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  1. Gorgeous LO--nice photo arrangement with the frame and wire anchoring everything. Love those palms and amazing BG.
  2. Gorgeous photos, Carol. In Miami, I had orchids growing in my trees....they are so beautiful. Your LO is the BG and the birds on a wire. Your orange BG really pulls everything together.
  3. Holy cow--that blending! Super idea and beautiful BG. That photo/flower cluster grabs the eye. This is a beautiful pages on so many levels!! Nice job!
  4. That BG!!!!!! Grungy is so cool! Love your arrangement of the photos and the Oob frame for the one. Just gorgeous
  5. Great flow of some amazing photos. Pretty blended BG and I got a chuckle from your seagull extract sitting on top of that photo!! Pretty page.
  6. I had to roll my eyes--I thought Marilyn, your mojo was on vacay! This is beautiful!!! Love that sketch and that you included the film strip and easle. The quote is awesome and I love the BG too. Pretty work!!
  7. Love the red BG paper Debby chose coupled w/ the grungy paper. Super photo mask and love that cluster of pics showcasing the arch. Beautiful page!
  8. Love the template and the min. embellishments. Perfect LO to show off some great pics
  9. Artistic masterpiece is CORRECT! Love your sketch. The cluster is wonderful with the two pendants and Maya's poem is just perfect! Amazing work! (And you were worried....😊)
  10. This page is gorgeous! Love the woven design bamboo frames and how you used them in the clusters. Your composition is fab!
  11. Well, if Ann has all that going on and can get her ATCs done, then I surely can get some done. Count me in!
  12. What? Denver a possibility? Whoo-hoo!! I'll go to the Rockies game w/ you guys! I really hope that I can go, no matter what city the meet-up is scheduled. Both weeks look good for me so far. All good places listed. Thanks, Michele, for throwing this up on the boards!
  13. Happy Mother's Day to all my SG friends! Hope it's special!

    1. ladyscrapalot


      Happy Mother's Day to you, Laura❣️

  14. That salad looks so good, Marlene! Nothing like a good salad in the summer months--already hit 103 here in Chandler, AZ, but a respite for another week of 70's & 80's. I'll see what salads I can find for the swap.
  15. does he bark at TV like our pug does? LOL