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  1. FANTASTIC photo and I love the way you blended it into the BG w/ the varied brushes. Looks like so much fun! We used to enjoy kayaking in the Florida waterways. Great places to explore! Super page.
  2. LOVE your title and your blending of the large photo. Your LO flows so nicely and I love the colors. Great page.
  3. Adorable photos--she is such a cutie! Belle, your work on this layout is lovely. Gorgeous supplies you've used and love the brush work. The staggered photos and mask on the top photo is really eye-catching. Super work!
  4. Kelly, I LOVE your photo treatment and BG texture/color here. Just gorgeous with your cluster. Such a beautiful layout--lovely work. I know Debby loves it!
  5. Second page to the puggie LO. Hugh the Pug is 5 mos old and is just a treasure--very sweet and smart. Shortly after these pics were taken, Hughie sat down and wouldn't budge (pugs can be stubborn like that). But, he enjoys his walks. Supplies: COL_SSClub Mar 2017 AFT_SSPaper_Assorted Edges ABR_SSEmb_Filmstrip STI_Journal Junkie SNU_SSEmb_FilmFragments_FrameSPEC SNU_SSStyles_ShadowMe
  6. Supplies: COL_SSCLub_March 2017 AFT_SSPaper_AssortedEdges SNU_SSEmb_StitchesWild SNU_SSEmb_FilmFragments_FrameSPEC
  7. I'm in, Carla! Sounds like fun!
  8. I need to get back on the ball "no pun intended" and I will be joining in the fun for March Madness while I watch March Madness on TV! Go UNC Tarheels!!
  9. My day off AND a new SSClub. Angie, it's beautiful---LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!

    1. Boatlady


      Hey where have you been hiding on us...Good to see you back here.


    2. DixieLee


      Beautiful club!

    3. angleigh
  10. I sure enjoy traveling with you both vicariously through your amazing photos. This one does not disappoint---beautiful view. Love the coordinates on the signs in front of you. Lovely page.
  11. What a treasure you've uncovered. Love the color selections you've chosen for your special photo and your LO of elements. Very nice!!
  12. Adorable photos and perfect title! Love your photo BGs of the green. Really pops against the pink. Beautiful cluster, too.
  13. Love your beautiful pastels and pink BG you applied. And the biscuits and gravy? Looks so yummy! You'll enjoy looking back on these pics someday!
  14. Love your rustic LO and your stitching and old tape holding the photos down! Love that whimsical font, too! Did you guys get to enjoy a nice dinner (or were the fish making themselves scarce??) Ha!
  15. Oh, I had to laugh when I saw this photo! Rosie looks like she is having the time of her life hanging out the window yet carefully watching!! Beautiful LO.