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  1. Would love to take credit for this photo, but Lauren took this one. It was my camera though. The house sparrow is a frequent visitor to our garden. Value Pack: Photograph
  2. Here in Yorkshire, while we've been stuck at home, we have taken an interest in the local wildlife. Not just what is around in our garden but also what we can hear and see when we walk the dogs. Turns out that within a mile of our home we have three different endangered birds nesting. So for your challenge today I want you to scrap about wildlife local to you. It can be what you see in your gardens or close by when you go on walks. It doesn't have to be something you've seen, maybe your neighbours have seen it, or you've only heard it. When you are finished post your layouts in the Weekend Wildcard Challenge Gallery.
  3. 4th July Add some journalling, a date and any finishing touches. When your are finished upload your layout to the Slow Scrap Gallery.
  4. 3rd July Create or use some word art for your title.
  5. 2nd JulyAdd Nine embellishments to your layout.
  6. Here is who won each of the Gift Certificates. If you think I have missed yours, please let me know. Traditional bingo; Florida granny and scrapgarden each get a $1 GC. Scrapgarden wins the $10 GC. Non Taditional bingo; Janin in N.Z gets a $3 GC and wins the $15 GC. Blackout; Barbaraj gets a $5 GC and wins the $20 GC. Angie is sorting out your gift certificates as I type.
  7. Do love love colour? Why not join in with this month's Colourful Slow Scrap

  8. Here are your first colour swatches and task. 1st July Two very different sets of feathers. Pick your favourite colour swatch to use. Start a new layout in your preferred size and add three papers and one photo.
  9. Welcome to this month's forum game a Colourful Slow Scrap At the beginning of each week we will give you two or three colour swatches to choose from. Just pick your favourite to use for that week. Every day, Monday to Saturday, we will give you a step that will lead to a finished layout. The first layout will have five steps. Layouts two, three and four will have six steps each. The last layout will have four steps. Each completed layout posted in the Slow Scrap Gallery, up to 5 per member, will be entered in a drawing for one of three $5.00 Scrap Girls Boutique Gift Certificates. You have until 11:59pm ET on May 31st 2018 to complete the steps and post your layouts to the Slow Scrap Gallery. There are no daily time limits. You can make changes to your layout as the week progresses. After each step you can post your progress in this thread if you wish. PLEASE NOTE; THIS IS NOT A REQUIREMENT. Here is how; Make sure you save your layout as a PSD/layered file first. Save your layout as a .JPEG at 72ppi with a size of 4 x 4 inches (288 x 288 pixels) this is smaller than you would normally save for the web. Follow the first part of this tutorial How To Post Images In The Forum to post your "progress" in the game thread.
  10. I really need to get some layouts done, so ... I'm in!
  11. This is an example of how to create your post so we can track your bingo. In this example I have completed a traditional bingo. I'm In! Prompt 3; add link here Prompt 8; add link here Prompt 13; add link here prompt 18; add link here prompt 23; add link here BINGO!
  12. Quote: use a quote on your layout Plaid background: your layout must include a plaid background Do a Tuesday Challenge: you may choose from any of the Tuesday challenges in the month of June Currently.. this prompt can be taken many way. What are you currently reading? Working on? What are current trends you see around you? Circles: use circles on your layout Huge title: you must have a huge title on your layout (you may also use additional word art/journaling) List: this prompt can be taken many ways. Use a list to describe something, create a layout around a grocery/shopping list Piled Photos: your photos must be overlapping in some way Breakfast: how do you start your day Scraplift: choose a layout from the gallery and scraplift. Please include link to original layout Family: scrap a family event, photo of our family, what family means to you Fave photo from last 30 days Free: you can use any layout created in the month of June for this space Paint and splatters: your layout must include paint and splatters (can be using embellishments or think outside the box and use photos of a renovation you’ve done recently) Big and little photo Watercolor: your layout must include watercolor on it Hot..Hot..Hot: this prompt can be taken many ways hot food/drink, temperature outside, trends, color red Beatley Font https://www.1001freefonts.com/beatley.font this is a free font you must use on your layout leave some love on 15 layouts: please leave the link to all 15 layouts Black and white: this can be either photos or your papers/embellishments Reflection: photo challenge scrap a photo with a reflection on it Unplugged: how do you spend your time when your not connected to the internet Do a Weekend Challenge: this can be any weekend challenge posted in the month of June Yellow: color challenge your layout must include the color yellow Glitter: your layout must include glitter
  13. In the next post is a beautiful Bingo card with layout prompts on it. Complete layouts to create a bingo and win prizes. We have Gift Certificates for everyone who completes a bingo as well as a prize draw at the end of the month. Each bingo also gets you an entry into a prize draw, see below for details. For now post your Bingo Layouts in the Hodge Podge Gallery. If this changes I will let you know. You can create a bingo in a number of ways; Complete a traditional bingo, like the top three images below, and you will win a $1 GC. This will also give you entry to a draw to win one $10 GC. Complete a non traditional bingo, like the middle row of examples, and win a $3 GC. This will also give you entry to a draw to win one $15 GC. Complete the whole board and you win a $5 GC. This will also give you entry to a draw to win one $20 GC. Tracking So we can track who has completed which layouts we will need you to post links to your layouts in just one post. This is how you do it; Reply to this thread with "I'm In!" As you complete a layout, edit the post you created in step one. Add your link to the post and make sure you include the prompt number you used. See post number three for an example. If you need help with this please ask. You may use more than one prompt on your layout. HOWEVER each layout can only be used for ONE square on the bingo card. You have until 11:59 pm ET on 30th June 2020 to complete your bingo. Any layouts for a bingo posted after this time will not be included in the prize draw.
  14. I have only just been able to check the forum, after I couldn't get on this morning. Due to the technical issues there have been, the deadline to post layouts for the World Tour has been extended. So if you have anymore layouts you would like to post you have until 8am ET (1pm BST) tomorrow 2nd June to upload them.
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