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  1. Wow, can't quite believe it's the end of May. Today we have a colour challenge for you. Pink/Orange This should be a fun combination for you to work with. When you are finished post your layouts in the Weekly Newsletter Challenge Gallery.
  2. For your challenge today I thought we could do a numerical challenge. I want you to include the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 somewhere in your layout. You could have 1 photo, 2 word title, 3 papers, 4 flowers, 5 leaves and 6 lines of journalling. Or you could do 1 word title, 2 ribbons, 3 photos, 4 papers, 5 buttons and 6 stars. Its up to you how you decide to use the numbers, just don't forget to tell us what you did. When you are finished upload your layout to the Weekend Wildcard Challenge Gallery.
  3. Welcome to this week's newsletter challenge. We have a colour challenge for you today. As you may have seen this year we are giving you two colours for the colour challenge. Today's colours are ... violet and grey. Make sure you use both colours on your layout. When you are finished post your layout in the Weekly Newsletter Challenge Gallery.
  4. For Christmas, I received a new sewing machine. My first project is a new patchwork cover for Ben's weighted blanket. So I thought we should have a patchwork challenge today. Create a layout using at least two different patterned papers somewhere on your layout. The papers do not have to be part of your background, unless you want them to be. When you are finished post your layout in the Weekend Wildcard Challenge Gallery.
  5. Our winner is ............. belle Congratulations, you have won a $5 Gift Certificate to the Scrap Girls shop.
  6. Our winner for week one is ............. barbaraj Congratulations, you have won a $5 Gift Certificate to the Scrap Girls shop.
  7. @Belle It can be any size up to 600 pixels to post in the gallery. However the maximum size it can be to be added to your signature is 225 x 225 pixels. Does that help?
  8. This is an example of how to create your post so we can track your bingo. In this example I have completed a traditional bingo. I'm In! Prompt 3; add link here Prompt 8; add link here Prompt 13; free space (no layout required) prompt 18; add link here prompt 23; add link here BINGO!
  9. If you have any questions please ask and I will try to answer you. Remember square 13 is a free space, so no layout is required.
  10. Yeah! Layout Bingo is back this month. In the next post is a Bingo card with layout prompts on it. Complete layouts to create a bingo and win prizes. We have Gift Certificates for everyone who completes a bingo as well as a prize draw at the end of the month. You can only be entered into one of the prize draws, depending on which bingo you complete. For now post your Bingo Layouts in the Hodge Podge Gallery. If this changes I will let you know. You can create a bingo in a number of ways; Complete a traditional bingo, like the top three images below, and you will win a $3 GC. This will also give you entry to a draw to win one $25 GC. Complete a non traditional bingo, like the middle row of examples, and win a $5 GC. This will also give you entry to a draw to win one $30 GC. Complete the whole board and you win a $10 GC. This will also give you entry to a draw to win one $40 GC. Tracking So we can track who has completed which layouts we will need you to post links to your layouts in just one post. This is how you do it; Reply to this thread with "I'm In!" As you complete a layout, edit the post you created in step one. Add your link to the post and make sure you include the prompt number you used. See post number three for an example. If you need help with this please ask. Rules You may use more then one prompt on your layout, HOWEVER each layout can only be used for one square on the bingo card (ie: you may combine squares, but you must choose which one you use as the main prompt). You only get to claim 1 bingo for the month, there’s not multiple rounds of bingo being played. So if you start out thinking you're going to do a traditional bingo, and you get done early in the month you may choose to add in more prompts to get to the Non Traditional Bingo. If you then manage to complete a Non Traditional Bingo you cannot be entered into both prize draws. You have until 11:59 pm ET on 31st December 2021 to complete your bingo. Any layouts for a bingo posted after this time will not be included in the prize draw.
  11. The Tuesday Challenge for this week can be found here; Tuesday Challenge 30th November This challenge can be used for the December Challenges.
  12. I can't quite believe that it is the last day of November already. So we have a colour challenge for you today WHITE. Create your layout with a white as a prominent colour. I know white is a colour I find harder than most to work with, so this could be tricky for some of you. When you have finished post your layout in the Weekly Newsletter Challenge Gallery. This challenge can be used for the December Challenges.
  13. Christmas Siggy Challenge As it's December tomorrow, let's update our siggy's to something Festive. It's a simple challenge create and start using a new siggy containing at least two festive items. Upload your new siggies to the Holiday Traditions Gallery. If you need help adding your siggy to your signature, please ask. If you upload a new siggy between today (3oth November) and 11:59pm (ET) on Monday 6th December will be entered into a prize draw for a $5 gift certificate for the ScrapGirls Shop.
  14. Here are your prompts for week one; Cut down/put up Christmas Tree Do you always use a real tree, maybe you use the same tree your parents did. What about ornaments, do some hold special memories for you. Do you stick to a colour scheme every year or do you change your colour scheme at all? Listen to Christmas Music What Christmas music do you love to listen to/sing? Does one song in particular hold special memories? When, where do you like to listen to Christmas music?
