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  1. I just love this collection by Syndee Under the Sea. So I created this week's grid to fit the collection.
  2. Here is my layout At The Seaside
  3. I was inspired by the water and the weather in the image. Maybe the colours a bit too. Coastal Collection The Cold Sea Collection Sea Voices Collection
  4. Today I thought we could use an image to inspire our layouts. Take a look at this image I found on google, I thought this should have something for everyone and it's a bit different. You may use anything from this image to inspiration. When you have finished your layout post it in the Tuesday Challenge Gallery. make sure you tell us what your inspiration was.
  5. We've got animals for you this week.
  6. Wow! Some amazing layouts last week. Here is this week's bingo grid. Remember it doesn't have to be a wedding layout, unless you want to. Although some lines will lead more to wedding layouts than others.
  7. I have created a layout to start everyone off. My Layout
  8. I did the second row; three papers, four flowers, three photos, a style and a layout template. Grace Collection Fancy Vellum Style Art Mix Template by Syndee
  9. Hi everyone, how can it be August already? Anyway, for this month's theme I thought we would do something a little different. I have an image for you. Use this image to inspire you in anyway you wish. If you have never created an ATC, these instructions may be helpful: ATC Instructions You may create as many cards as you would like, just please remember to sign and date each card. Upload them to the Artist Trading Cards - Digital & Hybrid Gallery then email the full resolution copy (750 x 1050 pixels at 300 ppi) to me at Your cards are due to me by 31st August 2017.
  10. Here is our first Bingo Grid "Summer". Remember; You can create as many layouts as you wish, but only the first two count towards the prize draw Make sure you use all five items in any bingo winning line Make sure you add the bingo grid name to your title or description If you have any questions please ask.
  11. Here is my layout
  12. A photo Lauren sent me yesterday. The numbers - I am counting the date for this one Red - There is a little bit of red paint on the doiley Metal - the tags Round - the doiley #bestfriends Collection #bestfriends Messy Accents
  13. August! How did that happen? As it was Matty's birthday yesterday, I thought our challenge should be based around him. I want you to include the following on your layout; the numbers 1 and 7 (for his age) the colour red (his favourite) something metal (for his favourite type of music) Something round (His favourite food is pizza) When you are finished post your layout to the Weekly Newsletter Challenge Gallery.
  14. I have just sent out July's cards. Let me know if you don't get them. If you haven't sent me your card, you can still and I will add them to the rest.
  15. I will be back a little later with this week's bingo grid.