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  1. Sammimee was late to teethe and even later to eat. Thankfully, she's now 11 months old and eating well, much better than her big sister at the same age, but this is still worth documenting. Supplies in EXIF, thanx for looking. =)
  2. The cutest toothless grin... looks a bit like how they draw happy smiles in cartoons... Supplies in EXIF, thanx for looking. =)
  3. This is my favourite photo of her so far... she was 8 months old then and learning to crawl around. Supplies in EXIF, thanx for looking. =)
  4. My baby girl has this really amusing habit of falling asleep in the bath. You can be wiping her eyes with wet cotton balls or vigorously shampooing and rinsing her hair, and she can still doze off. If only she slept that well at night! =P Supplies in EXIF, thanx for looking!
  5. Wow this is so beautiful! i LOVE the horse-shaped mask!
  6. So beautiful!!!
  7. She's very friendly and smiley when we're out and about, so our friends almost never get to see this side of her. When i posted the photo to my facebook, everyone was so surprised and amused. The smiley baby can scream??? Supplies in EXIF, thanx for looking. =)
  8. She's a night owl, just like me! Supplies in EXIF, thanx for looking. =)
  9. i've started work on my baby daughter's birthday album, with the intention of turning the layouts into a slideshow for her first birthday party in June. Just sharing the joy, and many thanks to the lovely ladies here who prayed for me and shared your heart with me as i struggled with this unexpected pregnancy. You know who you are. *hugzhugz* Supplies in EXIF, thanx for looking. =)
  10. The companion page to my Shutterbug layout. These are some of the better photos that i think i can actually post online... the world through the eyes and lens of an almost-8-year-old. Supplies in EXIF, thanx for looking. =)