  15. This is an example of how to create your post so we can track your layouts. I'm in! Week 1 (11/30-12/6) - add link hereWeek 2 (12/7-12/13) - add link hereWeek 3 (12/14-12/20) - add link hereWeek 4 (12/21-12/27) - add link hereWeek 5 (12/28-1/3) - add link here
  16. The last couple of years we have introduced our month-long December project. This project is meant to get you to slow down a little bit and to document your December. It’s been such a success we decided to bring it back this year. Welcome to Project: Holiday Traditions. So how will this year work? Since this year's theme is all about traditions each week we will introduce 2 new traditions. You get to pick one of the traditions and create a layout using that tradition as a prompt. Please keep in mind, you don’t have to use that prompt exactly “as is” It can be your inspiration. Please do not use layouts you have previously uploaded, this must be a new layout. As an extra incentive, we will be giving away prizes! Each week that you complete a layout using one of that weeks traditions, you will be entered into a drawing for a $5 gift certificate to the SG shop. To be eligible, you must post that week's layout by midnight EST on Monday, except for week 5 which must be completed by midnight EST on Sunday Jan 2nd. Those who complete the layouts for the entire month (at least one layout per week for the 5 weeks in December) will be entered into the grand prize drawing for a $25 gift certificate to the ScrapGirls Shop. To be eligible for the grand prize drawing, you needn’t post your layouts each week, but make sure you post all 5 layouts representing each week by January 2nd at midnight EST. So, if you get behind, you can still catch up and have a chance at the grand prize. Week 1 Prompts Week 2 Prompts Week 3 Prompts Week 4 Prompts Week 5 Prompts To participate in Project: Holiday Traditions, simply post an “I’m in” message in this thread, along with the following: Week 1 (11/30-12/6) Week 2 (12/7-12/13) Week 3 (12/14-12/20) Week 4 (12/21-12/27) Week 5 (12/28-1/3) Post your finished layouts in the Holiday Traditions Gallery. As you complete your layouts, come back to your post and add a link(s) to the corresponding week's layout. Remember, you may create more than one layout a week, but to be eligible for prizes, you must have at least one layout per week.
  17. 30th November A huge thank you to everyone who has joined in this month, I hope you all enjoyed it. Take some time today to catch up on any layouts you still want to complete. If you have finished them all why not go and leave some love in the gallery. You have until 11:59pm (ET) tonight (30th November) to complete your layouts. Any layout posted after this time will not be included in the prize draw.
  18. 29th November Sadly we have reached our final destination, Washington D.C.. Before you collect all your belongings together create one last layout. You have free choice for this layout, so create whatever you would like. Go ahead and post your layout in the Hodge Podge Gallery when you are finished.
  19. 27th November Don't panic, there is no dancing tonight. All the commotion in the dining carriage is for movie night! And because this is a special train each of us can watch whatever we want, at the same time. So tell me, what film do you want to watch tonight? Post your movie quote layout in the Hodge Podge Gallery when you are finished.
  20. 26th November Wow! That was a rather rough crossing, was a little worried for a bit. Anyway, we have arrived safely in the city of Los Angeles. Did you know the first film to be made entirely in Hollywood was a short called In Old California in 1910. The first movie studio opened in 1911. Start a new layout using a movie quote somewhere on it.
  21. 25th November Who's up for some water sports? You can pick from wind surfing, water skiing, snorkelling or scuba diving. There is also a couple of boats available for those who would just like to continue relaxing. Make sure there is something blue on your water layout. Post your layout in the Hodge Podge Gallery when you are finished.
  22. 24th November As we cross the vast expanse of the Pacific, we are going to make a stop (just for Marilyn) in the Marshall Islands. Although the islands have a dark past we are here for the atolls. We will be stopping at Kwajalein, the largest coral atoll in the world. It has a land area of only six square miles but surrounds a 655 square mile lagoon. Did you know the Marshall Islands has the largest portion of its territory made of water of any sovereign state (97.87%). Let's all take some time to relax, enjoy the beach and water (not to mention the waiters) before we head to the west coast of America. Start a new layout with water as your inspiration.
  23. 23rd November Before we leave Taiwan we will be learning to cook Xiao Long Bao and noodles during a visit to the traditional Changchun market. We will be shopping and cooking with the locals, should be fun. Once we have all finished shopping and eating go ahead and post your stone layout in the Hodge Podge Gallery.
  24. 22nd November Don't panic if it still seems a bit dark outside your windows. We have arrived in Taroko Gorge in Taiwan. If music is liquid architecture and architecture is frozen music, as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said, then Taroko Gorge is both architecture and music. Our driver has slowed our speed to a crawl so we can fully enjoy this 19km long gorge. Created by the Liwu River the gorge is a treasure chest of marbles, schists and gneissic rocks, the colour scheme includes creamy whites, dark greys, light browns plus soft shades of silver and gold. Start a new layout with stone as your inspiration.
  25. 20th November No surprise we have more dancing for us today. This time it's Khon, a traditional dance in Thailand with brightly coloured costumes and masks. There will be monkeys, demons, singers, artists narrators and a chorus, it's almost like a full stage show. If we all manage to behave ourselves they may even let us join in. Add something red/orange to your layout (for the colour of bricks). Post your layout in the Hodge Podge Gallery when you are finished.
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