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  1. AmandaK

    Sneak Peek 09/14

    Thank you for the sentiments of staying safe. We fared very well- not even a loss of power. Flooded yard for 24 hours but others nearby did not have that result. The big concern still is that the local rivers- actually statewide- are going to topple over their banks today, causing road & bridge closures and some property damage. Such an unusual storm it was. Good to stand upon solid ground! So I bring you The Book this week!
  2. AmandaK


    I really like this composition with the lamp and the rainbow, and Dad's Bible. ❤️
  3. AmandaK

    Faith-spiration© w/Amanda's Digital Studio

    Faith Journaling pages- made with my designs- Amanda's Digital Studio
  4. AmandaK


    Lovely! Lots of dimension!
  5. AmandaK


    I think it is print-worthy too! That verse has been my theme verse for this year.
  6. AmandaK


    YES!!!! So true. This looks like it was printed onto fabric! Super cool!
  7. AmandaK

    Sneak Peek 09/14

    Sorry, no new release this week due to preparations for hurricane Florence. Maybe next week!
  8. AmandaK

    Sneak Peek 09/07

    A new Collection Mini
  9. AmandaK

    Sneak Peek 09/07

    Ohhhhh Aimee!!!! Poppies --❤️Be still my heart !!
  10. CONGRATULATIONS TO ANDREA! You are the winner of Glory Days Mini collection! Thanks to each who played along!!
  11. AmandaK

    Be Yourself

  12. AmandaK

    40% August Sale

    I don't believe there is a code- it may just be the designer forgot to add the product to the "sale" category. I did on two of mine so I fixed that!
  13. AmandaK

    Hello from West Texas

    WELCOME! Where in west Texas if you don't mind? I lived in Hereford, Tx. And Dallas, and McAllen, lol! So we pretty much covered the state, except for the beautiful San Antonio. Would love to visit there again!
  14. AmandaK

    New Way To Search A Designers Store

    Just coming up for air from school starting and having to help hubster prepare for his FIRST year teaching high school LOL, and from babysitting! Angie, I LOVE that you and our techies ❤️have done this!!
  15. AmandaK

    Prayers answered

    What a beautiful page for a precious story.