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  1. Here is my layout; Kiahna as the Cheshire Cat.
  2. Kiahna dressed up as the cheshire Cat for a World Book Day event at school. My main colours were pinks and purples. Believe In Yorself Collection
  3. Today we have a colour challenge and you will get to pick the colour you are going to scrap with. Your layout and photo has to contain the same colour predominantly. Stuck for an idea: Scrap about your favourite piece of clothing, maybe you got a new pair of shoes or new handbag, maybe you have a fantastic picture of your child/grandchild choose the colour from their clothing and use that. There’s lots of different options, so pick a colour and let’s see those layouts. When you have created your layout post it in the Tuesday Newsletter Challnge Gallery.
  4. I think I jinixed it. Yesterday I said we hadn't had any snow, actually we haven't had any snow for about five years. Today we are snowed in! Anyway I just had to take a few photos, and spend my snow day scrapping them. Here is Kiahna from this morning.
  5. Kiahna playing in the snow this morning. Freezing Memories Collection Biggie Freezing Memories Embellishment Mini: Cluster Pack 2 Freezing Memories Embellishment Mini: Accent
  6. Here is my layout of Matty a few years ago Sorry mum I can't find my hat
  7. We haven't had a proper winter in several years now, so I have scrapped a photo from a few years ago. You could call Matty rescourceful, or jast plain daft. He couldn't find his hat, so he wrapped his scarf round his head. Welcome Winter Collection Biggie A Winter's Tale Snowflakes A Winter's Tale Transfers
  8. Boy has it been cold lately. Sadly there has been no snow here in my part of Yorkshire, even today where they forcast 20 cms. February means winter time, or at the very least, cooler weather in the Northern hemisphere at least. And that means snowmen, snowball fights, sledding, curling up with a good book, and hot cocoa. So today we want to see those winter layouts! Remember to post your layouts in the Tuesday Newsletter Challenge Gallery and a link to your layout here in this thread.
  9. Here is my layout Girl's Best Friend. Hopefully it shows the love between my youngest and our dog.
  10. I went for the love with our pets. Kiahna and Hurley have such a strong bond, it's wonder to see. Value pack: Believe It, Achieve It
  11. Today's challenge should be an easy one for you. Valentines day is all about celebrating the loves in your life. It may be your significant other, your best friend, or your pet. So we want you to create a layout showing that love. When you are finished upload your layout to the Tuesday Newsletter Challenge Gallery.
  12. Here is my layout Ben School Photo.
  13. I have used 8 papers. This is Ben's school photo for this year. They really caught his personality this time. I used a jiffy page from Mellisa's club this month, then swapped the papers and embellishments for one from Cindy's Everyday Stories Collection Biggie
  14. This is a fun little challenge brought to you by the number 8. The challenge this week is to use 8 of something on your layout. It can be 8 papers, 8 embellishment, 8 photos etc. Of course you can always use the number 8 moe than once. Once you have completed your "8" layout post it in the Weekly Newsletter Challenge Gallery.
  15. Another busy day here in Yorkshire, so posting early again. 6th January – Task 6 Add some journalling, a date and any finishing touches. Then upload your layout to the Slow Scrap Gallery. Remember; there will be no task tomorrow, Shannon will be back on Monday with our next task.