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  1. Welcome Susan
  2. Welcome Jennifer
  3. Hi, nice to meet you.
  4. Welcome Carol
  5. I have completed the draw for the winners keep your eye on the forum to see if one of them is you.
  6. Fusion Collection Ornate Alpha
  7. 4th November Post your Day of the Dead colour inspired layout in the Hodge Podge Gallery.
  8. Here is my Layout. Weekend Challenge 4th Nov
  9. A selfie photo Lauren and Kiahna took in the summer. Chasing Dragonflies
  10. This past week has been half term here in Yorkshire. That means schools are closed, which of course also means no work for me. One lovely, restful week before the madness of Christmas in a primary school. So I thought we could use RESTFUL as inspiartion for our layouts today. When you are finished post your layouts in the Weekend Wildcard Challenge Gallery.
  11. 3rd November Today we have an image for you based on the colours associated with The Day of the Dead. You can use these colours/image in any way.
  12. Welcome Dagi
  13. Welcome Sylvia
  14. My sincere apologies for the late posting of this month's game. Here are your first two tasks; 1st November I think we should start the month with new name tags. Create an ATC or a new siggy. You can use your real name or your user name, it's up to you. When you are finished upload your siggy or ATC to the Hodge Podge Gallery. 2nd November How about we update our avatars today. Add a new avatar, or change your current one in some way.
  15. Welcome to the return of...... Hodge Podge November During the month we will have different prompts, tutorials, colour palettes, quotes and other inspiration to help you create some layouts. Once we give you the inspiration for the day, you can go ahead and create your layout. There will be no twists, tricks or added tasks. For most layouts you will get two days before we post the next inspiration. Each completed layout is worth one entry in the prize draw. At the end of the month, we will do a random draw, and you could win one of five $5 Gift Certificates to use in the Scrap Girls Boutique. You are free to interpret each inspiration in any way you wish. Do not post your finished layout until we tell you to. However there are no time limits. You do not have to complete every layout unless you wish to. You can combine inspirations; however, you can only receive one entry in the draw for each layout.