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    The older I get, the more I know that life isn't about pursuing, but absorbing. :)

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  1. AmandaK

    Faith-spiration© w/Amanda's Digital Studio

    Faith Journaling pages- made with my designs- Amanda's Digital Studio
  2. AmandaK

    Share Your Heart Challenge - Steadfast Love

    This is a powerfully anointed song- it is timeless!
  3. AmandaK

    Dance (Faithspiration Challenge)

    Expressive artistry here! I can feel the desire to dance- express this joy! GREAT page!
  4. AmandaK


    This is absolutely eye stopping! And one of my husband's favorite songs!
  5. AmandaK

    Faith Challenge.jpg

    LOVE IT!!! I remember well singing this as a child!
  6. AmandaK

    Share Your HeART Faith-spiration Challenge

    At this point I believe any gallery- Faith-spiration© works, or personal, challenges???
  7. AmandaK

    Share Your HeART Faith-spiration Challenge

    GREAT! I will watch for your page! Love your Name sig!
  8. AmandaK

    ATC World Tour

    Lovin' it!!! 😉😃😊
  9. AmandaK

    Scrap Girls World Tour 2018

    Pool? Bar? , nah! I am the one on the side with an easel, sketching the view! LOL
  10. AmandaK

    Scrap Girls World Tour 2018

    Totally lost. I didn't see any "tasks"??? Groups??? huh?
  11. AmandaK

    Share Your HeART Faith-spiration Challenge

    Here is my page. I love the lyrics to Tremble by Mosaic.
  12. AmandaK

    Scrap Girls World Tour 2018

    LOVE to travel, so I am going to give this a try! Please be nice to this rookie, LOL!
  13. NEW challenge is UP!😀


  14. HEY there! Amanda here from Amanda's Digital Studio- I am really happy👩 to be hosting this new challenge at Scrap Girls during my Guest Designer term! I've designed for 9+ years- and several years ago decided to specialize in digital art with a faith-based theme. I don't limit the designs to any denomination or specific doctrine. I want to include pieces for all who consider themselves persons of faith. ☺️ {I also create some art journal styled and themed scrap collections from time to time.} If you do not consider yourself a person of faith, you are STILL welcome to join this challenge! So-- the challenge details: Keeping it simple. It will run from the 1st to the 29th of the month. That gives me a few days to get the posting bonuses distributed & next (new) one up. The theme will be simple and broadly interpreted. 😀 Feel free to express ALL parts of life- the good, the difficult, and the "UGH!"😆 times. If you wish to include a Scripture you may, but it is not required. Just share your inspiration- what were you thinking, feeling, addressing? What is your response? A mini will be given to ALL who post in the gallery, AND post their layout in the challenge thread for the month. This will of course begin with JULY 2018. I will PM your download link to you after I have seen your entry. It would be appreciated (but NOT required) if your layout includes some Amanda's Digital Studio product. Everyone is welcome to participate using SG product. 😃 The theme this month is a song- any song that lifts your heart or speaks to your situation. The inspiration for this choice is from my release of SING IT OUT LOUD: Here is the coordinating mini that you will be given: HERE IS MY SONG that I will be using for my page: TREMBLE CAN'T WAIT TO HEAR YOUR SONG!!!