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  1. Carla, your pocket pages are terrific! You're going to enjoy looking back through them. LOVE your hummingbird photo. Beautiful pages!
  2. I've had to "scrap" a few of mine, too, Marilyn! I've finished and am applying bling now. Running to print and then to the post office!
  3. Love the cream colors and purple. Beautiful photo and gorgeous LO!
  4. Thinking of you today as you prep for surgery. In advance, I'm wishing you a speedy recovery. Let us know how you're doing when you can! ♥♥ I found a few recipes I need to get scrapped, so I'll get busy on them on my day off!
  5. I want to LIVE there! Stunning photos and beautiful LO. Your texture in the BG papers are amazing.
  6. This is a fantastic photo, Carla! I love hummingbirds--have so many here. Love the white space and the embellishments on your round photo matte. Great LO!
  7. Count me in for two sets of ATC's, Carla! Lots of inspiration down here close to the Border! LOL
  8. I voted for soft pretty together. The other palettes are gorgeous too, just that this one is a bit different! Can't wait to see the club!
  9. Andrea, this is gorgeous. She is going to love it. Love the balance you've given the page and the beautiful BG is just perfect. Awesome LO.
  10. Hi Ann-Marie~ You are so faithful in your weekly pages. Great photos and amazed at your husband's woodwork. Amazing talent to have. That's quite a frog! He's so green and good to see nature return (my mom enjoys seeing "mother fox" raise her litters for about 9 years now and she lives in the city!) I like how your pages look like journal books, too. Nice work!
  11. With absolutely no ideas in mind, steampunk or sugar skulls sounds very cool! I'll start looking for ideas for these two themes so I'm not last to send!
  12. Your photo is amazing, and I especially like the way you scrapped it! Beautiful!
  13. You found the perfect quote! Love your blending-wow (I'll have to go play) on a beautiful, dreamy page with all that white space. Also love the horizontal format of your photos. An Alaskan cruise sits near the top of my bucket list! Nice work.
  14. This turned out gorgeous! Such a patchwork of great artistry. I think we should do one for all the seasons! How about one with "ScrapGirls." Afterall, we have made some tight friendships on this website! Just a suggestion. Now that I've returned to the land of the living and feeling 100% again.
  15. I love lighthouses! You've captured serenity in your LO--love the frame placement and embellishments off to the right side. Lovely page.