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  1. Well, they were already at 72dpi, so that isn't the problem. Don't know why it won't accept my images?
  2. ahhhh- THAT may be the issue!!! Will try that!
  3. I have made several attempts to load a signature. i have an image that I have sliced into two parts so that the sizes are below the required 225x225... I still get the message that the images are too large???? helllllpppp! THANKS!
  4. Random paints and my art doll
  5. I HAVE not (did not) visited Louisville Kentucky on Wednesday and gone to the Louisville Slugger Bat Factory . I have visited Louisville 2 years ago, and lived in 6 states (In., Ohio, PA, Ky, SC, NC, Tx.) and Mexico and Honduras, Central America.
  6. Ohhhhh. I would love your chairs!