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  1. ValerieT

    March Layout Madness 2019

    Photoshop has done an update. I've got to set up all my panels again and reinstall all my styles, brushes, actions, styles, etc. Not Happy.
  2. ValerieT

    March Layout Madness 2019

    Still don't need the sofa. 20th March Add an odd number of embellishments to your layout.
  3. ValerieT

    March Layout Madness 2019

    Don't forget I have Lauren who is a great cricketer especially fielding. Besides we are having spaghetti tonight it will save me from going shopping.
  4. ValerieT

    March Layout Madness 2019

    Two photos, one black and white. It didn't say it had to be two different photos! For those wondering, yes that's Ben. He was 4 when it was taken.
  5. ValerieT

    March Layout Madness 2019

    I think I might be lulling you into a false sense of security so far this week. 19th March Add two photos to your layout. Turn one photo black and white.
  6. ValerieT

    March Layout Madness 2019

    Here is the start of my week three.
  7. ValerieT

    March Layout Madness 2019

    Are you ready for another crazy week? Please keep your tomatoes in the fridge! 18th March Start a new layout in your preferred size and create a blended background for your layout. You can do this yourself or use a template.
  8. ValerieT


    March Prompts Set Two Weather What is your favourite type of weather? Do you love thunderstorms? Are you more of a hot, sunny girl? Do you have a photo of an amazing cloud formation? When on holiday/vacation did the weather make you do something unusual? Pets Did you have a childhood pet? What about your Grandparents, did they have a pet? Were you able to take your pet on holiday/vacation? Did the happy couple include their pet in the wedding?
  9. ValerieT

    March Layout Madness 2019

    Here is my week two Chester.
  10. ValerieT

    March Madness Week 2_600

    There are four papers there, they are so similar. My title uses two alphas, I just off-set them slightly Mixing My Media Collection Mixing My Media Embellishment Mini Scatters Captured Collection
  11. Happy birthday Valerie! I hope your day is filled with delight.

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    2. Boatlady


      I hope you have a super Happy Birthday and many more.

    3. Marie-Christine


      Belated birthdya greetings Valerie, hope you had a great day!

    4. ValerieT


      Thanks everyone. 

  12. ValerieT

    March Layout Madness 2019

    I know what photos I want to use let's see if I can find five papers that go with them.
  13. ValerieT

    March Layout Madness 2019

    Here is my first layout Feeding The Swans. My extra paper is clipped to the brackets that came with the template I used. I went for five extra embellishments.
  14. ValerieT


    Managed to make this one work for my Project2019 book, yeah! Wishful Collection
  15. ValerieT

    Tuesday Newsletter Challenge 12th March

    Here is my layout At The Park. You can see a reflection in Lauren's glasses.