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    I was skimming through the entire forum but did not come across a forum for actions. Is there one started or can I start one? Just looking for 1 stop shopping for any and all actions - PS or PSE - any will do. Thanks Upallnite
  2. Upallnite

    Old Software

    I would love to have a Photoshop version if anyone is willing to give one up. I have PSE10 but there are actions I would love to use and can only be used in Photoshop. Adobe no longer sells PS b/c they went to the cloud. Any takers? if so, I can be reached at momneedingcalgon@yahoo.com
  3. Upallnite

    Atomic Cupcake actions

    so now you see why I am confused Thanks for verifying I am not loosing my mind...lol have a good day
  4. Upallnite

    Atomic Cupcake actions

    Ok, I think this is crazy but.... I went back and looked into my files. I do have that brush (flossdotbrush.abr) However - in my PSE instructions she gave me it stated to "3. Click "Load" and choose the "AtomicCupcakeGoofyDotBrush.abr" file. (You can store this file with your other scrapbooking/design resources.) Then click "Done". This is the complete instructions - Atomic Cupcake Floss Stitch Action To install the action, see the newest instructions at: http://www.atomiccupcake.com/catalogtutorial.php Loading the Brush ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This action requires the Atomic Cupcake Floss Dot Brush be loaded. You can leave it loaded so you only have to do this once, but you will still have to select the brush (step 4 below) before running the effect each time. 1. Click Edit>>Preset Manager 2. Make sure the Preset Type is set to "Brushes" 3. Click "Load" and choose the "AtomicCupcakeGoofyDotBrush.abr" file. (You can store this file with your other scrapbooking/design resources.) Then click "Done". 4. Choose the brush tool and select the Atomic Cupcake GoofyDotBrush. Using the Action ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Choose the layer you want to cut. The item in the layer should be at least 900 pixels tall and wide. 2. Run the action. The cut version will be created in a new document -- leaving your original item in it's original condition. Sometimes the last and first scallops will overlap oddly, like with real cutting tools - you can fix this by trying again with a slightly smaller or larger version of your original shape. Thanks for checking it out for me.
  5. Upallnite

    Atomic Cupcake actions

    Thank you for looking!
  6. Upallnite

    Atomic Cupcake actions

    Hi, Thank you for looking when you get home. I am using PSE10. I had previously used it before on a project (a long time ago) and I am wondering if I just deleted it somehow, somewhere. I know at one point in time I had switched over everything to a new (er) computer - maybe that's how I lost it.
  7. Upallnite

    Atomic Cupcake actions

    Hi, yes I did. I thought the same thing, that there are gazillions out there, but this particular brush was made by AC and cannot be found anywhere. So, I wanted to reach out to someone who might have purchased it and could help me.
  8. Upallnite

    Atomic Cupcake actions

    This is a long shot - but can someone help me who has purchased actions from Atomic cupcake. This company is no longer in business since 2012 - so I'm reaching out to anyone who can help. I have purchased an action called Floss stitch. There is a brush that goes with it, that I do not have... I don't know if I deleted somewhere along the line but I need it in order for my action to work. Its called GOOFY DOT BRUSH.ABR. Its unique and only made from Atomic Cupcake. IF anyone (and I am begging!!!!) has it, can you help me out? I think this is why this particular action does not work. Also, the other action I am having trouble with is the hand stitch. If anyone has any of these actions, can we share stories. I can send pics. They are not working properly. I need DESPERATE help. P.L.E.A.S.E. Upallnite