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  1. This is an awesome photo. I love seeing photos of landscapes just like this in other parts of the world. Love the light BG and the brown brush mask. You scrapped your photo so beautifully!
  2. I can't wait to play w/ these ideas! Thanks, Marilyn, for posting such a wonderful problem from which all of us can learn. Brandy and Angie bring to the table some great tips on blending, and I have a page that I couldn't figure out for the longest. I'll post it if these tips work! Thanks all!
  3. This is awesome--those eyes! I like the dark BG with the lighting around the photo.
  4. Nothing like a foggy morning in the northeast! Beautiful LO, Debby!
  5. What beautiful scenery, Ngaire! Looks like such a fun excursion! Those snow-capped mountains are incredible. What beautiful photos to capture while flying across. The collection you selected is just perfect--brings out so many colors! Your flight map is a cool element too. Two gorgeous pages you've created here!
  6. Gosh, I can't believe I missed sign-up. Guess I wasn't following this thread. Have fun, Ladies, this is a fun swap.
  7. Such happy people! Love those smiles. I really like the stitching around your photos--cool effect.
  8. Gorgeous scenery in your photos, Jane! Wow! I'm wishing you a speedy recovery on that foot. . . ouch!
  9. I'd prob spend a lot of time in there! How cool was that? You used the perfect collection, too! Gorgeous
  10. I spy my fav Chihuly exhibit--the boat! Loved seeing your photos. Gave me inspiration to go to the botanical gardens today. They've decorated for harvest season, so I can't wait to snap some shots and share. Great background blending and colored framing of each photo. Nice page, Carol.
  11. Beautiful photos especially of you and DH! Wow---spectacular lo. Cool embossing, too. I know you all had a wonderful trip!
  12. Susie, this card is adorable, and so is "Schnappy." Love me a schnauzer!
  13. How fun to share a birthday w/ your ggrandson! Great your photos...beautiful BG and cute title you used too.
  14. Oh, Lei! I'm so happy for you! Stormy is BEAUTIFUL. She's found the perfect home! Hugs!
  15. Mine arrived today! I was thrilled to see such amazing work, Girls! They're all beautiful! Thank you!