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  1. LauraYB

    2019 Hybrid ATC Calendar Swap

    Hi Carla! Are you able to add my name to September? Would love to join the swap this year.
  2. Some of my fave brushes are ABR_Blendology. Results are so cool & love playing w/ them. Just sayin.......

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    2. angleigh


      Well hello stranger!

    3. Boatlady


      Well show us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...so good to see you popping in once in awhile but wish it was more often. Show us you creative stuff!!!

    4. LauraYB


      A meet-up? Killing me not to attend. Just sayin..... Miss you guys! Work just gets in the way.

  3. LauraYB

    Scrap Girls World Tour 2018

    Thank you for the warm welcome, Marilyn! Have missed you all! Will be good to catch up and share a story or two!
  4. LauraYB

    Scrap Girls World Tour 2018

    Hello, everyone! I'll just take this empty seat here in the shade w/ the rest of you! This is nice--good to see everyone. I've needed a vacation for quite a while. I'll work on my Siggie/ATC after I've had a refreshing drink. Now where did that cabana boy go?
  5. LauraYB

    Jan 2018 desktop

    This is an adorable background for your computer!! Love the way you used a photo as the composition BG--I never thought of that! You have some beautiful grandbabies!
  6. LauraYB


    Oh, FANTASTIC page. I'm so in ♥ w/ Sully face it's ridiculous! Love his hat.
  7. LauraYB


    Oh, you have a pug! He's adorable! Love the color treatment on your page!
  8. LauraYB

    Week 3 - Sully

    Sully is ADORABLE...what breed is he? I just love the precious little face!
  9. The new Scrap Simple Club is so much fun! Thank you, Jen! I love it!

    1. SodScrap


      I can't wait to play with it!!!

    2. Marie-Christine


      I love it! Have made a new cover photo with it!

    3. JenniferZ


      I'm so glad -- can't wait to see your creations!!! :)

  10. LauraYB


    LOL--I got a laugh from your cup. Such a special gift you received! You'll enjoy some special cups of coffee!
  11. LauraYB

    Slow Scrap - first week Jan

    Ha--those elusive gators--took me a minute to determine the focus in that photo! What an interesting trip. Super LO!
  12. LauraYB


    Oh, Debby--this is a beautiful LO and special collection. The era of hats is one of my faves--the women wearing them looked so dressy and complete! I love your creative display, too!
  13. OMG, Marilyn! So glad to see you on the Alter G. We have one in our office and the results for patients is amazing! Isn't that a cool machine? My hubby used one of these after his H/A last year. Do you get to use it often (I hope so and I hope it helps you). Love your one-of-a-kind photo layout!
  14. LauraYB

    Jumpstart January LO1.jpg

    OMG--Wegman's--the best market in the land (fun fact--I work w/ his granddaughter and she inherited his amazing customer service)! LOVE your page--the greens look so delish and the BG really pops your page! What a cool memory page of shopping at the market!
  15. Merry Christmas, my ScrapGirl friends. Hope everyone's holiday is all and more that you want! See you in 2018! ♥

    1. Florida granny

      Florida granny

      Merry Christmas to you, too, Laura! 

    2. Boatlady


      Have a very Merry Christmas Laura and I hope you enjoy your family.

    3. MariJ


      Merry Christmas, Laura!