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  1. We're out for the day to make new memories. Going to miss you girls, but I'll scrap some memories later and get my siggie updated. Cool blinkies, girls!
  2. Aren't you creative? Wow--love it! what a fun page putting 60th and 13 together. Love that BG paper and your color combination. Really nice!
  3. Hilary, you knocked it out of the park with this one. Love your photo--that pop of color and your title are awesome!
  4. Oh, this is a great challenge, Shannon. I love ad campaigns/marketing.
  5. Work is getting in the way of enjoying SG Anniversary activities. <<sigh>>

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    2. Marie-Christine


      It's a birthday, I can make a wish, work is definitely getting in the way of getting all my layouts done. 

    3. ladyscrapalot


      Oh can I relate! Plus laptop/photoshop issue. Able to use DH’s laptop to do swaps I committed to doing. Laura, we need to win the lotto so we can retire!! 😂

    4. LauraYB


      If one of us wins, Kelly, we'll alert the other and share the wealth! LOLOL Then, we'll get some pages done! 

  6. Love your family tradition and that you can continue on with it! Don't you just love special times like these with family? Your LO is beautiful--super food photos and love the BG and frames you used. Wonderful memories!
  7. Congrats, Jane, Ngaire, and scrapgran! Way to go!!!
  8. I joined SG in May 2012, but sorta lurked around the website for about 6 months. I remember searching google for PSE 10 photo edits and stumbled across a Brandy Murry tutorial. Styles? Alphas? Templates? Masks? What did these new terms mean to a traditional paper scrapper? I was about to find out, and HOOKED, yes I was. I couldn't believe all the possibilities available to a digital scrapbooker, didn't even know the concept. We had just move to South Dakota, and that first winter would have finished me in if I didn't have this past-time to keep me occupied. I love creating not only digital scrapbooks, but print greeting cards, hybrid ATC's to exchange, recipe cards (keeping recipes in family by gifting to both of my boys), love creating project 360 layouts, and last, screen-savers for my computers at work and home. I've enjoyed making several on-line friendships most of all. We have a special following of ladies at ScrapGirls, don't we? Thanks designers for enhancing the way I tell my stories!
  9. Another FABULOUS ScrapSimple Club, Melissa! Loved working w/ it last night. Thank you!

    1. CRS


      I agree, the layouts that use it look fabulous!

    2. LissaD


      Thank you!  I am so glad you like it, I love seeing the layouts.  

  10. Hmmm....I might be in a couple photos...I'm always behind the lens. I'll look around.
  11. I'm great at finding things in the boutique...just took 20 min to download/unzip my purchases. (I don't think that's really what you were talking about though)!
  12. Excellent challenge . . . I've found 8 of them!
  13. Happy anniversary, ScrapGirls! I'll do as many as I can . . . with work & all. Have fun!
  14. Happy 13th ScrapGirls! I'll attend as many events as I can, Lovelies! SG Anniversaries have always been a lot of fun!
  15. So funny....when I saw this page, I had to grab by readers to see if this was my uncle. Nope...but real closed. Someday, I'll post my heritage photos and you will laugh at the similarity. Nice heritage page!