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  1. Hi Ladies! Just sent mine in, found all 23 - great help with the stars (thanks) May all of you have a very safe and Merry Christmas! Blessings to All!
  2. OK found them.. just sent in my email... fun times once again... Thanks ladies for doing this for us Merry Christmas!!!
  3. Nope, we did this instead. No more doom at Christmas. No more Tree of Doom I always stated that was not the "best of names" for such a great game - so I am now on the hunt for this wreath of hope and all the fun, great ideas and items I'll see in doing so. Thanks and Merry Christmas! CC
  4. Thanks and congrats to Joyce too! to all just have fun with this - I always loved it because it is just the two of us and before he retired he always was the one to work - so the tree game and me we have spent many hours together with carols playing in the background and now he is off But I still play the game because it is addictive and fun... I did get a cold so I am off to rest again... Bye and Merry Christmas Everyone!
  5. " so there ISN'T a paper by Kerry Veale and there IS one from Ginny Whitcomb!" April all is well... no worries it is just a great fun game and besides we all make mistakes... and it's Christmas so "all is well" Just sent in my answers and here's wishing all is OK with them. Merry Christmas Everyone! off to rest think am getting a cold CC
  6. I believe I found all but one red paper - my dear husband is now off for Christmas so I may stop at this - well then again I do love a mystery! Have a Great Christmas Everyone!