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  1. This was either my first or one of my first collections and I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. I have used it over and over. Alas, it is stored on an EHD that doesn't seem to want to crank up and work (not panicking yet, will save that nervous breakdown for another day) - so into my cart this little jewel of a collection will go again. http://store.scrapgirls.com/Countryside-Collection-Biggie.html
  2. This probably sounds like a dumb question - but I've been doing digital for so long that I'm out of the loop on what the best adhesive products are for paper crafting. Specifically, what should I be using to adhere papers/mats down to my background papers? I recently did a real paper album for a cousin's funeral service and used an acid-free glue stick meant for scrapbooking, but I have no confidence that what I stuck down will stay. I want to go ahead and get my family's heritage photos organized and in albums. I have acid-free photo corners, but for mats and other items there has to be
  3. Haha, glad to see I'm not the only one who has bought a kit just to get that one really cool embellishment or alpha that I can imagine a use for . . . I think the color palette draws me first. You designers are great at giving us a mix of patterns and solids/mostly solids that we can play with. I like to have those busier patterns peeking out from behind something else instead of using them as background, but they all work together so well. I also really love having a variety of embellishments in a "big" collection - different styles of flowers and buttons and bows are great, but I
  4. BrendaT

    Precious Promises.jpg

    This caught my eye in the Gallery - it is so lovely. Perfect collection for the beautiful photos and vows.
  5. I'll try 10, 21 and 28.
  6. Woops, sorry they turned out so large. They looked like thumbnails in the comment box. [I deleted the humongous pictures and put in thumbnails, but I can't figure out how to delete this post. Still with a red face ]
  7. I actually used effects on all the photos. I adjusted the levels on the photos of Karen, and used Brandy's spotlight (reversed and flipped) to brighten up her face, which was in shadow. The two of Karen and the one of the water were all taken the same day, and they were very gray, so I wanted to warm them up to go with the yellow paper. I used the Creamy Pop of Color to warm those up. Then I used the spotlight on the one of the dunes to add the white to it so it would go with the other pictures that had so much white in them. (I used overlay and soft light blending modes with the effects, and
  8. BrendaT

    Summer Fresh

    This. Is. Gorgeous!!! Beautiful photograph and perfect balance with the background, titlework and edgers. Love it!
  9. Here's my Jersey Shore/beach layout: Good Times/Spring Breakin' I will be sorry for this month to end - it's been so much fun cruisin' with you crazy girls! When this holiday weekend is done and I can slow down, I am going to take my time and go through the Gallery - it looks SO amazing - and leave you all some special love!
  10. I love Brandy's Lighting Effects and Angie's Pop of Color for my photos – just what I need sometimes to brighten up and warm up some overly dark or grey pics. BMI Sweet Summer BMU Lighting Effects/Lighting Effects 2 ABR Pop of Color Mommyish – Stylin' #109 Glossy Flair Styles Scrapping with Liz – Focal Point (template) Fonts: Janda Snickerdoodle Serif Italic, KG Sorry Not Sorry Regular, Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon, Janda Stylish Script Regular
  11. Wow - my boss told me I could go on "vacation" for a month-long cruise only if I took along my lap-top and still got my work done each day! So I've been spending way too much time in my stateroom - bummer! Gonna take a break down by the pool with you girls tonight and enjoy the sights and a cool drink (hello, Cabana Boy), and later join you at the Captain's table for dinner! Valerie, I am way behind on my tasks, and you are a jewel for keeping up with all of us. So far I've packed, booked a room, done a profile cover, and toured the Grand Canyon. Just now I have completed my Branden
  12. I used the neutrals in the Taj Mahal as a color inspiration and photos of my sweet Aunt Lillie reflected in a mirror. ABR Charlotte Grace ABR Simplify BMU Serenity BMU Sweet Summer JZI Harvest Spice Anna Aspnes – ArtPlay Solids Gather C. Schneider – Half Pack 181: Photo Focus 82 (layout template) Fonts: Respective Regular, Cardo
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