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  1. Well, if Ann has all that going on and can get her ATCs done, then I surely can get some done. Count me in!
  2. What? Denver a possibility? Whoo-hoo!! I'll go to the Rockies game w/ you guys! I really hope that I can go, no matter what city the meet-up is scheduled. Both weeks look good for me so far. All good places listed. Thanks, Michele, for throwing this up on the boards!
  3. Happy Mother's Day to all my SG friends! Hope it's special!

    1. ladyscrapalot


      Happy Mother's Day to you, Laura❣️

  4. That salad looks so good, Marlene! Nothing like a good salad in the summer months--already hit 103 here in Chandler, AZ, but a respite for another week of 70's & 80's. I'll see what salads I can find for the swap.
  5. does he bark at TV like our pug does? LOL
  6. Love the brightly colored flowers in the foreground. Nice lo!
  7. This LO is so beautiful and definitely reminiscent of the Kentucky derby! Gorgeous girl--she is growing up so fast!
  8. LOL at the expressions on your cats faces! And thanks for the translations for those of us who don't speak feline-ease! Great family photos!
  9. I've never seen a dog watch TV before your dog, and now our pug. This LO is so cute--love that bottom photo--looks like he's totally engrossed! He picked the right family--sports fans! ♥
  10. This is the cutest LO. Love those ears beyond the bounds of the frame and the colors you used. Such a precious face! ♥
  11. I love to scrap my family, landscapes, heritage photos and animals. A family friend just had a baby girl, so Conda, I will be looking at YOUR pages for inspiration!
  12. This is gorgeous!! I miss living in Fla!! Enjoy it for me!
  13. Hi Laura. Thanks for the Birthday wishes and good to see you back on the board. I had no idea you have been so sick so I'm so pleased you are now well :)

  14. I'm sure it did! Great alpha!
  15. It's Angie's Ornate Alpha