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  1. Last two weeks was not feeling good off and on ... so haven't been too creative ... But tomorrow is a New Day!!

    1. jenrou


      I hope you are feeling better by now. My muse has gone on vacation, also.LOL


    2. diannecp


      hope you're feeling better today ;)

  2. Got some Mode Podge, some foam brushes, a photo frame and some graphics -- tomorrow is sample creation test day!! :-)

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    2. AggieB
    3. CindyLuWho


      Share the results! I've not worked up my nerve with the Mod Podge yet....

    4. CindyLuWho


      Share the results! I've not worked up my nerve with the Mod Podge yet....

  3. I feel like Eeyore today ... not happy ....... not sad just Eveore!!

    1. mbc72


      I hate that blah feeling!

  4. Such a cute Lay Out!! Love your play on words.
  5. Too Cute!! What an adorable tribute to your best friend!!
  6. C is for Cute, Circles and Car!! Photos by Me Background and Graphics in my FotoFusion Software

    © © Melissa Regelin-Sweetman 2012

  7. I have an idea ... decorating gift bags with Scrapbooking Stuff and Modge Podge ... and maybe even ornaments to give as christmas gifts .... :Excited at the ideas

    1. Barb Hughes

      Barb Hughes

      Good use of old paper stash too :)

    2. AggieB


      That sounds great, as does the paper idea. Maybe not modge podge, though - would that be flexible enough?

    3. missasweetman


      I am going to test the modge podge or other things and see what works best.

  8. Fell asleep earlier ... but woke up after a few hours ... so hear I sit ...you know that what means,

    1. mimes1


      Scrapping time!!

  9. missasweetman

    All About Me!!

    Creations I am working on that are about Me and My Family!!
  10. From the album: All About Me!!

    This was created as a tribute to my favorite Child Hood Memory. My dad and I would take rides in his convertible with the top down going 55, and that was our AC. We would ride around the "block" which usually lasted more then a couple of hours and lots of miles. We would listen to Bruce Springsteen -- the BOSS. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww those were the days. Photo: By my mom Graphics and background: Studio 4 Graphics Design Works

    © © Melissa Regelin-Sweetman 2012

  11. Because we have been having this horrible Heat Wave, I created the cute Little Lay Out to "Think Snow". Graphics by Cheryl Sesler (digiweb) Background at Happy To Create.

    © © Melissa Regelin-Sweetman 2012

  12. missasweetman

    Circle of Love

    Photos of My Family. Top Row Left to Right My Paternal Grandfather, My Paternal Great Grandparents, My Paternal Grandmother. Bottom Row Left to Right My Dad in High School, My dad, mom, and me on my "1st" cancerversary, My Mother in High School. Background and Border SG_ANarritive Paper and SG_ANarritive_SSPaper

    © © Melissa Regelin-Sweetman 2012

  13. Perfectly beautiful Layout. I loved the colors used and everything compliments the photo so well.
  14. Papers and graphics from FotoFusion Software Photos by: Grandpa

    © © Melissa Regelin-Sweetman 2012

  15. What a great tribute to the wonderful men and women who keep us safe!! :-)
  16. “-You can't just turn on creativity like a faucet. You have to be in the right mood. -What mood is that? -Last-minute panic.” ----Calvin & Hobbs

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    2. Belle


      I love C & H. Great quote.

    3. Becster


      Great quote! I need to save that one. *g*

    4. CRS


      Fits me perfectly!

  17. That is our "twins" photo ... when my hair was growing back and his buzz cut :-)
  18. I am a daddy's girl and very proud of it!!!

    © © Melissa Regelin-Sweetman 2012

  19. What a Sweet and meaningful page :-) Thanks for sharing I love all this inspiration!!
  20. What a loving tribute to your Grandfather. I love the layout. Thanks for sharing!!!
  21. Slept well!! Happy Monday Everyone. Created the tutorial and posted it !!

  22. missasweetman

    A Friend's Wedding

    I am hoping I am not breaking any rules ... because this was just the easiest way to create a tutorial .I am just passing on a video that I myself created to show the steps I took to make the photo cube embellishment. I am very sorry if this is not allowed. I am not trying to sell or give anything away. Please let me know if this is acceptable.
  23. missasweetman

    A Friend's Wedding

    Had a much longer weekend then I thought. Sorry the tutorial will have to wait :-)
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