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  1. ValerieT

    Tuesday Newsletter Challenge 13 th November

    Here is my layout Dream Big. For those who may be interested, this is a cricket bowling action. These photos are from a few years ago, since then Lauren has gone from strength to strength. This year she has had her best season ever.
  2. Lauren practing her bowling a few years ago. I used the multi shot function on my camera. Syndee's October ScrapSimple Club
  3. Have you ever taken a series of photos? Action shots of someone running or jumping. Children in the same location year after year. The same tree in different seasons. For today's challenge we want you to create a layout showing a series of photos. You are not limited to the ideas l have given, use your imagination. When you are finished post your layouts in the Tuesday Newsletter challenge gallery .
  4. ValerieT

    Tuesday Challenge 30th October

    Here is my layout Halloween 2018
  5. ValerieT

    Halloween 2018_600

    This is Kiahna dressed up for her school Halloween party last week. I had a lot of fun messing around with the photo to try and make it look spooky. Value Pack: Mistress Of Macabre Dead Again
  6. ValerieT

    Tuesday Challenge 30th October

    Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. As tomorrow is Halloween, your challenge today is a simple one. Create a halloween layout. Have fun with this, I know I have. When you are finished post your layout in the Weekly Newsletter Challenge gallery.
  7. My new camera has arrived today, super excited to start learning to use it. Watch out world, if you stay still long enough I will take a photo.

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    2. lorac


      Congrats on your new camera. Have fun learning about it. I was sitting still just a minute ago and I thought I saw a light bulb go off. Was that you?

    3. Ngaire


      Exciting!!!! What sort of camera did you get?

    4. MariJ


      That’s exciting!

  8. I have done the draw from all those who got them all right and the winner of the $10 Gift Certificate is ......... Ngaire. congratulations contach Angie hello@scrapgirls.com to receive your prize. Here are the answers; Amanda Fraijo-Tobin; Krafty Christmas Collection Mini Angela Blanchard; Birdsong Collection Angie Briggs; Perfection Collection Biggie Brandy Murry; Old Hollywood Collection Biggie Butterfly Dsign; Pretty Imagination Collection Mini Caroline B; London Collection Mini Cherise Oleson; Music Festival Collection Super Mini DRB Designs; One Fine Day Collection Mini Florju Designs; Carnet De Voyage Collection Biggie Jennifer Ziegler; Scrooge Collection Marlene Peacock; Take a Hike Collection Biggie On A Whimsical Adventure; Somewhere Over The Rainbow Collection Biggie Syndee Rogers; One, Two, Buckle My Shoe Collection Biggie Tami Miller; You've Got Mail Collection Biggie Thanks to everyone who joined in.
  9. Don't forget you still have until 11:59pm tonight to get your answers in.
  10. And the winner of the $3 Gift Certificate is ......... Gayle (smiles). Congratulations Gayle, contact Angie hello@scrapgirls.com to get your prize.
  11. Here is my layout Anniversary Recipe Challenge - Crazy_600
  12. Yes I admit it, we staged these photos just so I could create a layout. That's DH's leg by the way. I used Brandy's Easy page backgrounds as a start but changed the colours to work better with my photos. JIFFY Easy Page Backgrounds Autumn Garden Delightful - Hers Collection Super Mini ScrapSimple Embellishment Templates: Delightful Frames Delightful - His Collection Super Mini ScrapSimple Alpha Templates: Die-Cut
  13. Hopefully I will remember to be there here are my ingredients. Lemon White Chocolate Ganache Sprinkles Fondant Flowers Sparklers Silver Bavarian Cream Cupcakes
  14. Below are listed 14 collections but I have scrambled the letters of each one. Search the design shop and unscramble the collection names. All those who get all the collections correct will be entered into a draw to win a $10 Gift Certificate. There is a clue (in red) for each product that may help (or hinder) you. The numbers after each word scramble tell you how many letters there are in each word/words. For example; Scrap Girls Word Scramble is 5,5,4,8. Only the title has been scrambled. Collection, mini and biggie have not been included. You have until 11:59pm (ET) tomorrow, Sunday 21st October to send in your answers. I will draw the winner on Monday. When you are finished, e-mail your unscrambled collection names with their designers to games@scrapgirls.com. Here are your word scrambles; Amanda Fraijo-Tobin; Sciasytrhfmtrak (6,9) - Yuletide creativity Angela Blanchard; Dsrinobg (8) - Early morning music Angie Briggs; Tifceoeprn (10) – Flawless Brandy Murry; olyhodow doll (3,9) - Black and white or silent Butterfly Dsign; eygnriapint tam iot (6,11) - Beautiful creativity Caroline B; Dlonon (6) - A capitol collection Cherise Oleson; ftimucis l asev (5,8) - Have you got tickets to Glastonbury? DRB Designs; aoeenfn yd I (3,4,3) - George Clooney film Florju Designs; oadagce evn ry et (6,2,6) - You need one of these to travel Jennifer Ziegler; Geocros (7) - Dickens would know Marlene Peacock; hktaee ika (4,1,4) - Get out of here On A Whimsical Adventure; eornrwmeewtsvbrhaoi eo (9,4,3,7) - Bluebirds fly Syndee Rogers; o t,m yke suewnohlbe o ,c (3,3,6,2,4) - Make sure you do this before knocking on the door Tami Miller; uelv y ogia'omt (5,3,4) - Tom Hanks Film Good Luck