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  1. ValerieT

    Weekend Challenge 18th January

    I really liked the layout of this board, with the papers behind the photos. So that's what I used as my inspiration. I wanted to use the colours as well but I couldn't find anything in my stash that I thought worked with my photos. Free Spirit
  2. ValerieT

    Weekend Challenge 18 Jan_600

    Lauren being a bit crazy on our holiday last year. Wild Heart Collection Biggie
  3. ValerieT

    Weekend Challenge 18th January

    I thought we could have a mood board to inspire us today. Take a look at this mood board I have found and let it inspire you. This mood board really caught my eye. Your inspiration can be anything, from the colours to the layout. Have fun. When you have finished upload your layout to the Weekend Challenge Gallery.
  4. ValerieT

    Jumpstart January 2020

    We will continue with the layout on Monday with Debby.
  5. ValerieT

    Jumpstart January 2020

    Task Four; 4th Jan SPEEDBUMP Create and use a new siggy. Or you can create an ATC with your name or username. How To Create A Custom Signature How To Add A Custom Image To Your Forum Signature
  6. ValerieT

    Jumpstart January 2020

    Task Three; 3rd Jan Add three papers to your layout.
  7. ValerieT

    Jumpstart January 2020

    Photos down loaded, now to pick a few for a layout.
  8. ValerieT

    Jumpstart January 2020

    Task Two; 2nd Jan Start a new layout in your preferred size and add an odd number of photos that you have taken in the last month.
  9. ValerieT

    Project Life 2020

    I really want to try and finish this year. I always start off well then something happens (usually Ben) and I loose all focus and enthusiasm. I know that feeling, with two at uni (Lauren in her final year), Ben turning 18 in 2020 and Kiahna starting secondary school as well this year. I suddenly feel really old.
  10. ValerieT


    Here is the last tracking for Project2019. Well done to everyone. Keep your eye on the forum to see who has won the final gift certificates.
  11. ValerieT

    Jumpstart January 2020

    Here is our first task. Task One; 1st JanDid you take a lot of photos over Christmas? Have you downloaded them to your computer? Take some time today to make sure you have downloaded all the photos from your digital devices. Not just your camera, don't forget your phone and tablet. You may also want to contact friends and family for copies of their photos.
  12. It's time to kick off the new year, and new decade, with some fun and a focus on scrapbooking! Join us on the Scrap Girls Forum for "Jumpstart January!" This game and challenge focuses on taking time to scrapbook regularly despite the little "speed-bumps" of life. When the month is over you'll have completed several layouts and been treated to some fun along the way. Some tasks will require message board participation or gallery posting. check each days task for that day's requirements. Upload your layouts to the Hodge Podge Gallery. For every layout and task you complete you will gain one entry into the prize draw. At the end of the month I will draw two winners who will receive a $10 Gift Certificate each. You have until 11:59pm ET on January 31st 2020 to complete the tasks and post your layouts to the Hodge Podge Gallery. There are no daily time limits. After each task you can post your progress in this thread if you wish. PLEASE NOTE; THIS IS NOT A REQUIREMENT. Here is how; Make sure you save your layout as a PSD/layered file first. Save your layout as a .JPEG at 72ppi with a size of 4 x 4 inches (288 x 288 pixels) this is smaller than you would normally save for the web. Follow the first part of this tutorial How To Post Images In The Forum to post your "progress" in the game thread.
  13. ValerieT

    Weekend Challenge 7th December

    As I have no photos of the outside of any house I have found a stock photo that remnds me of when we vivisted my Gran parents at Christmas. Welcome to Nan and Grandad's
  14. This is a stock image that reminds me of my Nan and Grandad's wood door. ScrapSimple Digital Layout Templates: Simply #4 Rustic Christmas Collection Biggie
  15. ValerieT

    Weekend Challenge 7th December

    Today I thought we could talk about outside. When I document Christmas I always show the decorations in the house, what the tree looks like and all the extra trimmings round the house. However I never seem to show how we decorated the outside. True we have only decorated outside in the last few years, it is still not a common thing here in the UK. So today I want you to create a layout showing the outside Christmas decorations of a house. It doesn't have to be from this year or even your house, especially if you have not been decorating your house for years. Have fun and when you are finished post your layouts in the Weekend Challenge Gallery.