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  1. Sorry about that, you should be right now.
  2. The passport has been updated.
  3. Interesting thread to read. Let's see...... Always use a cluster of some kind, usually with leaves, flowers and ribbon or string. I hate it when a cluster doesn't fit the layout. I also love to start with a template. It might not look like the template when I finish, but I nearly always start with one. Never ....... I rarely use SS papers unless I have to for a challenge or for the newsletter. I will regularly use SS embellishments though.
  4. Nice to meet you Jennifer.
  5. Welcome to Scrap Girls
  6. Welcome to Scrap Girls
  7. The passport has been updated.
  8. The passport has been updated. Up to right now, the maximum number of stamps you can have is 7.
  9. Here is my layout Weekend Challenge - Focus_600.jpg
  10. Some more photos from our day out to Whitby. Art Journaling Collection Biggie Art Journaling Embellishments Mini Clusters pack 2 ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Art Journaling
  11. I don't know about you but I am a bit slow at scrapping new photos. In fact I haven't downloaded the photos from our latest day out from the camera yet. So your challenge today is to create a layout using photos taken in the last month. They can be from anything, a day out, a holiday/vacation or just an everyday photo. When you are done upload your layout to the Weekend Wildcard Challenge gallery.
  12. The passport has been updated.
  13. here is my Grand Canyon layout World Tour - Grand Canyon_600.jpg
  14. I decided to create a layout using some of the many photos I have of Matty that feature just part of him. Not sure he will like it but I felt the need to prove that he was there. I chose to use the reds from the image. Value Pack: Lively
  15. Hi Aude, welocome to Scrap Girls. Love your designs, I picked up a couple at the weekend.