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  1. Today is apparently National Clean-Up Day. So I thought for our challenge today we should create "clean and simple" layouts. Think crisp lines, just a few embellishments. Take a look at these layouts for some inspiration (if I have done it right they should all be linked to the collection they used); When you are finished post your layout in the Weekend Wildcard Challenge Gallery.
  2. Here are your challenges for week 3 Week 3 13th September - ScrapSimple - Create a layout using at least one ScrapSimple product. 14th September - Wild animals - Create a layout showcasing a wild animal of your choice. 15th September - Embellishment challenge - Use something wooden on your layout. 16th September - Colour challenge - Create a layout using winter colours of your choice. 17th September - Stitch it - Create a layout with some stitching somewhere on your layout. 18th September - Seasons - Create a layout showcasing your favourite season.
  3. Here are the details for this week's challenges; Week 2 6th September - Wings - Create a layout with any kind of wings on it somewhere. 7th September - Inspired by ... - Create a layout using this image as inspiration. 8th September - Earth Challenge - Create a layout about earth/dirt/mud. 9th September - Button it - Use two or more buttons on your layout. 10th September - Photography challenge - Create a layout using a photo of flowers. 11th September - Colour challenge - Create a layout using spring colours of your choice.
  4. It doesn't have to be your garden. A family member or friend's garden. A balcony where you love to sit. A park. Also garden can have slightly different meanings depend where in the world you live. And remember you don't have to do every challenge, and you have all month. So you could come back to this later in the month when you have an idea you want to do.
  5. Today I thought we could use an image as inspiration for our layouts. Take a look at the image below and let it inspire you. Maybe it's the colours. What about the shapes. Maybe the theme. The choice is yours. when you have created your layout post it in the Weekend Wildcard Challenge Gallery.
  6. Week 1 1st September - Leaves - Create a layout with leaves somewhere on it. 2nd September- Colour challenge - Create a layout using this colour swatch. 3rd September - Photography challenge - Create a layout using a photo of your garden. 4th September - Embellishment challenge - String/raffia - Use some string or raffia (or both) on your layout.
  7. This is an example of how to create your post so we can track how many layouts you have completed. I'm In! 1st- [add link here] 2nd - [add link here] 6th - [add link here]
  8. This month's forum game is a mix of many different challenges, all based around the world outside, a different challenge for each day (Monday to Saturday). At the beginning of each week I will reveal the challenges for that week, both in the image in post number two (just below this post) and in more detailed explanations in the thread. Most of the challenges are straight forward, the few that aren't will include more information to guide you. Complete as many or as few challenges as you wish. Each layout/challenge you do complete is worth one entry in the prize draw. At the end of the
  9. Pudsey It's a town that is part of Leeds, Yorkshire
  10. I'll start with … Abbots Langley (Hertfordshire, UK)
  11. This week's topic is … Countries, regions, states, counties, cities, towns and villages of the world
  12. This will be your final topic, but it is a big one so you should be able to keep it going until Tuesday next week. (topic in next post) Which leads me to this …. You have until 11:59pm ET on Tuesday 31st August to add valid words.
  13. @Belle Marilyn's instructions are spot on. Once you have clicked the smiley face you can also click on categories to skip to a specific group.
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