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  1. SUCH a great job on this - and it will make a perfect cover for her book. That white type, title and accents are perfect.
  2. How cute is this! Great job and definitely "news-stand worthy"!
  3. ROFL! This is great, and we unbound girls should definitely have our own mag! Great job on this, as always! You're the bomb!
  4. This is so graphic and artistic - love all the delightful details as your eye is led around the page! Your friend and her mother are both going to love it!
  5. A happy memory from childhood! Mermaids and glass-bottom boats! Wonderful layout, Debby, as always!
  6. I did this for a challenge with numbers and a jigsaw pattern. My daughter and her friends took a Disney trip in 2016, so I used 16 for my number and photos of the kids with their mouths open (like the Didney Worl! memes that are popular on the internet right now). These kids are such hams! And that's my girl under the butterfly with her mouth wide open . . . Ginny's kit was so bright and cute for this – I knew I would get good use out of it! Ginny Whitcomb – A Beautiful Day KimB Designs – C'est La Vie Scotty Girl – Vacation Magic
  7. I would probably do it the old-fashioned way myself - I wouldn't trust a program to delete any of my precious photos without my okay on each one! Interestingly, in all the "declutter your life" articles that one reads in the new year, I read one about decluttering your photos. With digital photos, we take so many just because we can - but not all of them are very good, and the best ones are buried in the "clutter" of all the mediocre and just plain bad ones. Think about how many photos you have taken and will continue to take in your lifetime - and what you will leave behind someday for someone else to deal with. If it's a chore for you to find the gems in your files, think what it will be like for someone else! The article I read recommended going through and culling out the best ones and just dumping the rest. I'm not sure I could dump any yet (I'll admit, I'm a photo hoarder), but I do plan to go through and put my "best" photos in a separate folder within a folder for each date or event, i.e., 2016 Dec Christmas for a main folder and 2016 Dec Christmas Best for the ones that "make the cut." The goal would be to eventually edit, crop and print out those best photos for albums or photobooks or use them to scrap. (Maybe I'm a little OCD, but I make a folder inside that one for edits, because I never save over my original photo.) Before I get ready to print or use them, I will look at the main folder again just to make sure there are not any I left in there that I really want, and if not, I guess I will bring myself to delete them at that point. It is a really overwhelming task, especially if you haven't been using some type of a folder system to store them, but if you have a laptop that you use at night while watching TV, you could devote 15-20 minutes to it every couple of nights consistently and you will eventually eat that elephant!
  8. Just saw this, and what a great page, Jo! and I had a little blue stroller just like yours! What fun to see these.
  9. Beautiful job on this! I really like the way you warmed up the B&W color scheme and the way you blended your photo into the background. Perfect embellishments, just the right amount, and the little photos down on the bottom are so cute, having their little spat. That photo and story with it are priceless, too, BTW! Looks like something out of Sally, Dick and Jane, sans Jane
  10. Wow, this caught my eye in the Gallery - beautiful job on the blending, love the title work and photo treatment! Awesome layout!
  11. I think Jody's passing has affected us all. Hope you feel better soon.
  12. What a thrill to see my layout here! Thank you!
  13. I really love this - love the design, and you have just the right amount and perfect choice of embellishments! Congrats on your win!
  14. This is my sweet, beautiful, blue-eyed (and slightly cross-eyed) Smoky. I have several sweet little babies, but he's the one that loves hugs and cuddles the most! These photos were taken in October of 2014. If I remember right, he will be 7 years old this year. Enjoyed using my newest supplies: MRE Farmhouse (SG Jan 2017 Club) ABR Charlotte Grace
  15. Love it!