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  1. What a fun day. Love the ladies running on the bottom! Too funny and so cool. Great page.
  2. I enjoyed following your path to the heart of healing. So well done! Love your soft blend of colors and your song guiding your way.
  3. I really like the happy colors and and movement on the page. Your Callan figure is awesome leaving and arriving..he's pretty happy too! I would be torn too having my little guy off and away!
  4. Pretty, activating colors. Yes, the movement is there. And what a great place to be moving around in and exploring! Great background blending and Fun page.
  5. What a busy and fun day for you! I like how you used part of your page to show the water travel and the other for the land arrival.
  6. Really like the little hearts symbolizing the love of the peaceful time and place you enjoyed. Such pretty soft colors and I enjoyed reading your journaling.
  7. This is really fun. I really like the newspaper background and the Today sketch font. The bright colors really make it!
  8. Here's my AJ page. After out chat I went out for a walk. The morning was so pretty, bright and still. There was not a ripple on the water of the lake. I took lots of photos. Worked with the photo a bit to create a painted/dreamy type effect. Supplies used BMU_Different Strokes Paper DEB_Altered Art Paper MRE_UpUpUp Emb
  9. Love how you've mixed the grunge and sweet, the dark and sparkly, rough and soft texture. Really like the purple gradient on the text and the sparkly scripted text with heart Great page and I hope this January is a pleasant surprise for you.
  10. Love your winged heart and the light surrounding it flying towards the new day. I also really love the rainbow coming from behind the clouds. The raindrop paper, dots and lines forming the texture on your page are really wonderful. I keep going back to see more. Great page!
  11. This is really lovely Betty. I like how you lead us from the glasses onward how Jody points out. Love it.
  12. What a fun page. Love the sunburst and how you added the type and photos to the rays.
  13. The Mona Lisa is such a great addition and I agree that she looks happier on your page than in that painting! I like your use of the "L" alphas in your quote and the pretty stamps and butterflies. Such a beautiful page.
  14. Love the gold heart and the soft mix of pinks. So pretty.
  15. Love your sweet scene and it does remind me of the beautiful spring morning. I really like your text placement and the framed stitching.
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