermuda is completed and on display. Yay! I really like how you illustrated the battle and that you and your Artistic Freedom won out in the end!
  5. Very punk layout, Jody! Love the colors and the jacket pins. It reminds me of high school (in a good way!) I like how you put the journaling this way and that on bits of torn paper. Really cool art journal page!
  6. Layout #1, Task #3 - 9 elements added, some of them duplicated, triplicated, and quadruplicated. (I looked the last one up, it is a real word!)
  7. Layout #1, Task #2 - 3 photos added.
  8. I love freebie plants, and I love your page! Wonderful sunflower extraction, and that Bowling Shoes font is too cute. Such a cheerful layout!
  9. I haven't done any scrapping in months, but I'm going to give this one a try. I'm feeling a bit rusty!
  10. Task #9 - Christmas 2013 Odd # of papers - 3 SNU_MerryMint_Paper_RetroDiamonds.jpg SNU_MerryMint_Paper_Holly.jpg SNU_MerryMint_Paper_Stripes.jpg CTH_SSAlbum_ChristmasPresentSpecial.psd - template SNU_MerryMint_Emb-GiftBowRed.png – bow ABL_Christmastide_Emb_Tree.png – tree CTH_AltXmas_Emb_Snowflake.png – snowflake SG_PrintableXmasTags.jpg – gift tag BMU_CottageChristmas_WrappingString-2.png – string KME_CandyCoated_Emb_Special_Joy.png – present PWR_AMerrySeason_Emb_Special.png – star ABR_AltXmas_WA_Santa.png – wordart